Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016- A Year of Wargaming in Review

Wow, another year comes to an end.  Where does the time fly?  I’m not even sure I was having fun this time.  At the end of each year I like to recap my wargaming exploits, and begin to lay the groundwork for the following year.  

At the start of 2016, these were my goals:  
Red = Not started
Green = Completed!
Blue = Started but not finished

Painting and Modelling
1.       Assemble my Robotech RPG Tactics models- Still in the box!  I was put off by all the work involved and bad reviews of the assembly process.  Maybe this year? 
2.       Paint All Quiet on the Martian Front forces- I painted what I had!  I added more, so I still have some mobile artillery and a MKIV tank.
3.       Paint 2 Gladiator Chariots for The Games: Blood and Spectacle- Painted!
4.       Complete Painting my Necromunda Campaign- Still W.I.P.
5.       Paint Inquisitor 28mm Warband- The what now?  Still unpainted and collecting dust.

Rules Writing
1.       Complete the rules for Combat! Starring Vic Morrow!- Complete!
2.       Complete the core rules for 1 other Wargame system that was TBD-  I actually finished two and got a good start on 2 more!  See the links in the upper right hand corner. 

1.       Buy all Osprey Wargame Series- Completed!  I am still waiting on Rogue Stars and Chosen Men.  You can see the reviews posted in December.
2.       Operation: Icestorm for Infinity- I haven’t really looked for it.  The game’s bloat put me off.
3.       Buy some WWII Models for Combat! – Ha, ha, ha, ha……

1.       Play a game of JUGS- Complete! I actually played 2!
2.       Necromunda- Nope...
3.       Aquanautica Imperialis- Sadly, no….
4.       AllQuiet on the Martian Front- Yes, I played a handful of games for the Minnesota River Valley campaign.
5.       Combat!- No, but….. reasons!
6.       Continue my RPG Campaign- yes, but it sadly fizzled when a key player got deployed.  It’s dead Jim!
7.       Play 1 new TBD game system I mostly played my own stuff this year, BUT I did play a game of Super Systems 4th Edition!

I had 17 objectives and I completed 9 of my Objectives.  That is better than I expected!  I also managed to complete a few things not on my list too.  I painted some new gladiators and played a couple games of The Games: Blood and Spectacle and Castles in the Sky. Finally, I started a silly blog at the tail end of the year too.     

It is funny how the winds of fate twist and turn you through the year like an autumn leaf on a cool October breeze.  I started off strong up until about March.  Then, real life got in the way of hobby time until about December.  Most of my year was spent reading and reviewing rules and writing my own while wishing I could play.  Sadly, there was not a lot of playing time.    

So, onward into next year!  I will have to start assembling my objectives for 2017.     

Some pictures from the wargames of 2016:

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