Monday, December 26, 2016

All Quiet on the Martian Front- Battle Report- 2nd Battle of Camp Release

The presence of the Martian invaders in the Minnesota River Valley had been confirmed.  The commander at Fort Ridgely immediately sent additional troops up river to reinforce and garrison Camp Release.  It was at Camp Release where the Minnesota Volunteers had managed to push back initial Martian scout Tripods.  

As the Reinforcements moved up river, they were ambushed by a hunting Pod of aliens.  The troops were caught between the Martians and the river as the huge alien machines reared up from the forest and advanced.   

Martian Ambush Pod
2 Martian Scout Pods
1 Assault Pod

Minnesota Militia Scouting Party
3 Infantry Squads
Machine-Gun Squad
MkII Baldwin Tanks
MKIII Steamers
MKIIc Command Tank

The Militia is moving up the Minnesota River Valley to reinforce Camp Release.  The river is on the left of their column, and the forest is 10 inches in from the right long board edge.  The Humans are in the approximate middle of the board.  The Martians can be placed anywhere within the tree line.

The game ends after the opposing army is broken or 6 turns.  

The Militia set-up moving up the river in the middle of the board.  Ann infantry screen is out front followed by the MKIIs, more infantry, the machine-gunners, and the MkIII.  The commander is riding along to the river side of the column.

The Martians have the Assault Tripod moving to cut-off the column of troops.  The two scout Tripods are sweeping in from the back edge.

Turn 1
Initiative: Minnesotans
The Minnesotans win Initiative.  The Militia quick move to face the approaching alien menace!  The 4 inch guns on the MkII's and the command tank open fire on the leading tripod, but fail to phase it.  The MKIII's fare no better against the Scouts.   The infantry continues to move forward, while the tanks try to stay out of Sweep range.

The Martians lumber out of the cover of the Forest, slowing them down.  However, they want to close the gap so they can sweep with their Heat Rays.  The first Scout scorches the first two squads of Third Platoon into dust, but the last squad still wants revenge!  The Assault Tripod pops one of the MkIIs, but his comrades keep steady.  The Tripods press the attack!

Turn 2
 Initiative: Minnesotans.
The rear of the column pours fire into the second scout tripod, attempting to bust it open.  This time a shot form the MKIII's hits something vital and the Scout bursts into flames!  A cheers goes up fromt eh human forces, but nothing else seems to stick.  The Tanks move around to try to reduce incoming fire and get into firing positions later.

Undeterred by the destruction of their fellow, the Martians again move forward. The Assault Tripod fails to sweep the MkIIs, and the Scout misses the Command tank.  With their poor shooting, the Martians scuttle away to reduce the number of incoming shots.

Turn 3
Initiative: Martians
The Scout moves a bit closer, but the bigger Tripods is happy where he is.  The Scout manages to sweep and destroy both of the remaining MKII's this time.  The Assault Tripod failed to hit the Command tank.  The Tripods then retreat further up river.

The Minnesotan infantry move up to try and get into assault range.  The tanks also move to attack range, but despite a lot of shooting at the Scout, nothing seems to penetrate its armored hood.

Turn 4
Initiative: Minnesotans
The tanks form a solid firing line.  Meanwhile, the Minnesotan infantry swarm out and two platoons attack the scout Tripod with grenades and elan.  The tanks manage to damage the Assault Tripods steering mechanisms with a powerful barrage.  The assault works a single armor point is removed from the Scout.

Martian retaliation is fearsome.  The Scout walks away from the assault units, and the bigger tripod sweeps over the brave Minnesotans.  The squads are killed, and the rest of the Militiamen flee in terror from the alien machines.  The Scout also sweeps the MKIII's and destroys one.  The Minnesotans are dwindling.  The Scout advances trying to catch the last squad of Third Platoon and destroy them.  

Turn 5 
Initiative: Minnesotans
The Minnesotans fall back away from the approaching alien.  Perhaps the Scout was too aggressive as the MKIIIs pound the advancing machine and terror away armor and damage its Heat Ray.

The Assault Tripod hit the command tank in the flank with its Heat Ray, but the Tank survives the smoldering inferno.  The Scout manages to gain control of its Heat Ray long enough to vaporize the remains of Third platoon.

With that, the Minnesotan commander orders all trooper to retreat.  The tank crews abandon their vehicles and take cover near the brush covered banks of the river.  The Scout Martian covers his larger brother as the two Martian Machines break off and head back into the cover of the forest.  The Assault Tripod stumbles and stops as it jerkily moves away from the battlefield.

This was a close battle.  One scout was destroyed, the other was down to half, and the Assault Tripod was walking funny.  The infantry went squish in this one, and gave up the game.  The MKIII's are very impressive tanks.  Too bad I like the MKII model so much, because the MKIII is FAR superior.  I think I want to get my hands on another Starter Set to bulk out my forces a bit, but I am unsure how easy that is going be be forward.  

The Minnesota Militia was unable to reinforce Camp Release, leaving it open for a potential Martian attack.  Will the Martian invaders be able to over run the defenders of Camp Release?  Will the Minnesotans keep the invaders from pressing down the Minnesota River Valley all the way to Fort Snelling?  Stay tuned to find out!

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