Saturday, December 31, 2016

Of Resolutions and Resources- 2017 Goals

I have a pretty busy life.  I work as a wage slave full time and I am an entrepreneur as well.  That doesn’t leave much time for hobby time.  I find it critical to try and plan out or document what I want to get done in a year, so when I actually get time to sit down I don’t waste time faffing about deciding what to do.  I know what I am going to be doing. 

With that in mind, the below are my objectives for 2017.   

I am going to start with these as purchases will impact the other sections.
1.       Buy all new Osprey Wargame Series- I have got Pikeman’s Lament on pre-order so I am on track!  Of course I will write reviews for all of them.  
2.       Pick-up Blood Bowl- I never had my own pitch, and I can pretty much guarantee games going forward. 
4.       Buy enough gangster for games of Turf War
5.       Pick-up some scale of Classical Greeks for Men of Bronze- I don’t know if I want to go 15mm, 1/72nd, or 28mm.  The game works with all scales, but I am leaning 28mm so I can use them in Broken Legions or Of Gods and Mortals too.  However, the other scales are so much cheaper and quicker to paint. 

These are for sure “buys” but we will see what else I come across or what strikes my fancy.  I wouldn’t mind some more AQMF stuff for my Minnesota Militia.

Painting and Modelling
1.       Paint my 28mm Inquisitor warband- I can use them for Rogue Stars too!
2.       Complete my All Quiet on the Martian Front Mobile Artillery and Mk IV tank- I need to continue the fight in the Minnesota River Valley!
3.       Assemble at least the Destroids for Robotech RPGTactics- Then I can use them in Jugs
4.       Paint my Warlord Airship for Aeronautica Imperialis
5.       Paint up enough Gangsters for games of Turf War- These can also double as Threshold agents for Strange Aeons

Rules Writing
1.       Complete the rules for Turf War
2.       Complete the rules for Men of Bronze and publish to Wargames Vault
3.       Edit and clean-up the rules for The Games: Blood and Spectacles for a Wargames Vault release

1.       Blood Bowl!
2.       All Quiet on the Martian Front- Minnesota River Valley Campaign
3.       One of my Osprey games- probably Rogue Stars or Broken Legions
4.       One other TBD system

Random Sorta Gaming Stuff
1.       Keep on Blogging
2.       Look into setting up a Message Board for discussion around my own games

This year my “Purchase” goals are much more aggressive.  Hopefully my cash flow can keep up with my objectives!  Blood Bowl and Blucher aren’t cheap!  That’s part of the reason why I am leaning towards smaller scales than 28mm.  My playing goals are probably way too ambitious as well. 

Now, like all gamers I am a mercurial thing.  That means I will probably change what I want mid-year and make completely different decisions.  I mean, look at last year.  I only managed half of what I set out to do.  We will see what happens.

I now feel prepared to tackle 2017!  I hope I don’t roll double skulls on the Blocking dice.    

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