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Random: The End is Nigh!

The End is Nigh!  The End of the Year That Is!

2019 is over, and with it the end of the Teens?  I have no idea what historians and marketers will call this period of time, but I am sure it will have nothing to do with wargaming.  Twenty-Teens maybe?  Anyway, it is hard to imagine that we are going into the year 2020.  I remember when all post-apoc and sci-fi movies took place in the distant year of 2020!  I remember when CyberPunk2020 was a thing! Time passes and there is no going back. 

The end of the year means it is time to look back at the goals of 2019 and see how things went.  I was very ambitious this year.  Unlike previous years, I wanted to break up my goals differently.  This time, I tried to break them up by period instead of buying, painting, playing, and designing.  A different feel, and we shall see how successful it was. 

Period 1- Ancient Greeks

1.       Create a social media campaign to help promote Men of Bronze!    

-          Complete!  Full points!

2.       Complete 2 of 3 Armies: Corinthians, Spartans, and Macedonians

-          Partial Points!  I painted up 1 unit of Corinthians and some Psiloi to round out some troops.  I also finished my Macedonian army for the Battle of Charoneae in the Men of Bronze rulebook.  

 3.       Purchase and Paint some Victrix Greek Cavalry

-          Not started.  No progress

4.       Use painted Greeks for two rival forces for Of Gods and Mortals

-          Not Started.  No Progress
-          Could not find suitable Goddess models for Athena or Artemis.  However, the Greek Odyssey from Reaper Bones looked promising for other models.

5.       Create an Argonauts Warband for Broken Legions

-          Complete!  Full Points!

 6.       Document 6 Men of Bronze battle reports, including two video reports

-          Partial Points
-          I have played 1 battle and put it on the blog
-          I also got better lighting and set-up for pictures and video, but have not really got a chance to use them yet.

7.       Create a Quick Reference Sheet for Men of Bronze

-          Complete!  Full points!
-          You can find it on the Message Board here.

Period 2- Diadochi of Alexander
1.       Complete publishing process

-          Partial Points, I am doing an Ancients ruleset for the Wars of the Roman Republic

2.       Purchase Paint, and base two 6mm successor armies from Baccus

-          Partial points.  I purchased them…..

3.       Complete painting my Victrix Macedonians

-            Fullpoints! 

4.       Purchase and paint a War Elephant from Victrix

-          Not started.  No Progress.

5.       Take good photos for Osprey Games

-          Partial points.  My editors have sourced pictures without me!

Period 3- Roarin’ 20’s

1.       Purchase and paint enough gangsters for 2 gangs

-          Complete!  Full points!

2.       Pick-up a 1920’s style farm house

-          Not started.  No progress

3.       Buy and Paint Cthulhu-esque lurkers

-          Not started No Progress

4.       Update TurfWar with models and photos

-          No Progress

Period 4- Blood Bowl

1.       Finish painting all of my current teams.

-          Complete!  Full points!

2.       Pick-up the Dwarf and Skaven alternate board

-          Complete!  Full Points
-          Bonus Points!-Also got the winter themed board

3.       Pick-up assemble and paint two more teams

-          Not started.  No progress
-          I wanted Lizzies and Chaos Dwarfs.  Only Lizzies are out to buy.

Period 5- Napoleonic

1.       Play a game of Blucher

-          Complete! Full Points

2.       Pick-up Rebels and Patriots

-          Complete!  Full Points!

3.       Complete a draft version of Mageloque

-          No progress

Period 6- Frostgrave

1.       Purchase and paint enough fantasy models for 3-6 wizard warbands

-          Not started, no progress

2.       Purchase Maze of Malcor and Ulterior Motives

-          Complete!  Full Points!
-          Bonus Points! Also picked up Ghost Archipelago

3.       Build, Buy, and create enough terrain for a 3X3 Frozen city board

-          Partial points.  Have a table cover, snow, and lots of trees

Period- Random Stuff

1.       Get Onlythe Strong Survive into the WIP section

-          Complete!  Full Points

2.       Post 1 new blog post a week!

-          Complete! Full points!

3.       Buy two armies from Vanguard Miniatures for Rampant Galaxies

-          Not started, No Progress

4.       Buy all Dracula’s America, Last Days, and the Osprey Wargaming Books that come out

-          Complete!  Full Points!
-          Bonus Points!  I also got Ragnarok, Burrows andBadgers, and Land of the Free

5.       Purchase the gangs of Rome starter set

-          No Progress, not started

6.       Start building a Victrix Roman and Samnite Army

-          No Progress, Not Started
-          Sourced photos from a vendor

7.       Play some Aquanautica Imperialis

-          Complete!  Full Points!
-          Bonus Points! Also played Battle for the Depths

8.       Source two fleets for Castles in the Sky

-          Not started, no progress!
-          Sourced photos from a vendor

9.       Sell 1 new game pitch!

-          Complete!  Full Points
-          Sold two game pitches to Osprey!

Bonus Points!

1.       Painted 4 Zeppelins from Dystopian Wars for various games

2.       Painted my Inquisitor Retinue for various games

3.       Painted a MKIV Steam Tank for All Quiet on theMartian Front

4.       Created an put High Noon: Plastic Men, Steel Resolve on Wargame Vault

5.       Put a new game in the WIP section of the Blog; Glittering Void

6.       Added four new Army Lists and three new historical scenarios to the blog for Men of Bronze!  Thessaly, Pre-Reform Macedonia, Sicilian Greeks, and Carthaginians.

7.       Managed to Play the following games:

-          Aeronautica Imperialis

-          Strange Aeons

-          Blucher

-          Rampant Stars

-          Combat! Starring Vic Morrow

-          Men of Bronze

-          High Noon

-          Aquanauttica Imperialis

-          Wars of the Republic

8.       StorytimeRPG was put up on the Blog

This year was incredibly ambitious!  I think I made a list long enough to last me 5 years, but I gave it the old College try! I gave up half way through…. J

-          15 Completed with Full Points
-          4 Partial Points
-          11 Not Started or with No Progress
-          12 Bonus Points Items

Not bad!  I completed more than I did not start, and got an equal amount of bonus objectives completed.  Not too shabby for a year full of craziness in my personal and professional life.  I started last year very strong, and that helped propel me through for a successful year overall. 

This year, I painted over 160+ miniatures this year!  I think that could be a record for me.  This included all my Blood Bowl teams, a lot of Greeks, some Gangsters, and some assorted odds and ends.  Typically, painting is my weakest category!  I thought I was completely out of things to paint, but I found an unpainted MK IV Steam Tank in my cabinet.  That saved me as while I was working on it; new models arrived before I finished it.  That was close.  I almost died this year!

Frostgrave was probably my biggest “Bust” for this year.  I made an effort to get my friends and family to buy into giving the game a try but I ultimately failed.  I was sure the female boxed sets for warriors and wizards would snag some of them, but it did not.  Therefore, I do not think it will make the list again for next year.  In addition, with the two books from Osprey on the horizon I imagine that it might be a more Ancient historical focused year of painting and playing. 

Regarding the format of this year’s Goals and Objectives, it was fun to try out something different.  However, I think I am going to go back to the categories.  It allows me a bit more freedom to evolve over the course of the season as my group changes, my personal tastes change, new stuff comes out, games die, or other things come to my attention. 

There will be more on that next week, for now I can bask in the glory of accomplishments in 2019!  2020 can wait. 

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