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Battle Report: Aquanautica Imperialis- Operation: Hemlock

Sea birds squawked as they trailed behind the warships. They hung in the air and lazily flapped their wings as the swirling air currents easily held their frail bodies in the sky. Captain McIntyre reflected on how his forebearers had used sea birds to indicate the presence of land nearby. As he turned to the west, he could see that the ancient wisdom was correct, a hazy shimmer indicated that the Deff Islands were in the far distance.

The Augur operators signaled the XO, and he checked in on what they were seeing. The crow's nest buzzed the Watch Officer with a report. Captain McIntyre pulled out his monoscope and prepared to scan the horizon. The XO and Watch Officer had a quick conference, and then the XO approached.

Captain, look-outs have verified augur reports of unidentified craft off the port. We can not be positively identified. However, NavComm North does not recognize any friendlies in the region.”

Captain McIntyre put his scope to his eye and scanned to Port. He quickly saw the hazy outlines in the distance, “It looks like they are steaming for the Deff Islands?”

Our look-outs are reporting the same. Permission to treat them as hostile and move to intercept?”

As Captain McIntyre watched, the vessels began to change course. It was clear they were re-setting an intercept course. The Watch Officer's comms buzzed to life.

Jochim,” the Captain used his XO's given name, “I think the decision has been made for us. Sound battlestations.”

The XO nodded and the Watch Officer hit the alarm klaxon. Red lights began to flash across the bridge and the nearby hallways. The ugly outline of the enemy ships closed in, their ungainly outlines becoming clearer. Captain McIntyre estimated that they would be in combat range in less than an hour. Considering there location in relation to the Deff Islands, it was clear these were Ork refugees moving to join their comrades.

Greenskins,” The Captain spat the word.

** ** ** **

Today's battle will be a game of Aquanautica Imperialis between the North Ammoris PDF and the Ork Kill Fleets. I decided to not use my miniatures but instead just use paper templates. This allows me and my opponent to have a wide ranging fleet list.


North Ammoriss PDF

Prince of Fire- AN Dependable- 250 pts
St. Augustine's Lance- AN Reliable- 250 pts
Spearfish 345- 2 Constants- 150 pts
Lancer 512- 1 Protector- 75 pts

725 points

Ork Kill Fleet

Def Blasta- Big Dakka Boat- 150 pts
Snazz Uge Ship- Big Dakka Boat- 150 pts
Ugbad's Rammaz- 4 Drilla Killaz- 200 pts
Runteez Tubz- 5 Grot Kuttaz- 100 pts
Red Top- Grot Sub- 50 pts
Sprinkler- Grot Sub- 50 pts

700 points

Both sides are intent on destroying and killing as many of the enemy ship's as possible. The fleet that reduces the enemy the most Hull points is the winner. A straight up battle.

This battle is being played on a 4x4 foot table. There are a couple spots of shallow water in the center of the battle space. In addition, a platform Rig is on the Eastern edge of the battle space. The Orks on the Northeast corner and the PDF are in the South center of the board for deployment.

The Grot Subs are in reserve. The Grot Kuttaz are screening the larger Ork ships. However, the Drilla Killaz are in the wake of the Big Dakka Boatz to protect them as they close. The PDF have the escorts on the flanks with the cruiser's in the center.

Turn 1:
Initiative: Orks

The orks choose to use their Waaagh! Ability an go all ahead full across the board. They are eager to smash through the Oomie fleet and get to Da Deff Islands. They speed across the board rapidly.

The Ammoriss Naval PDF are less than excited to see the Orks steam across so quickly. Both of the Cruisers use Come to a New Heading Orders to get their broadsides out. The Protector stays with them. Meanwhile, the Constants move up cautiously and pivot for a Torpedo barrage.

The Ork big ships open fire with their bow gunz, but are out of range. Their shots fall harmlessly short and churn up the water.

The Reliable's cannons miss, but St. Augustine's Lance manages to sink two shells into the Deff Blasta. The Constants send their fish in the water to try and break up the Ork fleet.

The Torpedoes move up into the path of the Ork fleet. They will have to choose how to deal with them.

Turn 2:
Initiative: Orks

The Grot Kuutaz try to turn and go across the shallow ground to attack the Constants. However, three of the 5 run aground due to poor seamen ship. They are effectively destroyed and stuck there.
The other Orks watcha nd laugh as the grot's feebly try to abandon ship, re-float their ships, or just stand around gibbering at each other.

The tow larger ships need to thread their way through the shallows, and do so. They also seem to clear the torpedoes. The Drilla Killas move up as slowly as they can, but may not be able to avoid the fish.

The Imperial cruiser's continue to try to skirt around the path of the Ork big ships to use their broadsides to good effect. The Protector stays with them, watchful for Grot Subs. Meanwhile, the Constants move up to engage what's left of the Kuttaz.

The Kuttaz manage to fire on the Constants and take out one of them. The other Ork ships fire wildly, but are still out of range. However, the big boom of the gunz is very satisfying to them.

Meanwhile, the Imperial cruiser steam up on the Def Blasta and pound it with shell and Las-Batteries. Despite bracing,t he ship takes a beating down to 5 DP left. One more hit and she will be crippled. The lone Constant takes out a Kutta with her weapon battery.

The Constant's torpedoes streak through the Drilla Killa squadron. Poit Defense fires, but misses. Three torpedoes streak past and continue on their way. However, one detonates against the side of the Ork vessel and turns it into a flaming wreck.

The hulk of the Drilla Killa drifts and grounds in shallow water. Meanwhile the hulk of the Constant and a Kutta also drift away and then sink. The wake markers from the sinkings are quickly removed.

Turn 3:
Initiative: Imperials

The Constant rushes past the Grot vessel and moves to get behind the Ork fleet. As the St. Augustine's Lance turns around the shallow water, the Grot Kutta picks up speed and sails straight into her bow. The Imperial cruiser smashes the smaller craft into kindling, but the hull gets stunk on the front of the Cruiser and entangles her.

The collision forces the Prince of Fire and Protector to try to avoid the tangled debris. Meanwhile, the Snazz Iuge Boat uses Come to a New Heading to try and chase down the Imperials. The rest of the fleet clears the shallows. A Grot Sub is sighted by the Constant.

St. Augustine's Lance locks-on and fires a broadsie at the Def Blasta. She braces and her crew scatters to cover, but it is not enough and she is reduced to 4 DP and crippled. Stern fire fromteh Princ eof Fire clatters off the Big Dakka Ship's hull.

The Grot sub fires on the last Constant, and finds her mark. The escort is destroyed.

The remaining three Constant torpedoes leave the board.

The Constant drifts and explodes. The entangled Kutta and Reliable cruiser also drift.

Turn 4:
Initiative: Orks

The Grot Sub uses Run Silent, Run Deep and leaves the board.

The Big Dakka Boatz fail to come to a new Heading and keep trying to chase down the Imperials. However, due to the entangled wreckage, the Prince of Fire uses Come to New Heading to trya nd turn about and do battle. St. Augustine's Lance fails to become disentangled. The Drilla Killa move up to prepare for a ram attempt, and barely avoid grounding themselves.

A Grot Sub come sot firing depth behind the St. Augustine's Lance, as the Protector is way out of position to defend her.

Finally, the Def Blasta is in range of the Prince of Fire and opens fire with her reduced firepower front guns. They manage to strike home, and reduce the Princ eof Fire 2 hits, and knock out her forward weapon battery. Despite the damage, she Locks-On and returns fire. A shell and Las-beam cut inot the Ork ship and reduce it to only 2 hull left.

The Drilla Killaz fire their weapon batteries at St. Augustine's Lance, and cause one hit. However, it starts a dangerous fire on the ship. In return, the Reliable cruiser's big guns make short work of the escorts and destroys them all in a barrage of accurate shellfire.

A torpedo from the Grot sub is spotted and destroyed by PD gunners on the Reliable cruiser.

One of the damaged Drilla Killaz drifts into the Def Blasta and reduces it another Damage Point, down to 1. They are now entangled. St. Augustine's Lance drfits closer to the mining platform.

Luckily, the Kutta entangling the Reliable cruiser slips off the ships bow and sinks. Another Drilla Killa also sinks.

All wake markers end up being removed.

The Prince of Fire quickly clears the jam on her forward weapon battery. However, due to all the action, the fire teams are not able to respond in time on St. Augustine's Lance and she loses one more Damage point.

Turn 5:
Initiative: PDF

The Prince of Fire is in trouble as the Orks can not get a 1-on-1 ship to ship fight between her and the Snazz Big Boat. She is damaged, bu the Ork ship is not. The Reliable tries to maneuver between the drill rig and the shallows to be able to finish off the Def Blasta. She is tailed by a Grot Sub.

The Protector is way out of position.

St. Augustine's guns roar to life, and the Def Blasta is reduced ot a smoldering ruin and wreckage with 0 Hull remaining.

The Snazz Big Boat fires while the crew of the PSDF ship brace for Impact. The shells whine and clang off the PDF ship, but one manages to hit near the screw and damage it. She is down 1 Hull to 5 and her screw is fouled slowing her down.

Her return fire is weakened, but it is effective as a shell finds its mark and a las-beam cuts intot he Ork ship, starting a fire below decks.

The Grot Sub fails to load ordinance.

A Drilla Killa explodes as the wreckage of the Def Blasta and a Drilla Killa drifts.

The Prince of Fire repairs her screw, the Snazz Big Boat puts out her fire, but he St. Augustine's Lance continues smoking.

Turn 6: Final Turn
Initiative: PDF

The Prince of Fire maneuvers to stay in the battle. However, the ork Kaptin declares a Ram, and Waaagh! Right into the side of the Cruiser with a satisfying Kerrr-runch! Unfortunately, the Ork ship wa sthe one that buckled and took 2 damage, while the PDF cruiser managed to brace and absorb the hit in her armored belt.

However, Ork warriors swarmed forward across the deck, to be met with Point defense cannons and naval armsmen. However, the brave defenders are pushed back into the hull with heavy casualties.

The St. Augustine's Lance slowly sails away, hoping to help with her rear arc. The protector tries to cirlce back to get the grot sub off the Reliable cruiser's tail.

None as the Grot Sub again failed to reload ordinance.

St. Augustine's Lance final manages to put out her on board fire.

The Orks took 23 Damage
The PDF took 8 Damage

Looks like the Ammoriss Naval PDF managed to push back the Ork ships heading towards Da Deff Islands.

Captain McIntyre finished typing his formal report in the handheld. He reviewed it breifly one more time before sending it down with the Watch Officer to the Vox Room.

The Orks had been defeated and driven off, with heavy losses. Looking at other reports, Ork naval reinforcements had been stopped by other taskforces as well. It looked like Taskforce: Thorn was doing its job. Now the Orks will need to get their reinforcements from elsewhere.

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