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Castles in the Sky- Campaign Set-up- The Balkan Uprisings

I am setting up and preparing to test the Castles in the Sky campaign rules.  These are included in the main rulebook after the scenario section.  The game uses an alternate timeline where flying battleships exist and a Martian invasion occurred in 1878.  However, much of the "fluff" follows real  world pre-World War I history.  This takes place in an alt-First Balkan Wars scenario.  However, instead of the Greek Navy doing all the work, it will be a coalition of Russian/French airships.  However, when in doubt I will try to weave in some real world history.

For much of the 19th century, the Great Powers of Europe had shared different aims over the resolution of the Eastern Question.  The Eastern Question was the perceived dismantling and break-up of the Ottoman Empire of the Turks.  Each Great Power had their interests and the region was ripe for conflict.    

Russia wanted access to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea via the Dardanelles.  They also believed in the Pan-Slavic ideals of unified Slavic peoples.  As a contingency, the Russians supported an expansion of the Greek nation in case the integrity of the Ottoman Empire collapsed.  France wished to strengthen its position in the Levant, and was a nominal ally of Russia.

Austria-Hungary wished for the continuation of the Ottoman Empire.  Both were troubled multi-national entities and the collapse of the Ottoman’s would de-stabilize them as the various nationalistic groups in her own borders would be agitated for their own homelands.  The Ottoman’s were a counter-weight to the nationalistic tendencies of her own people.  In this she was supported by the Germans who wished to make the Ottomans an intact client state.  Italy made no real claims, but wished to keep the Adriatic clear of other state assets and was part of the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austro-Hungary.

The Ottoman Turks themselves wished to maintain the integrity of their nation.  In fact, they had undergone a revolution in 1908 under the Young Turks and were on a reformist movement for the government, army, and navy.  This progress made the Balkan people restive and a number of illicit organizations were formed with Nationalistic intent. 

After the fall of the Young Turks with their defeat in the Italo-Turkish War, the rebellious Balkan states formed the Balkan League to act against the Ottomans.  If Turkey could bring in troops from Asia, then the Balkans could not hope to win.  Therefore, the Balkan League had to rely on the support of some of the Great Powers if they wished to be free.  However, the existence of the League proved to be a noisy political nuisance to all the great powers.  Only Russia secretly approved and supported their efforts.   

The Balkan League was loosely aligned with the Russo-Frankish alliance, while the Ottomans were aligned with the Triple Alliance.  So the groundwork for hostilities was laid, with the threat of a Great Power war hanging in the balance.   

Map of the actual First Balkan War
The Balkan Uprisings will be a campaign using the campaign rules found in the Castles in the Sky rulebook.  This will be a medium sized campaign of 75 Armor points per side.  Each faction will be able to choose a percentage of ships from the aligned Fleet Lists at the percentage indicated.  The sides will be:

Balkan League Allies
Russia- Up to 60 Armor Points
France- Up to 20 Armor Points

Ottoman Allies
Ottoman Empire- Up to 35 Armor Points
Austro-Hungary- Up to 35 Armor Points             
Italy- Up to 15 Armor Points

Each fleet must have at least 50% spent on Cruisers or smaller and no more than 25% on battleships.  Each fleet will have 4 Strategic Assets.  Here are my fleet selections....  

Balkan League Forces- 74 Armor Points

Poltava                                           Captain:  Pyotr Senyavin                Command: 2 - Flagship
Class: Imperatrista Mariya            Category: Battleship                        Armor: 8

Imperator Pyotr                              Captain: Pavel Ivanov                     Command: 1
Class: Imperatrista Mariya             Category: Battleship                        Armor: 8

Oleg                                                Captain: Aleksey Rozhestvensky    Command: 2
Class: Bogatyr                                 Category: Cruiser                             Armor: 7

Rurik                                                Captain: Nikolai Ushakov              Command: 1
Class: Azova                                    Category: Cruiser                            Armor: 7             

Vityaz                                                Captain: Georgy Vysotskiy           Command: 2
Class: Bogatyr                                   Category: Cruiser                          Armor: 7

Pallada                                               Captain: Matija Yumashez            Command: 1
Class: Bayan                                      Category: Cruiser                          Armor: 7

Albatros                                          Captain: Feliks Golokov                 Command: 3
Class: Krasnoye                              Category: Gunboat                         Armor: 5

Kondor                                            Captain: Nikolay Konovalov         Command: 3
Class: Krasnoye                              Category: Gunboat                         Armor: 5

Sova                                                Captain: Vladimir Greig                  Command: 1
Class: Krasnoye                              Category: Gunboat                         Armor: 5

Brennus                                           Captain: Theo Aube                        Command: 4
Class: Charles Martel                      Category: Heavy Cruiser               Armor: 8

Primauguet                                      Captain: Jean de Vienne                Command: 4
Class: D’iberville                            Category: Cruiser                            Armor: 7

Ottoman Alliance- 73 Armor Points

Ottoman Empire:
Sultan Mehmed II- Fatih                  Captain: Seydi Al Reis                    Command: 3- Flagship
Class: Sultan Osman-I Evvel            Category: Battleship                       Armor: 9

Basra                                                 Captain: Hasan Rami Pasha            Command: 2
Class: Barbarous Heyreddin             Category: Heavy Cruiser                 Armor: 8

Mecidiye                                             Captain: Medvid Reis                    Command: 1
Class: Hamidiye                                 Category: Cruiser                            Armor: 8

Trakya                                               Captain:  Piri Pasha                      Command: 2
Class: Midilli                                    Category: Light Cruiser                 Armor: 7

Barbaros                                            Captain:  Murat Pasha                     Command: 2
Class: Berk Efsan                              Category: Torpedo Boat                    Armor: 4

Prince Eugen                                      Captain: Anton von Sterneck             Command: 2
Class: Tegethoff                                  Category: Battleship                          Armor: 9             

Sankt Georg                                       Captain: Rudulf Horthy                      Command: 4
Class: Kaiserin                                    Category: Armored Cruiser               Armor: 8

Bravo                                                  Captain:  Anton Pock                       Command: 4
Class: Huszar                                      Category: Destroyer                            Armor: 6

Volta                                                    Captain: Ludwig Brommy                Command: 1
Class: Huszar                                      Category: Destroyer                           Armor: 6

San Bartolomeo                               Captain: Paolo Revel                              Command: 1
Class: Vettor Pisani                          Category: Armored Cruiser                    Armor: 8

The Balkan League is attempting to assist the Balkan forces in driving the Ottoman’s out of Europe.  Meanwhile, the Ottoman Alliance is attempting to maintain possession of European territory and support and protect the ferrying of troops from the Asian part of the Empire across to the European part of the Empire. 

The campaign will last until one side reaches 7 Campaign Points with a victory margin of 2 points.  The winner of a scenario earns 1 campaign point. If they inflict twice as much Armor loss then they gain 2 campaign points, and if the difference is 3 times they score 3 points. 

The normal rules for Campaigns found in the Castles in the Sky rules will be used.  Like my last battle report, I will be using templates from my Aquanautica Imperialis rules for my ships along with Aeronautica Imperialis bases to keep track of altitude and speed.  

I plan on starting this campaign by the end of January.  Stay tuned.         

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