Monday, January 1, 2018

Random: 2018- Of New Year's and New Resolutions

As most of you know, I like to begin the year with a list of hobby goals to try and accomplish in 2018.  It isn't binding in any way.  Like many of these lists, by March it will all ready be out of date as new priorities and realities make themselves known.  However, over the last few years they have served me well to help prioritize my time and hobby attention.  When you only get a few hours a month, you need a list to keep you focused on what is what.  

These are things I will be using my hard earned money to accomplish.

-Purchase all new Osprey Wargaming Series Books- I find this series a great way to introduce me to new gaming ideas, rules concepts, and genres.  I also think they are a great boon to our hobby and want to support those efforts with my dollars.  I have everyone published to date, and plan to keep supporting them as they come out

-Pick-up 6mm Successor Armies from Baccus- I have wanted to give there 6mm ranges a try for some time, and I think Successor Armies for Heirs of Empire is a great way to go.  I want a couple to play Heirs of Empire and for photos so this seems like a great place to give them a shot.

-New Professional Terrain- I have been using my old, homemade, cheap and easy terrain for a long time.  It certainly lacks polish, but makes up for it in low cost and ease of storage.  However, I think it might be time to invest in a few basic items such as grass/field matt, a river, a ford, some woods, hedges, etc. to make a nice looking, basic table.  If you have some good suggestions for good items, please let me know. 

-Purchase Blucher- I need to just bite the bullet and buy Blucher.  Last year, I had it in a series of potential buys but over the course of the year narrowed it down to this one.  For one thing, I want to try Nappies for a long time.  What wargamer doesn't?  Second, I like the fact it can be played with paper templates instead of minis.  Third, I typically like Sam Mustafa's designs.  Fourth, I have heard good things about the system and campaign rules.  Therefore, I need to just bite the bullet and get this game. 

Painting and Modelling
This are things that I am feebly try to get painted and modelled this year.  This category is the one that trips me up the most as I am not very good and like it the least.  Therefore, my goals here will be limited for 2018 as I just don;t think I will have much time or energy for it.   

-Paint Mobile Artillery for All Quiet on the Martian Front- Back on the list again this year!  I got them mostly assembled last year, but now I need to paint them.  I left off the Mk IV Tank, because I just don't think I will get to it.  I look forward to the Mobile Infantry joining my Minnesota Militia in the Minnesota RiverValley campaign.

-Paint DA Thompson from PulpAlleyI picked up the Red Queen and DA Thompson for Turf War when I purchased PulpAlley to review.  I painted up the Red Queen, but now need to paint her accomplice.  That isn't enough to start a gang, but I don’t think I will be getting anymore gangsters this year so I will need to settle on just getting this guy done. 

This section is for what I want to accomplish playing wise for 2018. 

-Play 8th Edition 40K- I have been playing 40K on and off since Rogue Trader days.  I don't really want to give up on it, but I haven't played since the tail end of 4th edition.  However, I have heard good things about the new edition and figured I have the models to try it out so why not?  I really don't want to buy anything new and will just be using my old stuff and loaned items from my gaming buddies.  However, I am curious and when my gaming group brought it up I figured no time like 2018 to try it again.  

-Finish the Balkan UprisingCampaignThe Ottoman League forces have the advantage, but the Balkan League has been coming on strong witht eh arrival of the Greek Armored Cruiser as reinforcements.  I really just need to play the last few games of Castles in the Sky to finish the campaign off and determine the winner. 

-Play One Game I have not Played Before- I have a large stack of games I have not had the chance to play plus the games my friends have that we have not played yet.  Therefore, I want to try to play at least 1 game I have not played before.  I would like to try Ronin/EnGarde or Gaslands from my Osprey collection.  I would also really like to try Super Systems 4th Edition.  However, we will see what happens.  

Rules Writing
This section details my goals for writing and creating games to play.  This area has been some of my most productive goals in the last few years, and an aspect of the hobby I have been enjoying a great deal lately.  It is probably because I can do it in short snippets here and there.  All I need is my brainpower and something to write with/on. 

-Complete 2 New Rulesets for the Blog- Now, that doesn't mean they will be completely finished an plished works.  However, it does mean they will be playable with the core mechanics and ready to post into the Work-in-Progress section of the blog. 

-Get Photos for Men of Bronze Completed- Well in order for Men in Bronze to be published to deadline I need 30 hig-res photos of Greek Hoplite Miniatures on the table.  For that I need the models painted, based, and a decent table.  Then I need a photograph ready to help me.  

This section is for random stuff that is Blood and Spectacles related but doesn't fall cleanly into the other categories.       

-Blog Once every 2-Week- This last year, I was posting twice a week.  However, much of that content was older material from my gaming career that I had documented.  Going forward, it is going to need to be new stuff! I can't keep up twice a week, but I will shoot for weekly and probably hit bi-weekly.  Hence the goal! 

-Clean-up a game for Wargames Vault- I don't know which one, or how but I would like to get another game on Wargames Vault this year for download.  Maybe it will be an updated work or maybe it will be brand new.  I don't know.  

In Conclusion

Now, just because something is not on the list does not mean that it won't happen this year.  For example, I am pretty sure I will be playing some Aeronautica Imperialis this year, but it isn't necessarily one of my 2018 Goals.  That's just fun!  Same for purchases as I wouldn't be shocked if some Lobotons for All Quiet on the Martian Frontgangsters for Turf Waror Aeronef for Castles in the Sky show up in my cart.  I wouldn’t by shocked if Battlegroup, Chain of Command, or some other wargame ended up on my shelf either.  However, the purpose of my list is to keep me focused on my priorities of 2018.  


  1. What scale/basing convention are you using for Men of Bronze?

  2. Welcome! Men of Bronze is a scale and base agnostic system. However for my games I am going to be using 28mm Victrix Limited Greeks single based.