Monday, January 15, 2018

Match Report: Blood Bowl- Exhbition Re-match: Reeverz v. Nobles

My daughter and I pulled out the Blood Bowl board and played another exhibition match between the Orks and Humans from the Boxset.  This time, we gave each team two re-rolls and decided to use the Ork side of the board.  Last time, she bested me by a TD.  I took the Nobles again and she took the Orks.  We also have a Khemri, Skaven, and Chaos team for out games, but decide to go with the box again.  Sadly, I didn’t document this game as closely as the last one, but I have enough of the flavor below.   


Lord Summervale: Now, our CabalVision VI coverage of Blood Bowl post-NAF takes us to the Deep North League- Southern Regional Conference match-up.  This was exhibition play between the Skulsmash Reverz and the Nottingham Nobles.  This time, the action took place at the beloved Freeboota Field, home of the Skulsmash Reeverz. 

The Nottingham Nobles started with the ball, but deep penetration by Skullsmash Reeverz Blitzer Ruck-Ruck forced the Nobles to scramble deep in their own territory.  However, the first line Thrower Rick Priestley managed to dump it off to their catcher Gav Thorpe to push out of Nobles territory. 

Mad Johan: It was a pretty gutsy move by Priestley to dump the ball to a catcher on his side of the field, but it relieved the pressure and potential quick score by the Reeverz.

Lord Summervale: However, things devolved quickly as the Ork defense smashed the Nobles line and kept the ball around mid-field through the first half.  The Reeverz line play was punishing as multiple Nobles players were knocked out of the game.  At one point, in the first half they had more men in the Dug-out than on the field! 

Mad Johan: The Nobles kicked it to the Reeverz to start the second half, and things did not get much better for the Nobles.  They started without a full team on the field. 

Lord Summervale: The orks just kept up the relentless pounding, and soon the Nobles were down to only 5 players on the pitch.  Despite some desperate plays and passes, the Nobles just could not get any offense going.

Mad Johan: They did manage to shell out some payback, but not nearly enough against those heavily armored Ork lineman. 

Lord Summervale: The Skulsmash Reever offense just wore downt he Nobles to so few players that the back-up Thrower Runthugga was able to walk the ball into the end zone late in the second half.

Lord Summervale: In the last two meetings of these teams, the Reeverz have managed to come away victorious in their last two exhibition matches.  The Orks look like they might have a decent team in the conference.  I am sure the other teams in the League are watching this exhibition matches very carefully before this year’s season kicks-off for real. 

Now, let’s go take a closer looker at the Deep North League’s Northern Conference, there we see…..    

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