Monday, July 1, 2019

Random: July! The Half-way Mark for 2019 is Here!

Wow, half way through the year all ready.  It is time to review the progress on my 2019 Goals. 
Time flies by when you are having fun!

As you may recall, I tried to divide the year up into categories.  However, this year I tried to focus it a bit more on genres this year.  I then placed goals within the genre to help guide me through the year.  So, let’s get a break down on each category and goal. 

Period 1- Ancient Greeks

1.       Create a Social Media campaign to help promote the release of Men of Bronze.

-          I have made some progress with the help of T and T Consulting Solutions.  I have integrated my blog in with a website, Facebook page, and message board.  I have also added a few other tricks and gimmicks.  Feel free to join and follow them below. 

-          Website: Website
-          Facebook: Facebook
-          Support Page: Support
-          Message Board: Board

2.       Complete 2 of 3 armies: Corinthians, Spartans, and Macedonians. 

-          I have made some progress.  I painted one more Corinthian Unit, but it looks…. Not great…..

-          I assembled all the Pikeman and Hypaspists for the Macedonians
-          My painting associate has started working on the Spartans   
-          Overall, some progress but not enough.

3.       Purchase and paint a box of Victrix Greek Cavalry- No progress

4.       Use painted Greeks to create two rival Greek forces for Of Gods and Mortals

-          I have had issues tracking down 54mm models I like to be Athena or Artemis as the Gods

5.       Create Argonauts Warband for Broken Legions

-          I painted my Argonaut Hero and Herculean Champion for the Warband.

-          I also worked up the warband to rival my Sons of Spartacus warband

-          Have not gotten it on the table yet though.

6.       Document 6 Menof Bronze battle reports, including two video reports

-          I have 1 battle report completed and on the blog

-          I do have a nice lighting set-up for video/photos now

7.       Create a Quick Reference Sheet for Men of Bronze

-          I wrote it all up and sent it to Osprey for their site
-          You can also find a draft on the Messageboard

Period 2- Diadochi of Alexander

1.       Complete publishing process

-          Things may have gone a bit side ways on that front, more to come….

2.       Purchase, paint, and base two 6mm successor armies from Baccus Miniatures

-          I have made the purchase and they have arrived!
-          I also got a new set of paints to try and do them justice

3.       Complete painting my Victrix Macedonians including successor Phalangites, Hypaspists, and Heavy Cavalry

-          All infantry assembled and ready to paint.

4.       Purchase and paint a Victrix war elephant- No progress

5.       Take good photos of the models for Osprey- No Progress

Period 3- Roarin’ 20s

1.       Purchase and paint enough 28mm gangsters for 2 gangs

-          Purchased the Copplestone Gangsters from Brigade Games

-        Created two gang lists

-          Painted 1 gang completely

-          Painted 3 gangsters and undercoated last 3 for a second gang

2.       Pick-up some 1920’s style farm house

-          I picked out the one I will eventually buy, but have not purchased it yet.

3.       Buy and paint Cthulhu-esque Lurkers from the Reaper Bones line- No progress

4.       Update the TurfWar book with model photos and artwork- No Progress

Period 4- Blood Bowl

1.       Finish painting all of my current teams

-          Complete!

2.       Pick-up the Dwarf and Skaven alternate board

-          Complete, sort of. 
-          I bought the winter themed board instead

3.       Pick-up and assemble two more teams to bring me to 12

-          No progress
-          I am holding out for Lizzies and Chaos Dwarfs

Period 5- Napoleonic

1.       Play a game of Blucher- Complete!

2.       Pick-up the Osprey Wargaming Series- Rebels and Patriots- Complete!

3.       Complete a draft version of Mageloque- No Progress!

Period 6- Frostgrave

1, Purchase and paint enough fantasy models for 3-6 wizard warbands- No Progress

2. Purchase the Maze of Malcor and Ulterior Motives

-          Maze ofMalcor is complete

4.       Build, buy, and create enough terrain for a 3x3 Frozen city board- No progress

Period- Random Stuff

1.       Get Onlythe Strong Survive into the WIP section- Complete!

2.       Keep trying to get 1 new blog post up every 2 weeks- So far so good!

3.       Buy two armies from Vanguard Miniatures for Rampant Galaxies- Not Started

4.       Buy all the Dracula’s America Books, Last Days, and new Osprey Wargaming Series books that come out

-          I have kept up on the Osprey Wargaming Series

5.       Purchase Gangs of Rome starter set- No Progress

6.       Start building a Victrix Roman Republic and Samnite army- No progress!

7.       Play some AquanauticaImperialis- No progress!  

8.       Source two fleets for Castles in the Sky- Not Started

9.       Sell 1 new game pitch- In Progress!

Some bonus points for painting a few things for Aeronautica Imperialis too! 

This year I was incredibly ambitious about what I wanted to accomplish.  Honestly, I think my plans as written are more of a 3-5 year plan than a single year plan.  Last year, I was too conservative and this year I am too ambitious. 

However, good progress has been made.  I have painted over 110 + miniatures this year.  At one point, I thought I had painted everything I had in my lead pile, but I found one undercoated Mark IV tank for All Quiet on the Martian Front.  Then, a whole slew of Victrix, Copplestone casting, and Baccus came in to replenish my lead pile.

I have also managed to play about 8 games ranging from Men of Bronze, Strange Aeons, RampantStars, Aeronautica Imperialis, to Blucher.  I even got to play on International Tabletop Game Day.  Not too shabby.  If I keep this up, I might get in a game a month or even more!

Oddly, I have had the least amount of progress on the Game Design front.  Typically, this is one of my most productive areas.  However, I barely managed to get a playable version of Only the Strong Survive into the WIP section.  Despite the slow progress, I may have made more money of game design this year than previous years thanks to the publication of Men of Bronze, other work with Osprey, an article in WSS #102, and Wargame Vault sales.  I look forward to building on this progress as I have had a few projects waiting on the back burner for some time to work on them involving Carthage, the Wild West, and Vikings.

Overall, a pretty exciting year so far, but there is no way I am going to get everything done I have on my list for 2019.      

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