Monday, September 17, 2018

Blood Bowl: League Play Set-up

When I first picked up the new Blood Bowl I was unsure how much I was going to do with it.  I had a few teams from previous editions but I had never had all the templates or pitch.  I left that up to other people.  Now, with the new boxed set, I had everything I needed to play BUT I was not sure I wanted to spend the money on newer teams.  This changed a bit when a new FLGS came into my town, and they were selling Blood Bowl teams for a good price, and there was the promise of some more local players.  In addition, my family began to show a lot more interest in playing the game too. 

This led to a Blood Bowl renaissance in my house.  I had managed to play several games with my hobby buddies between the Living Rulebook days and the new boxset, but they were few and far between.  Now, I had players much closer to try games with.  Soon, I had 9 teams ready to play and the Deep North League- Southern Regional Conference was born.  Sure, they are not all painted and maybe will never be painted, sure the teams were mostly just the boxed sets, sure the teams were not all optimized with 16 players….. but we had 9 legal teams ready to hit the pitch.  

My family first had to get the hang of the basics of the game with a number of exhibition games….

With those out of the way, they felt ready to start some League play.  Our League consists of the following teams:

Nottingham Nobles- Human team
Skulsmash Reeverz- Ork Team
Cheeze-Ballerz- Skaven Team
Rock-N-Rollers- Dwarf Team
Goat Herderz- Chaos Team
The Black Guards- Dark Elf Team
Forever Jackals- Khemri Team (Old School- Painted)
Da’ Rat Packerz- Skaven Team (Old School- Painted)
Gridiron Gravediggers- Chaos Team (Old School- Painted)

I would not be surprised if a few more teams join the League eventually, but this is what we have to start the season off!  What better way to get started with the season than to have an Open Tournament?  The invite list would be all of the teams listed above, minus the Black Guards as they still need to be assembled.     

** * * * *

Lord Summervale: Post-NAF Blood Bowl fans from the Deep North are eagerly anticipating the start of the new Blood Bowl season.  The Southern Regional Conference will be kicking the Season off with an open tournament held in honor of Princess Owyanna.

Mad Johan: Local legend claims that the original princess was gravely ill.  In desperation, her father begged a local forest spirit to cure the illness impacting his daughter.  The spirit agreed and gave her a sip of healing waters from a hidden local spring.  In return, the spirit only asked for Princess Owyanna to host a Blood Bowl Tournament in honor of the spirit. 

Lord Summervale: Hence the “Princess Owayonna: Bottled Healing Spring Water Blood Bowl Open Tournament” was born!  Nothing goes down easier after a viciously played game of Blood Bowl than a bottle of Princess Owayonna’s bottled Healing Spring Water.  Their patented enchantment will whisk away all of your aches and pains with a splash of this delightful, refreshing beverage.   

Mad Johan: After the tournament, I bet each of these teams will be celebrating their wins and drowning their pain away with a bottle!

Lord Summervale: Indeed.  This year, the competition looks fierce.  Fortunately for this year’s organizers, the Dark Elf team; the Black Guards was delayed by some coastal raiding.  Therefore, the even number of teams will make organizing the brackets easy. 

This will be a single elimination tournament.  As teams advance through the bracket, we will eventually declare a champion.  The champion will walk away with the prestigious Princess Owayonna Healing Bottled Water Trophy and a season long supply of the Princesses’ finest. 

Mad Johan: Let’s take a look at the line-ups! 

Lord Summervale: We have all ready seen these teams clash in the pre-season with some big hits and some intense scoring drives.  You can bet there will be some impressive games of Blood Bowl ahead!

Here is the bracket:

1.       The opening match will be the Forever Jackals of Khemri vs. the Nottingham Nobles at Citadel Arena. 
2.       The second match is the Skulsmash Reeverz vs Da’ Rat Packers at Freeboota Field. 
3.       The Third match will be the Cheeze-Ballerz up against the Gridiron Gravediggers in the Northern Wastes.
4.       The final match of the qualifying bracket will be the Rock-N-Rollers facing the Goat Herderz at the fable pitch of Khaz-a-Kill’m. 

Mad Johan: Those games are promising some hard-hitting match-ups!

Lord Summervale: The winners in the qualifying round will move into the semi-finals bracket, and the winners there will move onto the Finals.  The team that comes out of the Finals on top will be the tournament champions and win the Princess Owayonna Healing Bottled Water Trophy. 

With the tournament set to start, the only thing left to ask is……

Mad Johan: ….. are you ready for some Blood Bowl!

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