Monday, September 24, 2018

Blood Bowl: Princess Owayanna Tourney Report - Humans vs. Khemri

Lord Summervale: Welcome to the opening match of the Princess Owayanna Bottled Healing Waters Tournament. Today, we are going to The Citadel, home of the Nottingham Nobles. They will be taking on the Forever Jackals of Khemri.

Mad Johan: We have seen hard hits from both of these teams, but the Nobles have proven to be a bit fragile in pre-season.

Lord Summervale: That's true Johan. Under their captain Rick Priestley they were decimated by the Skulsmash Reeverz but got their feet under them playing the Cheez-Ballerz.

Mad Johan: Meanwhile, in pre-season the Forever Jackals lost a close first game after some embarrassing ball handling... or lack there of.

Lord Summervale: ….but they brought the pain against a heavily armored Chaos Goat Herderz team. The hits were big and if they keep it up, will be on the highlight reels for a long time to come.

Mad Johan: It is all going to come down to who can keep their players in the game and scoring more touch downs.

Lord Summervale: With that bit of wisdom, let's get kicked-off. The Nobles are going to kick it to the Jackals to get the game started. ….. Boom! There is the kick!

Anoobis drops back and picks up the ball. The skeletons of the line move up and start to create a cage for Anoobis while the Tomb Guardians start to push the humans back.

Mad Johan: Here comes the Nobles Blitzer Jervis Johnson.... POW! He has flattened Anoobis and forced the ball loose!

Lord Summervale: I think Anoobis' head just popped off. He is stumbling towards the sidelines for help.

Mad Johan: Look at the violence inherent in the system! This scrum for the ball is getting vicious. Skeletons and Humans are being tossed around like straw men. Players are crawling off the field or laying stunned on the field.

Lord Summervale: Finally, Andy Chambers manages to pull the ball from the scrum and breaks across mid-field. He finds Gav Thorpe nearby and dumps it off to him. He begins to streak down the field with one eye on the clock for the end of the first half.

Mad Johan: The Jackals are all out of position.

Lord Summervale: Gav Thorpe ends the first half of the game by walking into the endzone for a Nobles touch down.

Mad Johan: With the Forever Jackals kicking it to the Nobles in the second half, the Khemri team is in a tough spot.

Lord Summervale: Indeed Johan. The Nobles lead the Forever Jackals by 1, Let's go back to the Cabalvision IV studios for a breakdown of more Blood Bowl action across the Old World. Our sponsors Guillotine Razors remind you that nothing shaves closer than a Guillotine.

* * * * *

Lord Summervale: Welcome back to our main event game from the Princess Owayanna Healing Bottled Water Tournament. The Nottingham Nobles lead the Forever Jackals by 1 touch down. The Jackals will be kicking off to the Nobles to start the second half.

Mad Johan: The first half was a bruising battle of bashing. The Forever Jackals lost many of their key players to the dug-out, but the Nobles took a beating too.

Lord Summervale: I expect the second half to be just as rough. The Jackals kick it up, and Rick Priestly recovers the ball. The Humans take their time and set up a cage.

Mad Johan: They are putting on a clinic of ball control and execution. The Forever Jackals are desperate to knock the ball lose, but the Nobles are not going to let that happen.

Lord Summervale: Indeed. They have managed to steam roll their way through the flank of the Forever Jackals.

Mad Johan: I think the Noble's blitzer Mat Ward just obliterated Mum-skull. The skeleton literally came apart on the field from that hit!

Lord Summervale: The Khemri Tomb Guardians have managed to maintain control of the line, but the Nobles bypassed them on the flank and are grinding their way to the end zone.

Mad Johan: Even Ra-Men the Unspoiled can't slow down the train as he is gang tackled and brought low by a horde of Nobles players!

Lord Summervale: Again, as the second half comes to a close the Nobles Andy Chambers carries the ball across the end zone for another score, and sealing the Human teams victory in the tournament!

Mad Johan: As the game comes to a close, I am getting an sideline injury report. It looks like I was right, Mum-skull was completely knocked to pieces and all of the Pharoah's men can not put him back together again! In addition, Ra-Men the Unspoiled had his arm broken and will not be available for the next game. However, it didn't go all the Nobles' way as Lineman Nigel Stillman was badly injured as well.

Lord Summervale: Well, for the Nobles Nigel will probably be back for the next game of the Tournament. The Forever Jackals will have plenty of time to heal up as they will be spectators for the rest of the Tournament.

Mad Johan: Congratulations to Rick Priestley and his team as they advance to the Semi-finals.

Lord Summervale: Stay here on Cabalvision IV to see the next exciting match-up in the Princess Owayanna Bottled Healing Waters Tournament, also sponsored by Guillotine Razors and Bloodweisser. Next up will be Da' Rat Packers versus the Skulsmash Reeverz. Stay tuned!

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