Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Games: Blood and Spectacle- Battle Report- The Games of Leptis Minoris

After the display in the marketplace, word of House Quintillius' Gladiators spread through Leptis Minor quickly.  The first “official” Games day was a celebration of Jupiter Triumphant to celebrate the Roman defeat of the Carthaginians so long ago.  

The Roman and local nobility were a buzz to see Roman Quintillius and his troupe would fare against the local Ludus of Lupti Minor on such a historic event.  Meanwhile, the common populace was eager for the local Gladiator's to show the out-of-towners a thing or about fighting.  On the day of the big event, many in the crowd came prepared to cheer on their respective troupe.   

However, the local Gladiator troupe was clearly the underdogs in today's matches.  This caused their Lanista Metallus some worry before the start of the Games.

Today, we decided to follow the rules and randomly determine the Events of the day, Mood of the Crowd, and so on.  The regular rules about Mercy and Freedom would be in effect.  This was no demonstration match.  We would both choose Gladiators as the Events were determined.

Event 1: Tertiarri
Weather: Normal
Mood of the Crowd: Normal

A Tertiarri battle has each house choose 2 Gladiators.  1 is chosen as the Primus.  When a Primus is defeated, his Tertiarri partner can then enter the battle.

House Quintillius
Hoplomacchus, Desserter

Retarius, Barbarin

House of Leptis Minoris
Secutor, Slave

Samnite, Slave

For House Quintillius, their fearsome spear wielding Hopplomachus and blonde haired Barbarian Retarius enter from their gate.  Priapus the Blonde Barbarian is roundly booed by the crowd as he raises his Trident skyward. He has proven himself to be an antagonist of the crowd.  The crowd boos even louder when Longinus is announced as the Primus.  

For Leptis Minoris, the Primus is Averagonix the Secutor.  He did not get a chance to fight in the exhibition and his eager to prove himself.  He bangs his Gladius against his shield and exhorts the crowd to cheer even louder.  His Tertiarri is the Numidian Samnite, the heavy Gladiator roundly beaten in the demonstration match.    

Turn 1:
Both Gladiator's jog forward.  Longinis moves to get around the center column.

Turn 2: 
Avergonix jogs up behind the center column, leery of a spear being tossed his way.  The plan seems to work, as Longinus decides to close the distance instead.

Turn 3:
The Secutor turns to face the oncoming foe, and then backs away.  He was not in a proper position to charge yet, and wanted to give himself space.  However, he is now in the open.  Longinus walks forward, putting himself into the Secutor's charge distance next turn.  However, he hefts his spear and tosses it at the other Gladiator.

Longinus puts all of his CP into the attack, and Avergonix uses 3 to defend, and holds one to parry with his shield.  Longinius gets 2 successes, and Averagonix gets 4.  He easily bats the spear down, and it lands a few feet in front of him.

From the gates, their fellows cheer them on!

Turn 4:
Luck is with Longinus as he wins initiative.  He charges forward, scoops up his Spear, and attacks!  He uses 2 dice +1 for charging.  He holds the other 2 back for defense.  The Secutor defends with 2 to start with.

Longinus gets 2 successes and striking success, while Avergonix gets only 1.  He decides to use 1 more CP to parry the striking success.  It works, and the success is negated as a 1 is re-rolled!  However, the Secutor gets his arm up ion time, and the spear slides across his Manica.

The Secutor counter-attacks with a  flurry of blows from his Gladius.  Longinus is unable to get his smaller shield up in time.  Avergonix had 1 success and a striking success that he converted to 2 successes.  Longinus got 0 successes.  Oh no for him!  He made 1 out of 3 armor saves, so is reduced to 0 Pain!

Priapus began to ready himself.

Turn 5:
Shaken, Longinus wins Initiative again.  The Hopplomacchus backs away from the combat quickly.  This again, gives him a bit of space, and he throws his spear at his foe.  He uses three dice, Avergonix also uses three to defend.  Despite the close range, the Secutor again swats the Spear to the ground with his shield.  Longinus draws his Gladius.

Determined to finish his foe, Avergonix charges into the fight, leading with his large shield.  However, the wily deserter was ready, and knocks him back with his shield.  Longimus used a striking success to try to disarm the Secutor of his Gladius, but the gladiator maintains his grip.

Turn 6:
Longinus counter-attacks with his Gladius using three dice, while his opponent also defends with three dice, saving two to counter attack.  Avergonix beats him by one, and the Hopplomacchus' attack fails.  The Secutor counters, but Longinus pushes him back with a mighty shove, using a striking success on the Defensive!  This gives the Hopplomacchus room to move again, as he does not follow-up.

Turn 7:
However, the Secutor recovers faster than his opponent and wins the Initiative.  He charges straight back in and attacks!  Averagonix uses 4 attacks (+1 for the charge and another from his gladius) and holds 2 back for defense while Longinus uses 3 to defend and holds 1 back +1 from his gladius to potentially counter attack/Parry.

A terrible roll for Averagonix leaves one potential hit, but Longinus scores 3 striking successes on the defense!  He uses one to cancel out Averagonix's attack.  This time the Hopplomacchus knocks-back the Secutor and tries to knock him down as well.  The Push- back is automatic.  The Knock Down test is failed by Averagonix and he falls flat on his butt.  The crowd roars in approval.

With his move, Longinus walks over and scoops up his spear. He doesn't have enough movement to attack the knocked down Secutor.

Humiliated. Averagonix jumps back to his feet and faces his foe.

Turn 8
This time Longinus tries to use his spear and charge past the Secutor.  He puts 3 CP and +1 for charging  into the attack and holds back 1 for defense.  The Secutor puts in 3 to defend, and holds 2 for attacking/parrying.  Longinus gets 2 striking success, and Averagonix parries one to a  simple success.  The Secutor only got two success, so one attack got past his guard and draws blood!  The Secutor fails to lock the Hopplomacchus in combat as he stumbled back from the hit and Longinus moves past.

The Secutor does not have enough Initaitive to turn to his opponent, so he turns away and jogs away.  The gap between the two opponents widen, and it is clear they will have to maneuver around before they can close the gap again.

Turn 9
Longinus begins to slowly turn back towards his foe.  The distance may allow him to use his spear again soon!  Averagonix begins to turn in place.

Turn 10
Fatigue may begin to set in!  Both warriors fail their Fatigue tests and their CP is reduced by 1! The Hopplomacchus manages to turn and face his opponent, he steps forward, readying his spear.  The Secutor also slowly turns and steps forward, but he isn't quite facing his opponent yet.

Turn 11
Both Gladiators make their Fatigue tests.

This time, Averagonix wins the Initiative.  He finishes his turn to face his opponent, but instead of closing the distance, readies himself to defend against a thrown spear.

Confident in the strength of his arm, the Hopplomacchus steps backwards out of charge range and readies to throw.

Turn 12
Both pass their Fatigue tests! Longinus hurls his spear with all of his CP at the Secutor.  He chooses to defend with 2 and hold back 1 for parries.  Longinus gets 1 success and a striking success, which Avergonix parries with his shield and causes to miss.  They both have 1 success, so no hits and the spear is batted down again!  It lands in front of the Secutor.

Now the Secutor walks up, and hovers over the fallen weapon, daring Longinus to come and take it!    
Turn 13
The fatigue is starting to show as the two Gladiators weapons begin to droop.  They both fail their Fatigue tests again!

With his Gladius drawn, the Hopplomacchus again tries to charge past the Secutor.  Fatigues he only has 2 CP and +1 for the Gladius.  He decides to use them all!  The Secutor is also Fatigues and only has 1 CP and +1 from his shield.  He defends with both.

Longinus gets a success and a striking success, for 3 total success.  Averagonix has no dice to parry with prays for a good roll, but only gets one success.  Avergonix only makes one armor save, so his Pain is reduced to 0 as well.

The wound means that the Secutor can not lock up the Hopplomacchus in combat, but the Hopplomacchus runs past the Secutor again.  Another successful hit and run attack!

Turn 14
The fatigue is too much and the Secutor falls to the ground exhausted and out of the fight.  However, the Hopplomacchus is not faring much better with another failed fatigue roll of his own.  He only has 1 CP remaining!

Priapus laughs heartily at the fallen Secutor.  Meanwhile, the fresh Samnite Mediocrates enters from the other side of the Arena through the Gates of  Luptis Minor.

Turn 15
We decide that if the Gladiator does nothing for the turn, he is not susceptible to Fatigue.  Therefore, Longinus stands and awaits his foe without turning or moving.  Mediocrates jogs forward, eager for battle.

Turn 16
Longinus passes his fatigue test and walks over and picks up his spear.  Mediocrates slows his pace and moves forward, measuring his foe.

Turn 17
Mediocrates wins Initiative and charges in with a battle cry.  He knows his foe is in a weakened state and charges in with all of his Combat Pool and charge bonus going into the attack.  Longinus can barely lift his arms to defend himself.  Despite this, the Hopplomacchus manages to get his Manica up and the Samnite's sword bounces harmlessly away!

Turn 18
Mediocrates presses his advantage and wins Initiative again.  However, it is too much for the Hopplomacchus and he collapses to the ground exhausted.

The Editor declares the House of Leptis Minoris the winner of the first event!  However, the crowd is pleased by the show of dedication and martial valor from the two opponents and grants Mercy to them both!  However, as they were both Out of the Fight at the end of the Event, they will still need to roll for Injuries.

Event 2
Damnati Combat!
Weather: Normal
Crowd Mood: Normal

In Damnati combat, two condemned criminals are given the chance to fight for their freedom against a pair of Gladiators.  The Damnati are given a sword, shield, and a simple leather Manica.  If they beat their Gladiator foes they are allowed to go free!

Sword, Shield, Freemen

House Quintillius
Gaulus, Barbarian

House of Leptis Minoris
Dimachaerus, Slave

The Editor of the Games spent time detailing the crimes of the two Damnati, but Metallus and Quintillius were too busy deciding who would fight next.  They both knew this was considered a lesser amusement, and the Damnatii would have little chance against a trained Gladiator.  However, they were both eager to give the crowd a good show.

Quintillius nodded to his big barbarian Marcomanni.  He hailed from regions just north of the Danube.  The Gladiator rose and hefted his axe to his shoulder.  He spoke little Latin, but he knew what was expected of him.  As he entered the arena the crowd jeered, remembering how he had treated Lupine Lupinius at the forum.  The big barbarian gave little notice.  In the opposite gate, the Dimachaerus Regulus lifted his swords to the crowd and let the sun glitter menacingly along his blades.  He received a much warmer welcome.  

In the center, the two Damnatii shuffled their feet nervously.  They gingerly tested their weapons with the odd, unpracticed swing.  

With a flourish, the Editor announced the battle was to begin. 

Turn 1
Marcomanni wins the Initiative and calmly steps forward.  His entire posture and stance exude menace and danger.  Regulus does likewise, his swords spinning in a hypnotic pattern.  The Damnatii facing Marcomanni holds his ground, but makes sure he is facing the Gladiator squarely.  His fellow combatant tries to rush past Regulus with a charge.  He puts all of his attacks into it, hoping to move past.  Regulus defends with 3 and holds a dice back to parry.  The Damnatii scores two hits, and Regulus only 1 defense, he tries to parry but it only makes things worse as the Damnatii gets a striking success!  Regulus fails his armor save and is reduced 1 Pain, and he fails to lock-up the Damnatii.  Worse, the striking success is used to knock him down!  Not a good start for Regulus!

In the Recovery phase, he fails to get up.

Turn 2
Marcomanni lifts his axe high and charges in with a fearsome roar!  He knows he can't be parried and puts 3 CP and +1 for charging into it.  He holds one back to defend.  However, the Damnatti puts all his CP into defense.  The Barbarian gets 1 Striking Success which he converts into two successes.  The Damnatii only got one.  The axe cuts through the defense and reduces the Damnatii by 1.

Regulus passes his test and gets up, facing his opponent.  The Damnatti turns and runs away, giving himself some room to maneuver.

Turn 3
Marcomanni has locked his opponent in combat.  He attacks with 2 CP, and holds 2 back for defense, while the Damnatii defends with 2 and holds one to counter-attack.  This time the Damnatii blocks the attack and counters with a  solid shot to the Gualus' helm.  The Gladiator stumbles about dazed from the counter.

Regulus manages to chase down the fleeing Damnatii and attack!  Since he is out of the Damnatti's combat arc, he will not be able to parry or attack back without turning to face him.  He decides to use 3 CP +1 for charging to attack and holds 1 to defend if needed.  The Damnatii decides to put it all into defense.  Regulus leaps after his prey, and strikes a pair of slashing blows across his back.  Blood flows freely and the crowd roars in approval!  The Dmanatii is reduced to 0 Pain.

The Damnatii facing Marcomanni attacks the Dazed Gladiator with 1 dice.  Marcomanni, being dazed can only defend with half his available CP, so 1.  However, it is enough and he manages to get the haft of his axe up and block the Damnatii's swing.
The Damnatii facing Regulus is slippery and manages to break from combat again!  This time he jogs away and begins to turn back towards his pursuer.

Turn 4
Regulus moves quickly.  He tries to return the favor to his opponent and attempts to charge past him and deliver a striking blow.  He uses 2 CP +1 for charging to attack, and holds 2 to defend.  The Damnatii defends with 2 and holds 1, hoping to lock up the Dimachaerus.  The injured Damnatii sees the attack and manages to ward off the blows and lock up the Gladiator in combat!

Marcomanni just attacks with 3 CP and holds one to defend.  No fancy foot work or maneuver for him.  The Damnatii uses 2 CP for defense and holds onto 1 to defend.  Marcomanni gets 2 success and a striking which he converts into 2 more successes, for a total of four.  The Damnatii gets 1 striking which he also converts into 2, but it isn't nearly enough!  The Barbarian's axe is too powerful and it smashes past the Damnatii's guard.  However, it was enough for him to deflect the blow across his manica with 2 sixes for the armor save!  He is not ready to go down yet!

The Damnatii fighting Regulus takes a swing, which the Gladiator easily blocks, and then uses the momentum of to try and disarm the man of his sword.  The blade goes flying into the air and lands in the arena sands a few feet away.  The crowd cheers at the feat of arms!

The Damnatti facing Marcomanni also counter attacks, and slips past the Gladiator Barbarians defense with a striking success.  Blood is drawn and Marcomanni is reduced to Pain 1!

Turn 5
Despite the wound, Marcomanni silently attacks back to finish this event.  He uses 3 CP to attack again, holding onto only 1.  The Damnatii defends with 2 again.  However, this time Marcomanni is slow and cumbersome in his attack, and the Damnatii easily blocks it and then uses his body to try and knock him down with a Striking Success.  However, the Barbarian just shrugs it off and stays on his feet.

With his opponent swordless, Regulus puts all of his CP into an attack and holds nothing back!  The Damnatii defends with 2 again and holds 1 to counter attack with his shield.  Regulus gets a success and converts a striking success into 2 more for 3 total.  The Damnatii gets two successes with his shield.  One of the Dimachaerus sword's finds its way past the Damnatii's guard and hits him cleanly in the neck.  He drops to the ground like a sack.

The Damanti facing Marcomanni follows up his body block with a quick slash.  Which the barbarian counters with a twirl of his axe.

In the Recovery Phase, Regulus plunges his blades through the back of the downed Damnati, bringing his battle to an end.  For this, the crowd begins to chant his name in praise of his victory.

Turn 6
Marcomanni hears the cheers of the crowd and realizes that Regulus has probably downed his opponent.  This make sthe barbarian angry, and he puts all of his 4 CP into attacking the Damnatii and finishing him off.  The Damnatii uses 2 to defend and keeps one to counter attack.  In his anger, marcomanni whiffs all of his attacks, and the Damnatii sweeps with his shield to try and knock down the barbarian with a defensive striking success.  The move knocks the legs out from under him, and he topples down to the sand.

Regulus turns towards the remaining Damnati and heads towards him.  He sets-up to potentially charge him.

The Damnati attacks the fallen over Barbarian with his one remaining CP, while the barbarian has 0 CP!  The attack cuts home, and Marcomanni is reduced to 0 Pain.  The crowd gasps in shock!  One more hit and he could be done for!   Seeing the approaching Regulus, he turns and heads away from him.  

In the Recovery Phase, Marcomanni again fails to get up.

Turn 7   
Marcomanni struggles up to his knees, and rises!  He faces the direction the Damnati ran off, but takes no further action this turn.  Regulus jogs up to support him going forward.

Seeing two Gladiators coming towards him, the Damnati tries to maneuver into a better position.

Turn 8
Now furious, Marcomanni charges straight into the Damnati and attacks with 3 CP +1 for charging and holds one back to defend.  The Damnati defends with 2 and holds back 1 again.  Again, the Damnati squirms away from a telling blow!

Now Regulus joins the fray and charges in!  He uses 3 CP +1 for charging as well, and holds back 1 to defend.  The Damnati decides to use his last CP to defend.  Two striking success, with 1 converted to a special move of Pin.  The Damnati gets 0 successes, and fails his armor check.  For wounding he is Out of the Fight! As Regulus again leaps in and cuts down his opponent with a  spray of blood!

The Damnati coughs up blood as he kneels in the arena sands.  The crowd roars in release as Regulus decapitates the dying criminal with a flourish.  Marcomanni grudgingly congratulates his fellow Gladiator with a nod of approval.  

The Editor declares the House of Leptis Minoris the winner of the second event!  The Underdogs look like they are in fine form today!  Two for two events!

Event 3
Weather: Normal
Crowd mood: Normal

For a Pairs event, each house choose two Gladiators.  They will then be paired against each other in the arena!  Typically they are against the same class, but if the same class is not available they will try the next lighter class.

House Quntillius
Murmillo, Prisoner-of-War

Provacatuer, Desserter

House of Leptis Minoris
Thraex, Slave

Secutor, Slave

In this Event, Juggartha will pair against Moderatus while Lucius will pair against Orindarri.

House Leptis Minoris entered the arena first.  The crowd cheered Ordinarri, as word of his victory in the forums had spread through the town.  The Numidian raised his sword in salute, and then slipped his helmet on.  With him was the Thraex Moderatus.  His style of fighting was a fan favorite, and those who were fans of the smaller shield cheered his entrance.  

On the other side, entered the Provacatuer Lucuis.  He beat his sword against his shield in challenge tot he crowd.  The jeered and booed him heartily.  However, they all fell hushed as Juggartha the Murmillo entered the arena.  He was the most feared of House Quintillius' Gladiators.  He calmly looked around the crowd daring any to mock him.  It was silent until the sudden bark of bookmakers broke the moment.  

The Editor formally announced the event and the Pairings.  The crowd stirred in anticipation of a good event!

Turn 1
Moderatus moves forward slowly, while Ordinarri jogs ahead.  Their opponents match them.

Turn 2
Ordinarri turns slightly to put the column between himself and Lucius to forestall any potential charge attacks.  Lucius jogs forward, eager to try and catch his opponent out of position.  Juggartha slowly steps forward, confident in his ability to deal death.  Moderatus matches his pace both waiting to see who will get the chance to charge in first.

Turn 3
Moderatus steps forward and halts, he slowly draws a line in the sand with his curved Thracian sword, and then dares the Murmillo to cross it.  Juggartha doesn't change his pace and continues to march forward implacably.  

Lucius moves in on the Secutor, waiting to see how the match will develop.  The Secutor turns back towards the Provacatuer, and backs away, trying to get the proper distance to be the one to charge instead of the one to receive it.

Turn 4
Ordinarri just turns and squares up with Lucius.  He has judged the distance to be too great for a charge and prepares himself.  What he didn't count on was the lighter and quicker Gladiator type being able to cover the distance, which Lucius does!          

Lucius uses his +1 for charging and +1 for Gladius in addition to 2 CP on the initial charge attack, which gives him two for defense later.  Ordinarri chooses to defend with 3 CP and hold back 2 to attack back.  Ordinarri chooses to use 1 CP to parry a Striking Success with his shield, which is successful!  He easily wards of Lucius' charge.  The sound of iron on iron rings out.

Juggartha calmly walks forward, his eyes looking over the top of his large shield.  The confidence of the Murmillo unnerves Moderatus, and he decides to charge!  Moderatus uses 2 CP and +1 for charging into the attack, this gives him 1 in reserve.  Juggartha uses 3 CP to defend and holds back 1 Cp and his Gladius to attack back or parry.  Moderatus gets two successes, while Juggartha gets 2 and one is a striking success.  He tries to convert this into a knock down.  Moderatus fails his Initiative test and falls down.

Turn 5
With his opponent on the ground, Juggartha strikes!  He uses 3 CP+1 from his Gladius to attack the knocked down Moderatus.  Moderatus realizes he is in desperate straits and uses all 3 CP to defend.  Juggartha earns 2 successes and converts a striking success into a single success and past their guard to reduce Moderatus' armor save by 1.  Moderatus scores 0 successes.  He has to put his faith in his armor.    He manages to kick up an block an attack with his greave, but the Murmillo easily reduces him to Pain 0.

Lucius attacks Ordinarri with 2 CP including 1 from his Gladius for 3 total dice.  Ordinarri defends with 3 CP as well and holds the rest back to parry.  1 success for Lucius and Ordinarri does not parry it.  However, he gets 0 successes on the defense and fails his save!  His pain is reduced by 1.  The crowd is not overly pleased by the sloppy sword work.

Ordinarri returns the attack with 2 CP, and Lucius defends with 2.  He holds none back to parry.  Ordinarri rolls 1 success and a striking that he converts into 2 more for 3.  Lucius rolls 2 defense of his own.  He also fails to get his armor in the path, and Ordinarri's  blade draws blood, reducing Lucius to 1 Pain!  An even match-up?

Moderatus tries to get up! However, the Murmillo has him pinned beneath his weight, and the Thraex fails to rise!  He scrambles away on his hands and knees to try and get some distance.

In the recovery phase, he tries to rise again, but fails again! His antics are beginning to look comic to the crowd.

Turn 6
Lucius and Ordinarri continue their sword duel.  Lucius strikes first with 3 CP +1 from his Gladius as he becomes more aggressive in his sword work.  Ordinarri defends with 3 and keeps 2 for parries.  2 regular successes, so Ordinarri elects to trust his defenses and armor.  He defends 1 success, but has to trust his armor for the next.  Which holds true as he knocks the blade aside with his manica.

In return, he attacks with 1 CP and 1 from his Gladius.  Lucius defends with 1.  A striking success for the Secutor, he decides to use it as 2 successes.  Only a striking success of his own will keep Lucius from taking an armor save.  However, his defense gets 0 successes, so he must also trust in his armor.  The Secutor's blade strikes his opponent in the chest, but his breastplate keeps him from sustaining any serious injuries.  However, Lucius had learned to be more cautious!

Juggartha stalks up tot he crawling Thraex, intent on putting him out of the fight.  He puts all of his CP into the attack for 5 dice!  Moderatus desperately tries to defend with all his CP.  3 successes for Juggartha, and 1 striking success for Moderatus which he converts into 2 successes!  One hit might get through!  However, the Thraex manages to get his shield up in time to ward away the blow!

However, his desperate defense means he is unable to rise again!  He continues to scramble away in the sand, getting closer to the other pair of fighting Gladiators.  In the Recovery Phase he fails yet again to rise!  How embarrassing!

Turn 7
Juggartha again follows-up his attack, but this time he charges in and leaps at the knocked down Gladiator intent on landing a finishing blow!  Again, he puts all 5 dice +1 for charging into the attack!  Moderatus again puts all 3 CP into defense!  Two success and a striking success which Juggartha converts into 2 more.  Nothing fancy here, just aggression!  Moderatus fails to defend any hits!  It is up to his armor!  Two of the hits are saved!  However, 2 get through!  The wounding roll is double 6's!  Moderatus is taken out of the fight and will face a Mercy roll in the recovery phase!  Juggartha raises his sword and shield in victory and roars at the crowd.

Ordinarri hears Juggartha's triumphant roar and knows that Moderatus is down.  He must finish off Lucius quickly if he is to have the strength to fight the Murmillo.  To that end, He puts 4 where he gets  CP +1 from his Gladius into the attack, and holds back nothing to defend!  Lucius, defends with 2 CP and holds the rest for parries and counter-attacks.  Ordinarri only gets 2 successes.  Lucius goes to defend with his two.  Lucius easily matches the Secutor's successes.  Ordinarri is in a tough spot.

Lucius counter attacks with 2 CP +1 from his Gladius.  Oh no, two striking successes!  He converts 1 into extra successes and the other into Past their guard result, lowering Ordinarri's armor save!  3 hits, and Ordinarri gets 1 save!  That reduces him to below 0 Pain and he must make a single wounding roll!  Lucius's blade cuts deep and wounds Ordinarri!  He is knocked down, and his combat pool is reduced by 1!

In the Recovery Phase, Ordinarri tries to regain his Strength, but fails.  He then tries to get-up, which he also fails to do!  Ordinarri must decide if he wants to ask for Mercy or try to keep fighting.  As he decides, Juggartha asks the crowd if Moderatus should receive Mercy?  It is denied, and the Thraex is killed!  How humiliating.

Ordinarri decides to ask for Mercy, as he is knocked down and wounded.  He raises his two fingers in the sign of the Missio.  Lucius turns tot he crowd.  For the Secutor they roar in approval and the Secutor is spared!

With that, the Editor declares House Quintillius as the victors int his event!

The fellow Gladiator's of the House of Luptis Minor assist Ordinarri back to his feet and lead him from the arena.  Servants drag the dead Thraex across the sand and out the gate.  Juggartha and Lucius delight in the roar of the crowd for a few moments, before they too leave the arena.

After the Arena is cleared, both Houses enter and stand opposite each other.  Between them, their Lanista wait for the decision of the Editor.  Today, Metallus of the House of Luptis Minor is given the laurels of victory!

Post Games

Now comes the results of the campaign proceedings.

Determine Injuries:
Longinus- Chest Wound!  He is reduced to 1 Pain!  Ouch.
Averagonix- Nerve Damage.  His initiative is reduce by 1!

Longinus- +6 -
Averagonix- +2
Mediocrates- +7 – Earns +1 Ferocity!
Marcomanni- +1
Regulus- +13- Earns Jump Up
Juggartha- +7
Lucius- +7- Earns Combat Skill- Skill at Arms- 360 degree combat arc!
Moderatus- Dead
Ordinarri- +2

Moderatus earns the House of Luptis Minor 1 Denarri from the Editor of the games for dying.  The total earned from the Gate is 60 Denarri, so after expenses the Gladiators earned 20.

The Reputation helped increase the Gate of the House of Quintillius to 80, and after expenses it was reduced to 30 Denarri.

House of Luptis Minor is retiring Averagonix and making him a servant of Ordinarri for 25 Denarri.  Averagonix is retired from their roster.  This will allow Ordinarri to change the result of a single die roll +/- 1.    

Both Houses decided to hold onto the rest of their Denarri for future Gladiator purchases.  No servants or Dirty Tricks are purchased.

The House of Leptis Minoris is declared the winner of the Games as they won 2 out of 3 Events!

The House of Quintillius lost 1 point of Reputation!  They went back down to 2.  Meanwhile, the House of Leptis Minoris had their Reputation go up 1, restoring it to 2!

Troupe Rating
The House of Quintillius rose to 715!

Meanwhile, the loss of two Gladiators plummeted the Troupe Rating of the House of Luptis Minor down to 562!  Next Games the House of Leptis Minoris will be major underdogs and gain +3 Exp!

Until the next set of The Games: Blood and Spectacle!

You can get the rules for yourself here:

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  1. Dying to try these rules already own them but not played them as yet. I love these reports cinematic. very Spartacus series/Gladiator movie.