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The Games: Blood and Spectacle- Battle Report- Re-match in Leptis Minoris

The Games: Blood and Spectacle- Game Report

After the Magistrate of Leptis Minoris' display in the marketplace and the Games celebrating the anniversary of the defeat of Carthage his popularity was at an all-time high. His political rivals could not stand to see this happen. The Magistrates leading rival organized a Munera (or Funeral) games to celebrate the achievements of his dead father-in-law. He had been a popular and powerful Magistrate himself, and it made little difference that he had been dead for at least a decade.

Word spread quickly through the town and surrounding province. Quintillius’s picked men would face the local Ludus again in the Arena. Many wondered if the formidable Juggartha would see the arena yet again. He had built a fierce reputation and was a fan favorite from Quintillius’s house. However, the Roman woman of Leptis Minoris could not stop talking about the flashing swords of the Dimachaerus of Regulus and his quick reflexes. They yearned to see him in the arena again.

Despite the word about town, Metallus the Lanista of the House of Leptis Minoris was nervous. In the last games, he had lost two valuable Gladiators. He knew that his house were going to be significant underdogs this time out and he worried if his Ludus would last the season if losses like that continued. Meanwhile, Quintillius was looking to snatch the laurels of victory from his rivals head once again.

The stage was set for another spectacle.

Oh boy! More Gladiator action! We will be following the standard rules today about randomly determining events as we go. Both Lanista’s will choose Gladiators as the Events are determined. Mercy and Freedom will be in effect. 

Event 1
Beast Hunt
Crowd Mood: Violent- No modifiers to Mercy rolls. Just a straight 2d6. 
Weather: Normal

Per the rules for this Event, I rolled up 3 animals to be hunted. Each of us get to choose a single light Gladiator to participate in the hunt. Here we see the limits of my Gladiator model collection as I have no exotic animal models to hunt. Instead, we will use 20-sided dice. We randomly placed the animals per the rules. Most of them ended up on Quintillius’ side of the arena. Boo. 

In addition, we added some obstacles to make things more interesting. These were scattered in a somewhat equal way with one item in each quarter of the arena. 

Posted Image

House of Quintillius
Arminius- Velite, Prisoner-of-War

House of Leptis Minoris
Alexander the Elder- Laquerius, Slave

The crowd were excited as the beastmasters herded in three ostriches imported from inner Africa. Even on the North African Coast where Leptis Minoris was, such creatures were exotic and strange.

Metallus was thankful that Ostriches tended not to be that dangerous. He nodded to the old Greek, Alexander. The man sprung forward and ran out to the cheers of the crowd. He put on a few rope tricks to help get them excited. On the other side of the Arena, the mustachioed German Arminius came forward. His Javelin tips glittered in the sun as he hoisted the weapons into the air.

With the introductions given, the hunt began!

Turn 1
Arminius put all of his CP into a Javelin attack on the nearest Ostrich. He hit the beast, but a Striking Defense negated 2 of his successes, and he reduced it only by 1 Pain. It still had 1 left. Alexander had to run towards the Ostriches to try and get into position. However, as he approaches, they scatter, spooked by the Gladiators. 

Turn 2
Arminius stalks the fleeing bird. He sets up and uses his last javelin to easily bring it down. The crowd roars in approval as the big bird falls with a pair of Javelins stuck in it. Meanwhile, Alexander can’t get into a good position to attack either of the remaining birds. The birds turn and run from the old Greek, and they skirt the edge of the arena. 

Turn 3
Arminius walks to the corpse of his kill and retrieves his Javelins. Finally, Alexander can attack one of the ostriches. He hefts his spear and throws it at the scared creature. His aim is true, and he downs the bird with a single throw! The crowd cheers his marksmanship! 

The remaining bird moves to hide behind some rocks. 

Turn 4
Arminius turns and moves towards the last bird. However, the rocks keep him from getting a throw at it this turn. Alexander is forced to reclaim his spear and turns, hoping the bird comes his way. 

The bird runs towards the gate Arminius came in at, and tries to scramble over the wall. Too bad for it Ostriches are flightless. Whoever wins the next Initiative will likely get the kill, so a lot is riding on that next roll. 

Posted Image

Turn 5
Alexander wins initiative. He walks forward carefully, checking his footing while he readies his spear. He puts all his Combat Pool into the throw, but the bird moves at the last moment and his spear clatters off the wall. Arminius grins as the spear lands in the sand. He tosses his Javelin, and three striking successes put it right through the poor bird’s small head. 

The crowd roared in approval as the German theatrical pulled his Javelins from the beast’s head in a spray of blood. He then gives a Germanic war shout to taunt his Greek opponent. The grey-haired Alexander angrily retrieved his spear and shook it menacingly at the other Gladiator, who only jeered more.

The Editor grants victory in the event to the House of Quintillius.

Event 2
Crowd Mood: Good Natured- All Mercy rolls have double Mods and Freedom is possible 
Weather: Normal

House of Quintillius
Priapus- Retarius, Barbarian- Primus
Lucius- Provocateur, Desserter

House of Leptis Minoris
Ordinarri- Secutor, Slave- Primus
Plano- Retarius, Slave

The slaves and workers quickly cleared the obstacles out of the arena. For this Event, the crowd wanted a good view of the action. The killing of the Ostriches had left them in a good mood and they were eager to see the results of the next Event.

Rumor had it that the Germanic Barbarian Priapus was going to fight. He had been a favorite target of the crowds anger, as he had been boisterous and dismissive of the Leptis Minoris locals. Meanwhile, he was to face off against the popular Numidian Secutor Ordinarri. The crowd liked the Secutor’s valor and courage, even though he was yet to win a match. He had gone toe-to-toe against the fearsome Juggartha in the last Games. For that, the crowd recognized Ordinarri’s courage.

In the shadows of the Gates, the two Gladiator’s seconds prepared themselves. If the Primus fell, they would enter to fight. All ready, wagers and betting was in full swing. The bookies and the crowd were in high spirits as the Editor began the event.

Turn 1
Priapus stepped forward and began shouting insults at his foe in his thick Germanic language. His blonde locks practically glowed in the sun. Ordinarri turned and moved quickly so he could avoid the center column of the Arena. 

Turn 2
Priapus stood where he was and unshouldered his net. He slowly began to swing it above his head. Ordinarri squared up with his foe and slowly stepped forward, cautious. 

Turn 3
Priapus stepped forward and stepped into the throw of his net. He put 3 of his 4 Combat Pool into it in case he missed and was charged. Ordinarri decided to defend with 3 as well. The Retarius got a Striking Success, which he converted into two regular successes. Ordinarri only got 1 success, however his Servant Averonix had formerly been a secutor as well. His advice allowed Ordinarri to re-roll one dice in the Event, which he used now. He rolled a Striking Success, earning him 3. He knocked the net down to the sand in front of him with his shield.

With that, he confidently charged over the net and attacked with all his remaining CP, 1 from his Gladius, and 1 for charging, giving him three to attack with. Priapus, caught by surprise at missing threw his trident up to defend with 1 CP. The Secutor scored 1 hit, so the Retarius made an armor save. He failed, so Priapus’ Pain was reduced by 1. 

Posted Image

Turn 4
The two Gladiator’s were locked in close, a place where the Retarius did not want to be. However, he gamely attacked the heavily armed Secutor with 2 CP. Ordinarri defended with 3. Both scored a single success, so a push. 

Now, the Secutor returned the favor with 2 CP and it was Priapus’ turn Striking Success while the Secutor whiffed. Priapus sensed his chance and used his Striking Success to push his foe back and give himself some breathing room. The crowd cheered with growing enthusiasm. 

Turn 5
Priapus dodged away from the Secutor. Ordinarri did not give chase, but instead backed-up and stood above the Retarius’ Net. This time, it was his turn to call out taunts to the German. 

Turn 6
Priapus readied his Trident for a throw. It was risky as he could potentially lose his best remaining weapon, but he had little choice. He put all of his CP into the throw. Ordinarri prepared to defend with 3 CP, hoping he could turn and charge the Retarius next. 

Priapus got Striking Successes, but converted them into a total of 4 successes. Ordinarri managed two regular successes. He had to depend on his armor for the two potential hits. Which he failed, reducing his Pain to 0. The trident struck home on his back as he whirled to defend himself from the quicker Gladiator. 

However, he was just able to reach the German who was trying desperately to backpedal and draw his dagger. Ordinarri attacked with his 2 CP. He got a Striking Success and decided to try to knock the Retarius down. He smashed the Retarius with his shield, and he whirled back with his Pain reduced to 0 as well. However, he did not fall down. 

Posted Image

Turn 7
Ordinarri won Initiative. He put 4 of his 5 CP into the attack. He sensed the cocky Priapus was on the ropes. The Barbarian defended with all of his 4 CP. Ordinarri got 2 success, while the Retarius got 3 successes. No hits, but also no Striking Successes for either Gladiator. 

Priapus tried to break from combat, and successfully made an Initiative test. He stumbled backwards as fast as he could. 

Turn 8
Priapus made a quick dash away from the Secutor, hoping to be able to scamper around behind him and reclaim his Net and Trident from the Arena sands. Ordinarri could not turn around fast enough in his heavier armor, and got hung up near the center column. 

Turn 9
Ordinarri won Initiative again! This time he was able to turn and charge the Retarius again. He put in 4 CP and +1 for charging, and held onto one to counter attack/defend. Priapus prepared to defend himself with his dagger using all of his 4 CP. 3 Successes for Ordinarri and 1 for Priapus. The Retarius saved 1 hit with his Manica, but the other got through. 

The hit knocked down Priapus and wounded him. In his turn, the boastful German asked for Mercy by raising two fingers to the crowd. The Editor looked to the Crowd. They were in Good Nature and the light Retarius had been defeated by a medium Secutor. Plus, he had valiantly defended himself with a dagger! They were suitably impressed by his efforts to spare him. 

Turn 10
Priapus staggered to his feet, and slouched out of the arena in defeat. Meanwhile, his second Lucius entered the arena and slowly advanced. He was playing for time as he knew the Secutor would be growing tired soon. To conserve strength, Ordinarri simply waited. 

Turn 11
Again, Lucius slowly stepped forward, attempting to stay out of charge range. Ordinarri only waited. Meanwhile, the crowd grew restless. 

Turn 12 
Lucius saw the Secutor conserving his strength, and boldly walked into charge range. He called out for Ordinarri to come and fight him. The Secutor decided to oblige him and charged in. There was no finesse in the assault, just metal on metal. 

Posted Image

Ordinarri decided to use all 5 CP and +1 for charging. Since Lucius had used his turn, he defended with 3 and kept 1 CP to parry with. The two Gladiator’s shields crashed together with a crowd satisfying crunch. Neither man got the upper hand in their initial charge. 

Turn 13
Lucius decided to test his opponent and attacked with 2 CP +1 from his Gladius, saving 2 for defense. Ordinarri decided to defend with 4 CP, and kept his Gladius CP to counter attack or Parry. Again, swrods and shields clanged together, but no advantage was gained by either. 

Ordinarri counter-attacked as he had planned, and Lucius defended with 2 CP. Lucius scored a Striking Success on Defense and decided to convert it into a disarm attempt against the Secutor’s Gladius. Ordinarri scored 0 successes. The Secutor then failed his Initiative test, and his Gladius went flying from his hand as the crowd applauded the deft move by the veteran. 

Turn 14
As Lucius maneuvered his Gladius away, Odinarri felt the fatigue sap his strength. Ordinarri knew that his opponent was relatively fresh and more experienced then he was.

Lucius decided to press his attack by using 2 CP +1 from his own Gladius, and holding onto 2 for defense. Ordinarri Defended with 2 CP and saved 1 for parries or countering. Lucius scored 1 striking success, which Ordinarri parried, but the result of the re-roll was another 6! Lucius decided to go Past His Guard, and try to score one hit. Ordinarri rolled a 4 on his save, and the Past His Guard allowed the strike to hit him. Ordinarri went down. 

On his turn, he decided to raise his two fingers and ask for Mercy instead of continuing. The crowd was in high spirits after such a spirited combat. They were suitably impressed and allowed Ordinarri to live. 

Posted Image

Turn 15
Two Gladiator’s had been defeated, but the Event wasn’t over yet. The crowd cheered wildly as Plano the Retarius entered the arena to challenge Lucius. The Provacatuer confidently strode towards his new challenger. Plano gamely jogged forward, his net twirling. 

Turn 16
Lucius again walked forward. He knew he was too far away to charge the nimble Retarius. He prepared to defend himself from a net. 

However, Plano instead rushed forward and swept out with his Trident as he approached. He put in 2 CP +1 for charging. Lucius put in 3 to Defend, and saved 1 to parry or counter and his Gladius to counter. 

Plano rolled 0 successes, while Lucius scored 1 Striking defense. He decided to try and knock the Retarius down. However, the Retarius jumped the sweep of the Provacatuer’s shield. However, the two were now locked in combat. 

Lucius followed up with his Gladius and remaining CP, while Plano defended with 1 CP. Lucius got 2 Successes, and Plano got a Striking Success to cancel any potential hits. The crowd cheered at the display of martial prowess. 

Turn 17
Plano failed to break from combat, and instead, attacked with 2 CP using his Net up close. He reserved 1 to defend later. Lucius decided to defend with 2, and saved 2 to parry/counter and reserved his Gladius. He knew he had an advantage up close and intended to use it. No one scored any successes. 

Now, Lucius counter-attacked with 2 CP and +1 from his Gladius. Plano used 1 to defend. Lucius scored 3 successes, while Plano got 2. Not bad. The Retarius then managed to take the hit on his armored shoulder pad and avoid losing any Pain. 

Turn 18
This time, Lucius decided to press his attack before the Retarius could run away from him. He put 3 CP into the attack +1 from his Gladius and held 1 in reserve. Plano had to defend with at least 2. Again, they both scored equal successes. 

Plano again tried to break away, but Lucius kept him locked. So, the Retarius attacked again with his Net up close to entangle his foe. However, Lucius easily ducked the attack. 

Turn 19
So far, both Gladiators were at full Pain. However, the Provacatuer had the advantage as the fighting was up close and personal. Again, Lucius put 3 CP +1 from the Gladius in. Plano’s luck could not hold forever. Plano used 2 CP to defend again. This time, two success and a striking from Lucius vs. Plano’s 1 success. Lucius tried to knock down the Retarius again. The hit drew blood, reducing Plano 1 Pain, but he was also knocked down by the follow-up shield bash from Lucius. The crowd began to chant for Lucius. 

Plano failed to get up in the recovery phase. 

Turn 20
The cheers of the crowd sent adrenaline through Lucius and he avoided fatigue. Seeing his opponent on the ground Lucius attacked again with 3 CP +1 from his Gladius and held onto 1. Plano used all his CP to defend. Again, Plano got his shoulder guard up and took a Gladius shot squarely on it. The ring of metal on metal rang through the arena. 

Plano failed to get up in his turn, so crawled away. 

In the Recovery Phase, the Retarius did get up, using his Trident as a support. 

Turn 21
Again, Lucius staved off fatigue. 

Lucius turned to the newly risen Gladiator, and charged in leading with his sword. He put 3 CP +1 for his Gladius and +1 for charging. Plano again defended with 3. One success from the Gladius snuck through, and Plano attempted to save on his armor again. This time, his Manica wasn’t enough and he was reduced to Pain 0. 

Plano tried to break away from the medium Gladiator, but failed.

Turn 22
This time, the exertion started to tell on Lucius, and his CP was reduced by 1 due to Fatigue. 

Sensing his advantage running out, Lucius moved to settle this all at once. He put in all of his CP on the attack, which would be 4. Plano, decided to defend with only 2 and kept one back. The two Gladiator’s successes cancelled each other out. 

Plano counter-attacked. This could be his chance to actually hurt his foe. However, he failed to gain a success as Lucius stepped away from his wild Trident swing. 

Turn 23
Lucius fights off any further Fatigue. 

Lucius repeats his meat-grinder like attack. 2CP +1 for the Gladius and 1 in reserve. Plano uses 2 to defend, and 1 he holds onto. This time, Lucius’s sword and shield strike home. He knocks Plano flat and Downs him. 

Posted Image

In his turn, Plano decides to hold up the two fingers in submission. Lucius turns to the crowd and asks for their guidance. They applaud the display of martial prowess and grant Mercy to Plano. 

In addition, the crowd considers granting Freedom to Lucius for his valiant display of martial prowess, but the roll falls short. Instead, they praise him and throw flowers onto the floor of the arena. 

The crowd chants Lucius’s name as he slowly circles the arena and roars in triumph. His fellow Gladiators, from both schools acknowledge his accomplishment with a salute. It is clear that the House of Quintillius is the victor in this event. Surely, the exploits of the Provacatuer Lucius will be the talk of Leptis Minoris for the coming weeks. 

Event 3
Noxii Chase
Weather: Normal
Crowd Mood: Normal

In this event, the 4 Heavy Gladiators will be facing 5 Noxii. Noxii aare simple criminals and scum with nor training and given swords to defend themselves. No one seriously expects them to survive nor wants them too. Their blood is simply to appease the bloodlust of the crowd and show off the skills of the Gladiators. 

The Noxii will be played by unpainted Gladiators! Scandalous. They are randomly deployed in the Arena, and this time most of them are closer to the side of House Leptis Minoris! Yes! Noxii act somewhat randomly. 

Posted Image

House of Quintillius
Longinus- Hoplomacchus, Prisoner-of-War
Juggartha- Murmillo, Desserter

House of Leptis Minoris
Mediocrates- Samnite, Slave
Minoris- Murmillo, Slave

The Noxii convicts were herded into the arena by soldiers. They milled about the center of the arena nervously. A few were openly weeping, and crowd jeered and booed them. A few of the spectators even hurled rocks and vegetables at them.

When the Gladiator’s were announced, the crowd went nuts. They knew this would prove to be a bloody spectacle. What better way to finish of an exciting afternoon of Games?

Turn 1
The Gladiator’s emerge from the gate and begin to move towards their Noxii victims. Longinus hefts his spear and tosses it at the closest Noxii. He uses all 4 CP while the Noxii defends with 2. He draws first blood as his victim is skewered and killed. 

Two Noxxi try to charge past Mediocrates. He divides his CP up to defend. They manage to overwhelm his guard and reduce him by 1 Pain. They run past him towards the gate. The crowd jeers at the Gladiator’s wound. 

Turn 2
The Noxii go first. 

One Noxii approaches and begins to shout and taunt Minoris, but he is unmoved. However, the distraction is enough as one of his opponents attacks him from behind and outside his combat arc. He can not try to parry or use Striking Successes. However, he can use all his CP to defend. Minoris manges to dodge aside a tangle the Noxii into close combat. 

Minoris is next, and he tries to cut down the Noxii he locked into combat. He puts 3 CP +1 from his Gladius and holds 1 to defend. The Noxii has no CP left after his charge attack. Minoris gets four success and slashes his victim up into little pieces. The crowd cheers their approval. 

Longinus sprints forward and pulls his spear from his shish-kabobbed Noxii victim. 

Mediocrates turns and charges the Noxii taunting Minoris. He puts in 3CP +1 for charging. The Noxii defends with 2 CP. He reduces the Noxii 1 Pain. 

Juggartha jogs across the Arena as the Noxii are all on the other side. 

Turn 3
Minoris turns and charges into the Noxii that Mediocrates is fighting. He puts 2 CP +1 for Gladius and +1 for charging into the attack. He holds back 2. The Noxii defends with 2, and manages to counter the Gladiator’s attacks. 

The Noxii fighting Minoris and Mediocrates tries to break away but fails. The other two remaining Noxii flee around the edge of the Arena. 

Longinus and Juggartha try to chase down the fleeing Noxii by cutting across the arena and intercepting them. 

Mediocrates attacks the Noxii he and Minoris are tangling with. He puts in all his 4 CP into the attack. The Noxii has no dice left to defend with. He is reduced to Pain 0. 

Turn 4
Longinus hefts his spear once again and throws it at the nearest Noxii. He uses all his 4 CP in the attack. The Noxii tries to defend with 2. The Noxii manages to knock the spear down into the sand. Longinus draws his Gladius. 

Juggartha charges the Noxii that Longinus failed to kill. He attacks with 4 CP + 1 gladius and +1 charging. The Noxii has nothing to defend with. He chops the Noxii’s head off and then shield bashes the rest of the body into pulp. 

Minoris attempts to finish off his Noxii. He uses 4 CP and the Noxii defends with 2, but it isn’t enough. Minoris chops his leg off, and then smashes his head open with the edge of his shield. 

The remaining Noxii turns to Juggartha and begins to shout and jibber in terror at him. The Murmillo simply stares the Noxii down into silence. 

Mediocrates tries to sprint to the last Noxii but he is too far away. 

Turn 5
Juggartha turns and charges the final Noxii. He manages to Down the last Noxii. 

Minoris moves forward. 

Mediocrates moves forward, and finished off the last Noxii by stabbing him through the heart. 

Posted Image

Juggartha exchanged words with Mediocrates for stealing his kill. However, the crowd was roaring with approval at the bloody show. Mutilated and dead Noxii littered the arena and the crowd was pleased. The Editor deemed the House of Leptis Minoris the winner of the final event.

With that, the Gladiators from both schools gathered in the arena as the attendants cleared it of debris. The Editor bestowed the laurels of victory to the House of Quintillius for the Games. The crowd and the fellow Gladiator’s applauded the decision.

Posted Image

Post Game

Now comes the result of today’s games. 

Determine Injuries
No one received serious injuries today. Plus, no one was killed! Well, no one except Noxii. 

Remember, as serious Underdogs the Gladiators of House Leptis Minoris get +3 Experience this Games.

Arminius-+6 – Stand Firm
Alexander the Elder- +6
Priapus- +2
Lucius- +12 – Throw Sand
Ordinarri-+12- Jump Back and Expert Swordsman
Plano- +4
Longinus- +4- +1 Ferocity
Juggartha- +4- Gained Berker skill
Mediocrates-+8- +1 Initiative
Minoris- +11- Leap

After upkeep and costs, the House of Quintillius earned 40 Denarri while the House of Lupit Minor earned 20 Denarri. 

House Quintillius has purchased a former Prisoner-of-War and equipped him as an Arbelas for the amusement of the crowd. This costs 80 Denarri. 

No change for either Troupe this time around.

Troupe Rating 
The House of Quintillius has broken the 800 mark and is at 806. 

The House of Leptis Minoris is at 623. They are still heavy Underdogs in any Games and will earn +3 Experience again next time. 

You can get the rules for yourself here:

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