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Aquanautica Imperialis- Battle Report- Bombardment of Angel Cove

Warning klaxons began to wail through the Captain's lounge.  Flag-Captain St. Pierre frowned to his guests and calmly set down the tea pot he had been using to serve Commander Jenson.  The Commander, the ship's XO; calmly returned his teacup and saucer back to its place on the table.  He stood up stiffly, nodded his farewells and stepped outside of the cabin.  

Adeptus Primaris Smythe-Blaire glanced around nervously at the flashing lights, “Captain, what do you make of all this?” The man's small voice had a hard time carrying over the warning sirens.  

Flag-Captain St. Pierre tidied his napkin in his lap, “The esteemed Commander Jenson will appraise me of the situation momentarily Adeptus Primaris.  I suggest you and your your retinue make yourselves as comfortable as possible.”  The captain's steward manually deactivated the alarms and the lounge returned to the soothing sounds of the Davidius Prime Grand Harmonic rendition of Thor's Epiphany in D minor.   

Commander Jenson returned, and waved the Captain over.  With noble formality St. Pierre excused himself from the director of Angel Cove's company.  As he stalked over to his XO, he let a cloud come over his visage, “Jenson, this had better be damned worth it to ruin my tea time.”  

The XO was straight faced but his eyes beamed, “It is sir.  Look-outs on the Island have reported ork craft coming in bound.  Look's like they want a fight today.”

Flag-Captain St. Pierre nodded, “We'll teach those bloody savages a lesson in manners.  XO, order all crews to their stations.  I want us ready to make way in an hour.”  

You can see the initial confrontation a few posts back.  In addition, you can find the rules for Aquanautica Imeprialis at the links to the right.  I sculpted and painted all the models in this battle report.

Bombardment of Angel Cove
Orks vs PDF- 700 vs 750 pts.- orks are attackers
Table 4x4


Planetary Defense Force
Duke of Iron- Reliable Class Cruiser
Warsprite- Steadfast Class Light Cruiser
Shield Squadron- 2 Assured Escorts
Harpoon Squadron- 2 Constant Escorts

Da' Big Bloo Boyz
Da' Big Boss- Big Dakka Boat
Bad Birdz- Da' Uvver Big Boat
Morkz Raiderz- 5 Gun Tubz
Mekz Surpeyez- 2 Boiler Boatz


Top left: Warsprite and Shield Squadron
Top right: Harpoon Squadron and Duke of Iron
Bottom left: Morkz raiderz and Mekz Surpeyez
Bottom right: Bad Birdz and Big Boss

Turn 1 
Initiative= Orks win

Ork forces moved forward to go around both sides of the center island. The Krooza stayed to the Orks starboard side, while the Boiler Boatz and Gun Tubz moved towards the left.  The PDF moved to answer the Ork maneuvers, the Constants set-up in front of the Kroozaz to try and disrupt their approach with Torpedoes.  Meanwhile, the Duke Of Iron steamed ahead to use its broadsides on the incoming big ships.  The Warsprite and Assureds moved out fo the to intercept the smaller ork escorts on the opposite side.

Wetboss Narblitz recognizes the threat posed by the smaller PDF Torpedo escorts.  Thankfully, they have moved to far ahead of the PDF Cruiser so they are not screened from his ships gunz.  However, range maybe more of an issue.  He orders his krew to Lock-on, but they are too busy howling insults at the approaching oomiez.  The Constants are heading head-to-head, but the escorts were small targets.  They would be difficult to hit.

The kannonz on the Ork Krooza boomed out.  The little escorts of Harpoon 163 braced.  Despite their efforts, they were both turned into floating hulks.

Commander Boche of the Warsprite found his Broadsides bearing on the approaching ork escorts.  He calmly ordered his gun crews to lock-on, but they failed to calibrate their targetters in time.  The size of the ork craft, combined with the Boiler Boatz smoke screen made the shots extremely challenging, but the Macro-cannons spouted their deadly cargo with a earsplitting Whoomp!  The Big Mek hollered at his krewz, and they managed to scamper to their stations.  The orders were timely, as the incoming shells inflicted only superficial damage.

With a wail of sirens, the Bad Birdz launched a swarm of fighta-bommerz towards the Angel Cove facility.  The small craft raced unimpeded over the ocean, their pilots cackling maniacally as they were unopposed.

The smaller Assured patrol boats of the PDF did not have the range on the ork escorts.  However, the orks didn't have the range on the port PDF ships either.

Flag Captain St. Pierre and the crew of the Duke of Iron were eager to avenge their comrades in Harpoon 163.  The ship's gunners calmly laid in their firing coordinates, as the smaller craft were blasted by Da Big Boss.  The Captain ordered them to lock-on.  He recognized that the karrier was a bigger threat to Angel Cove, but the krooza was looming ahead of him, wreathed in smoke.

The mighty barrage roared out in defiance at the Ork Krooza.  Wetboss Narblitz shouted for his krew to take cover, and the alarm bell was rang across the ship.  Orks and grots scampered about sealing the ships internal bulkheads.  The precaution was enough to protect the ship from critical damage, but Da Big Boss still was punished by three of the Duke of Iron's shells, reducing her to 7 DP.

Ordinance- The Fighta-Bommaz continued to race towards their target.

Drift- One of the hulk Constance escorts drifts.

Sinking- Neither ship sinks.

Wake- None in play.

Damage Control- No critical damage

Turn 2:
Orks win

Bad Birdz moves towards the Duke of Iron, holding her course steady.  Meanwhile, the Assureds of Shield Squadron 542 swing wide towards the ork escorts.  Now, Wetboss Narblitz reveals his cunning plan, as the Boiler Boatz swing back around hard to starboard and begin to skirt the center island.  The Ork escorts had merely been a diversion to force the PDF commander to split his forces!

The Warsprite continues on course despite the sudden revelation.  Perhaps Commander Boche doesn't realize that his ship was being led away from the combat, or he was eager to keep the ork vessels in his broadsides?  The Duke of Iron also stayed on course, hoping to maximize her Broadside firepower.  Finally, Wetboss Narblitz pushed ahead in Da Big Boss, eager to bring his bow kannonz to bear on the Duke of Iron.

Da Big Boss decided to open fire on the Duke of Iron first, to try and force her to Brace, and limit her ability to Lock-on.  Narblitz own krewz seemed reluctant to bend over their kannonz and aim, as they failed to Lock-on themselves.  Instead, they simply fired as she bared.  The torpedo fell short for now, and the gunnerz aim was appalling.  Only 1 shell struck the PDF cruiser.  Captain St. Pierre decided to trust in his ships armor alone, but the shell struck home, causing the Duke to smoke and reducing her to 7Dp.

In return, Flag Captain St. Pierre's gunners again lock-on to the approaching ork vessel, and fired.  Narblitz managed to get his boyz to brace again.  The crude engineering of the ork krooza managed to shrug off the damage from the PDF's very accurate fire.

Big Mek Grimbad of Da Mekz Surpeyez squadron judged now was the time to fire on the Warsprite.  Using the Squadron rules, both boatz would be able to fire on the light cruiser.  They locked-on and fired.  Two shells hit the side of Warsprite, but Commander Boche had had his crew brace.  It was unnecessary as the Warsprite's hull absorbed the ork shells.

The Assureds move up and fire on the Boiler Boatz.  The Boatz Brace, but a shell gets through and causes damage to the nearest boat.  A few grotz and runtz are tossed overboard by the blast, causing the rest of the krew to laugh.

The Bad Birdz is ready to support the Big Boss and fire on the Duke of Iron.  Kaptin Rukkrukk orders his gunnerz to Lock-on, since the ship went straight, and they gladly do.  The PDF cruiser moving abeam will make the shot more difficult, but the Orks fire away eagerly.  The torpedoes are shy of the target for now.  However, the kannonz find their mark.  St. Pierre manages to order his men to Brace, and it manages to stop any critical damage, but another shell finds its mark and sinks into the ship's hull reducing her to 6 Dp.

Finally, the Warsprite fires on DaMekz Surpreyez squadron of Boiler Boatz.  However, since the krews of the Boiler Boatz were braced, the shells either fly wide or fail to cause significant damage.

Ordinance: Torpedoes- The ork Torpedoes race in on the Duke of Iron.  Her vigilant PD crews open fire and eliminate two of the three fish.  Two wake markers are placed next to the human cruiser.  The last one impacts and explodes harmlessly on the Duke's armored belt.

Fighta-Bommaz- The first three squadrons swoop down on the Angel Cove recreation area and unload.  One set of bombs goes wide, another strikes the courtyard causing no series damage, while the third strikes home.  Only 9 more hits left on the instillation.  All of the aircraft have enough bombs for another pass.

Drift- The Constants drift apart.

Sinking- None

Wake- Orks 1, PDF 6- All wake removed.

Repair- None

Turn 3-
Initiative- Orks

Da Boiler Boatz skirt the rear of the island, and moving to support the ork kroozaz.  The Assureds attempt to pursue, but try to stay well back to take advantage of the longer range of their guns compared to any stern gunz on the ork ships.  The Gun Tubz move to support the Boiler Boatz.

Commander Boche on board the Warsprite orders the crew to Come to a New Heading in an attempt to stay in the battle.  The maneuver puts her in a nice line formation with the Assureds, but that does the PDF little good at this point.  Meanwhile, the Bad Birdz comes around the island and moves towards the Angel Cove Recreation facility.

The Duke of Iron turns to starboard, hoping this move will bring out of danger from being rammed by the ork command ship Da Big Boss.  It seems to have worked, as the ork ship would need to change course, which would not allow her to build up ramming speed.

Now Wetboss Narblitz has a terrible choice.  He could turn away from the Duke of iron and towards the objective or ignore the Objective turn towards the Duke of iron, and possibly put his ship into Point Blank range to cripple her.  Off course, if he fails to cripple her, his ship would be in a terrible position to receive a return salvo.  Of course, he does what any self-respecting ork would do, and goes for the Jugular on his enemies command ship.

Wetboss Narblitz calls for his krew to reload the bow torpedo, but they are to eager to get a front row seat on the cannon barrage to care.  At this range, it will be nearly impossible to miss.  The front of the ork krooza is wreathe din smoke and flame as the kannonz fire from the bow and starboard side.  This time, St. Pierre barely has the order to Brace from his mouth before his crewmen scramble for cover.  The torrent of shells slamming into their craft.  The Emperor was truly with them, as the torrent of shells bounce and bang off the Duke of Irons armored hull.  Only superficial damage and the ringing of the hull any indication of the danger the ship was in.  Wetboss Narblitz's maw drops open in astonishment.

With a grim set to his jaw, Flag-Captain St. Pierre stands from his position of safety in the armored bridge.  “Mr. Jensen, give them a taste of broadside if you please.”  This time, the ork krewz are scrambling to hide from the coming storm of shot.  The entire Duke of Iron rocks back as the great macro-cannons blaze into action.  The ork krooza is peppered with the armor piercing shells, and they make a mockery of the orks crude armor.  However, enough water tight bulk heads hold to avoid critical damage.  However, the Big Boss is crippled with only 3DP remaining.

The ork escorts are out of range to fire on the Duke of Iron.  In addition, the Bad Birdz front kannon are unable to reach the Angel Cove facility yet.  The krew contents itself with reloading her torpedo tube.

The Warsprite fires on the stern of the Boiler Boatz but misses due to the smoke screen.  The trailing ork escort is not so lucky as the Assureds fire.  The trailing boat is hit and flounders despite bracing.

Ordinance:  Fighta-Bommerz-  The Fighta-Bommerz swarm all over the Angel over installation.  Their bombs manage to inflict 2 more DP, reducing it to 7 DP.  2 of the aircraft squadrons are forced to break-off to rearm at the Bad Birdz.

Drift:   The Constants actually drift in the path of the Bad Birdz, hampering her movement.  The Boiler Boat drifts up and grounds on the island.

Sinking: None

Wake: None
Damage Control- No Critical Damage

Turn 4:
Initiative: PDF

The Warsprite and her escorts moved to follow the ork escorts.  Big Mek Grimbad managed to cut stragglers and leave his grounded companion behind.  Meanwhile, the Gun Tubz raced around the island for cover and headed towards the target.

Kaptin Rukruk ordered a Waaagh! And smashed into the hulk of the Constant.  The smaller escort cracked in half and sunk, but the flying debris and impact reduced the big karrier by 1 DP to 9 Dp remaining.

The Duke of Iron moved away from the oncoming ork krooza and turned to slip in behind the speeding escorts.  The crippled Big Boss tried to limp away from the battle.

Captain St. Pierre decided to assign the Angel Cove installation to its fate.  Instead, he ordered his officers to inflict as much damage as possible on the ork raiding fleet.  The Duke of Irons stern cannons rotated on their turrets towards the limping Big Boss.  The forward turrets swung to starboard and targeted the Boiler Boat.  However, none of the shells found their mark.  Perhaps the crew was still shaken from their brush with death.

Using Squadron rules, the Gun Tubz targeted the Duke of Iron with their Deck gunz and opened fire.  The crew failed to Brace despite the Captains orders, and one of the small shells blasted into the ship's superstructure, reducing her to 5 DP.  The ork Boiler Boatz joined in, but failed to hit the enemy.  

Offended at the orks impudence, Commader Boche and Warsprite along with the Assureds opened fire on the small craft.  The ork kreewz failed to Brace, their attention on the big oomie krooza, and not the ones that had been chasing them.  The Assureds hulked 1, and sunk another with critical damage.  The Warsprite hulked a third.

Bad Birdz Waaagh! had put her in range of Angel Cove.  However, her speed made firing difficult.  She fired what she could, but the shells only tore up the non-vital pool area.  However, the fighta-bommerz that returned to the big karrier were re-armed and also swooped in to attack the installation.    Again, their bombs failed to cause significant damage.  

Ordinance- Fighta-Bommerz- They continue to swoop over the Installation, but fail to cause much damage as the pilots become to engrossed in racing each other around the buildings.  A single squadrons bombs hit anything vital, and the installation is reduced to 6 DP.

Drift: Gun tubs and the last Constant hulk drift around.

Sinking: The Constant Hulk explodes as internal fires reach her armory.

Wake: Ork 5, PDF 4- the three markers on the table are removed.

Damage Control: None

Turn 5:
Initiative: PDF Wins

Flag Captain St. Pierre orders the Duke of Iron to Come to a New heading to try and get behind the ork Escorts.  However, the Gun Tubz Waaagh! away towards the objective.  The Warsprite moves up towards the opposite end of the main island.  The last Boiler Boat Waaaghs! In an attempt to disengage from the battle, but is just short.  The Assureds move to keep pace with the Warsprite.  The crippled Big Boss limps away from the battle and successfully disengages.  Finally, the Bad Birdz sloes her forward momentum to cruising speed, and stays where she can fire on the Angel Cove complex.

The only target in range for the PDF is the retreating Boiler Boat.  The Duke of Iron's mighty gun turret swivel for a broadside on the fleeing escort.  Big Mek Grimbad gets his boyz to brace, but a single lucky shell still manages to find their ship.  The Boiler Boat has a single DP remaining.

Meanwhile, the Gun Tubz and the Big Karrier set-up to fire on the Angel Cove complex.  The Gun Tubz are close enough to use their eavy gunz, and open fire.  Thankfully, they moved so fast that only a fraction of the gunz can be brought to bear in time, but three powerful shells detonate within the complex, reducing her to 3 DP left.  The Bad Birdz has almost moved beyond the target, and can only use her Port weapon batteries.  Another powerful shell tears into the complex, reducing it to only 2 DP left.

Ordinance: Fighta-Bommerz dive again to the attack and try to turn the smoking complex into nothing but ruins.  This time, their bombs strike true, and the complex is reduced to 0 DP.  The building is left as a burning ruin.  The Fighta-bommerz return to the Bad Birdz, mission complete.

Drift: the Gun Tubz drift.

Sinking: One Gun Tub sinks beneath the waves.

Wake: Orks 5, PDF 3- only 1 wake was on the board, they are all removed.

Damage Control: No Critical damage

Turn 6:
Initiative: PDF wins

In summary, all PDF ships move towards the smoking wreckage of the Angel Cove.  Flag Captain St. Pierre wishes to drive off the nearby ork warships, and help with the rescue and recovery efforts.    The orks turn and successfully disengage by leaving the board, their mission complete.


Ordinance: None

Drift: The last Gun Tub drifts.

Sinking: None

Wake: None

Damage Control: None

Game Ends- Ork Victory!

The flames from Angel Cove cast dancing shadows around the bridge.  Flag-Captain St. Pierre gazed impassively at the destruction the Xeno's had wrought on the recreational facility.  The place had been turned into rubble.  All ready, landing parties with the ship's surgeons were making land fall on the facilities pristine beaches.  Small groups of survivors shed out to meet them.  

St. Pierre turned away from the scene, “Mr. Kliest, have you plotted their escape route?”  The navigator looked up from his work station with weary eyes, and nodded to the Captain.  

“Mr. Jenson, notify Commander Boche of the Warsprite that we will pursue.  Notify the Captain   Vlaskinov to rendezvous with us at an appropriate point.  It's time we brought this battle to those filthy savages,” The Captain did not wait to see his XO's salute of acknowledgment.  

Instead he turned back to survey the rubble and ruin once more.

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