Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Random: 2017 Goal Review

As we end July and approach the Dog Days of summer, it seems like a good time to review my list of goals from the start of the year and see how things have been going.  At the start of each year I try to write out such a list to guide me through the year, since I always have a lot of projects going on.  Think of it as a progress check.   You can find the original post here: Of Resources and Resolutions

1.       Buy all new Osprey Wargame Series- They have not added to the Wargame Series since Pikeman’sLament.  I have it and even wrote a review for it.  However, I do want to get my hands on Mad Dogs with Guns and Dracula’s America but they are not part of the blue covered series.  Therefore, I am calling this one good.

2.       Pick-up Blood Bowl!- I have purchased , reviewed, and even played a game or two! Check!

3.       Pick-up one of the following: Blucher, Chain ofCommand, Martian Empires, or This is Not a Test- No progress here.  However, I am thinking my next big purchase of games will be Blucher and cards.  No minis needed to play.    

4.       Buy enough gangster for games of Turf War- Do what now?  I have not even thought about it since writing the list. 

5.       Pick-up some scale of Classical Greeks for Men of Bronze- I priced out Victirx 28mm models for two opposing armies but I have not made any progress actually buying on this one yet either. 

Painting and Modelling
1.       Paint my 28mm Inquisitor warband- Still in the grey plastic they started the year in.

2.       Complete my All Quiet on the Martian Front Mobile Artillery and Mk IV tank- I got the chassis together for the Mobile Arty, but no further.

3.       Assemble at least the Destroids for Robotech RPGTactics- Ha, ha,ha, ha, ha…..

4.       Paint my Warlord Airship for Aeronautica Imperialis- I am beginning to notice a pattern in this section.
5.       Paint up enough Gangsters for games of Turf War- I would need to buy them first. 

Rules Writing
1.       Complete the rules for Turf War- Still need to write the scenarios….

2.       Complete the rules for Men of Bronze and publish to Wargames Vault- These might be going a different route all together now. 

3.       Edit and clean-up the rules for The Games: Blood and Spectacle for a Wargames Vault release- Finally, something else I can call done!

1.       Blood Bowl!- Yes.  I have played a couple games now.  Check!

2.       All Quiet on the Martian Front- Another one off the list!  It was a battle in the Minnesota River Valley Campaign.  

3.       One of my Osprey games- I played Poseidon’s Warriors and Horizon Wars!   

4.       One other TBD system- I managed to play Tomorrow’s War, American Civil Paw, RampantStars, Castles in the Sky, Horizon Wars, and Flick’em Up!

Random Sorta Gaming Stuff
1.       Keep on Blogging- Wow, look at this!

2.       Look into setting up a Message Board for discussion around my own games- You can find the Message Board on the right side of the blog. 

I had 19 goals  and I have accomplished 9, so just around 50% which isn’t bad half way through the year.  Usually, I am very productive between October and December, so 2017 is not looking too bad at the moment! 

Purchases will be relatively small for the rest of the year, so do not expect to see two large Greek armies appear.  Maybe you will see a couple of gangsters here and there.  Blucher is what I want to buy next for “big games” but I don’t know if I will have the scratch.  The others will have to wait for another year I guess. 

Painting and Modelling was a complete joke.  I have nothing done from that list.  Worse, I don’t think I will get any of it done before 2018.  I am just not feeling it.  However, I might have a late year surge.  Who knows? 

For rules writing, I think I might finish two more projects before the year is out.  Turf War is sooooo close, but it has been sitting there waiting for Scenarios for so longHeirs to Empire is also very close.  Plus, my mind is swirling around a couple other concepts that I may braindump in a flash of inspiration.  We will see. 

In the playing department I have been surprisingly productive.  14 games (give or take) in 7 months is two games a month.  That is better than I usually do.  Plus, there have been a variety of games from ancient naval to sci-fi squad-based skirmish.  Heck, there is even a dexterity game in there!  I have also played games from a few different manufacturers and a few of my own.  Not bad, and blogging as definitely helped me in that department. 

Overall, not too shabby of results for 2017.  I am half way through the year, and at about 50% to goal.  The trick for the second half will be to get some painting and modelling completed.          

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