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Aeronautica Imperialis- Battle Report: Make Your Escape!

This battle took place as part of the Cleansing of Grx Silex campaign in 2015.  It uses custom aircraft, factions and rules from the campaign that can be found in my Aeronautica Imperialis review here.


Galahand Geld did not fully trust his ally Kel-Menoth the Bitter, and found it necessary to bring in some of his own muscle. For this purpose, he contracted with the Varingyr mercenaries of Hideo Ironbound. His Frjal, or mercenary brotherhood, had a reputation for professionalism and results.

However, Kel-Menoth was suspicious of the Geld's motives for bringing in more mercenaries into Grex Silex, and he himself wanted to minimize any rivals to his power. Therefore, Kel-Menoth preferred to arrange for the Varingyr Mercenaries to do most of the dirty work in the system.

To this end, a flight of Varingyr Spy Eagles were dispatched into Silex Minor to find and locate Asteroid Bases and attempt to discern their allegiances. These recon craft were to approach the bases, take picts of them, and return to the Shallows for debrief. However, many cases they ran into trouble as enemy fighters and ground defenses would try to drive them off. 

Make Your Escape Scenario

Warzone 4: Silex Minoris

Ironbound Frjal

1 Spy Eagle

2 Iron Eagles-
With additional weapon load- Mag Cannons

Total= 45 Points

The Graceful Hunters

3 Barracuda Fighters

Total= 54 Points

For this mission, we used no scenery, just a flat board to represent the space between some of the asteroids in Grex Silex. This was a new Scenario I just came up with.... 

The Spy Eagle was placed 20 inches in from the short board edge, going full speed and Alt 5. The Barracuda were placed on the board edge behind the Spy Eagle and in hot pursuit. They were at full speed and altitude 4 and 2 at 6. We decided that the pursuers could not deploy at the same altitude as the fleeing Spy Eagle. On the opposite short board edge were the Iron Eagles rushing to help the Spy Eagle escape.

If the Spy Eagle escapes from the opposite short board edge, the Varingyr win. If it is destroyed the Tau win. The Varingyr are all ready trying to disengage, so they can not attempt to disengage due to losses. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Varingyr

The Iron Eagles race to close the distance and help their brother. The Barracuda close in. Barracuda 2 power dives to cut-off a potential escape while the other two race forward. The Spy Eagle tries to side slip away.

Barracuda 1 takes a long range potshot at the escaping Spy Eagle but misses. 

Turn 2
Initiative: Varingyr

Barracuda 2 stays low and his instincts pay off as the Spy Eagle dives for the hard deck. However, its attempt is lackluster. However, his comrades get between him and the pursuing Barracudas. The Tau are more than willing to go head-to-head, confident in their superior firepower. 

Iron Eagle 2 fires on Barricuda 1, but fails to cause any serious damage. 
Barracuda 3 is at long range on Iron Eagle 1 and fires with his Ion cannon. The blast dissipates off the Iron Eagle's armor.
Barracuda 1 opens fire on Iron Eagle two, and a Smart Missile strike clean and causes the gyro-copter to blow smoke. 

Turn 2
Initiative: Tau

The Barracuda stay spread and covering the board. The Iron Eagles spiral around a give chase, but the Tau aircraft are in hot pursuit of their prey. The Spy Eagle tries to get tricky and does a Wing Over, but unfortunately, it puts him in the middle of an array of drone cannon attacks. Yikes! 

Barracuda 2 viffs and sprays at the Spy eagle, but the altitude difference and snap shot keeps anything from sticking. The Spy Eagle returns the favor but the Mag shells bounce harmlessly off the Tau fighter. 

The Drone Cannons from Barracuda 1 spray at the Spy Eagle but miss. Iron Eagle two fires on Barracuda 2 but also fails to damage the Tau craft. 

Barracuda 3's drone guns fire on Iron eagle 2 but fail to find their mark. 

Turn 3
Initiative: Varingyr

The Spy Eagles maneuvers barely caused the experienced Tau pilots to blink. They managed to out fly and out maneuver their Varingyr counterparts and get the drop on the “rescuing” Iron Eagles! 

The Varingyr have no shots! 
Barracuda 3 opens up on Iron Eagle 1 and smart missile manages to explode near his hull and cause him to blow smoke, but not down him. 

A smart missile from barracuda 2 detonates Iron Eagle 2, and this time it is a fatal hit. However, the Varingyr pilot manages to punch-out in time! 

Turn 4
Initiative: Varingyr

The Spy Eagle scoots past Barracuda 2, who whizzes by a slows down enough to maybe get a Burst Cannon shot in passing. However, Iron Eagle 1 spirals and puts the Tau craft in his sights. 

Barracuda 2 and 3 maneuver to get back in the fray, and chase down the Spy Eagle next turn. 

Iron Eagle one sprays down Barracuda 2 with 6 dice, but only one hit that fails to scratch the paint. 

The last of Barracuda 2's burst cannons shells fly wide of the mark and the Spy Eagle flies on.

Turn 5
Initiative: Varingyr

The Spy Eagle Power Dives and guns his engines for Eldar controlled space, he drops way down low to the edge of Grex Silex's asteroid disc atmosphere. Barracuda 2 gives chase, but can't match the dive and is left too high. In addition, Iron Eagle 1 swings in behind the Tau fighter and into a tailing position. Barracuda 2 and 3 move to try and stop the Iron Eagle with close range Burst Cannon shots. 

The Iron Eagle opens fire again, but can't get any of his shots to stick on Barracuda 2. 

Barracuda 1 and 3's Burst Cannons open fire on the Iron Eagle. Barracuda 1's manage to hit something vital and the Varingyr aircraft starts to blow smoke. 

Turn 6-Disengagement Turn 
Initiative: Tau

Tailing Fire: This time, the mag Cannons on Iron Eagle 1 strike true, and Barracuda 2 begins to smoke from internal electrical fires. However, Iron Eagle 1 is now out of ammo. 

It looks like nothing can stop the Spy eagle from escaping now, and the Spy Eagle races into Eldar controlled space with the Barracudas in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, the Tau fighters have to disengage due to low fuel and ammo and the Varingyr recon craft escapes with the vital data. 

Eldar win in Warzone 4

The Varingyr win thanks to mission objectives! However, it doesn't feel like a win when you lost a plane and the other was damaged to no losses on the enemy side. However, I will take it! 

Some thoughts on the Varingyr aircraft. Even with the additional Mag-Cannons weapon load and they still suck at damaging anything. Maybe next time I will try the Fusion Lances? In addition, they have somewhat low ammo, so you want to make the shots count. Speed and maneuver wise they were a good match for the Tau Barracuda. I wonder how they would fare against the really fast and dodgy Chaos or Eldar forces? 

Overall, it was good fun!

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