Monday, March 16, 2020

Random: What to Expect When You Are Expecting

The books have been closed on 2019 for the Blood and Spectacles Publishing.  This seems like a good time to say “Thank You” for all of you who have purchased a product, contributed to our work, shared a review, posted a battle report, and provided help and feedback about any Blood and Spectacles Game.  Rest assured, I try to track down and read all the feedback I can find whether they are reviews, battle reports, social media posts, message boards, or comments on the Blog.  It is your help that provides impetus to keep me making games.  Thanks to your help, Blood and Spectacles had a good year with a lot of great accomplishments! 

Highlights includes:

·         Publishing Men of Bronze with Osprey
·         Getting 2 Work-in-Progress games on the Blog
·         Selling two new Wargame book pitches
·         Getting two new games up on the Wargame Vault

I look forward to continue to put out new games over the next few years.  I have frequently said that being a freelance wargame designer makes you very little money, you have to do it because you want to do it for yourself.  Your support helps fuel my desire to keep making games, to set aside time to make and test them, and to get the models and resources I need to keep making them. 

I once had a conversation with a friend and freelance author.  He was explaining how to survive as a freelancer.  He said to me, “One book won’t pay for itself.  Once you have 50 books in your catalog; that is when you can start to sustain yourself.”  I have found something similar to be true for Wargame Design.

So far, I have:

·         1 Published book
·         2 Under contract
·         9 games to buy on the Wargame Vault
·         6 Free and Complete Games
·         4 WIPs

Not too bad.  However, I still have a couple of games concepts that are in the hopper.  They have had some development work on them, but are not ready for WIP status yet.  Here are some items you can expect to see upcoming:

·         1 of the WIP will get completely finished.  Do you have a preference?  Tell me in comments…
o   Glittering Void- A game of space mecha.  Need to finalize the Campaign system, source some models, and do more complete Playtesting
o   Only the Strong Survive- Dinosaur fighting game.  Need to finish the alternate Dinosaur types, take photos, playtest, and update for publication.
o   Redline- Car Combat game.  Want to update with some better faction rules, campaign system, and get better photos.

 ·         Magelogue
This is a game of Fantasy Gunpowder at a Corp Command level.  Imagine Warmaster meets LaSalle.  Rival factions of Fantasy races battle for dominance using a combination of magic firearms, fantastic beasts, and high magic. Since this uses very different mechanics from all of my previous work, it is taking the most time.      

I know, I know.  I have been promising this one for a long time.  It is slowly evolving, but always seems to fall back in the Queue. 

·         Under the Martian Yoke
This is a survival horror game set in 1938, post the Martian Invasion of Orson Welles.  The Martians have won.  The East Coast has been devastated, and you play survivors trying to escape the Martian terror.  Imagine LastDays, Mordheim, This is Not a Test, but where the setting is more modern/WWII.  The focus is action economy, randomized warbands, campaign play, and an escalating Danger Level that adds friction to the game.   

·         Darkest Night
Things that go bump in the night are gathering into a storm to take over humanity.  Ancient evils such as Vampires, Werewolves, Mad Scientists, Sorcerers, and more are coming to take over the world.  Only Human sponsored Hunter groups can stop them.  Imagine a Frostgrave/GhostArchipelago game only set in a world of modern, urban horror.  Choose your patron well, for it will dictate the composition of your gang.  It would be a campaign base game with heavy emphasis on darkness, modern weaponry, and the supernatural.

·         Korean Skies
The battle between newly created Jet aircraft of the United Nations (and the allies) and the North Koreans (and their allies) in the skies of Korea.  This is a historical, airplane game that would feature period aircraft, historic scenarios, height and firing bands, and maneuver options.  I am sure the old Aeronautica Imperialis would be a strong influence.  It would NOT use a hex grid.

·         Men of Bronze Inspired Historicals  
With the release of Wars of the Republic in a year or so, I might release a group of Men of Bronze inspired Historical games for specific periods.  I have some work done for the Third Servile War, The Wars of the Diadochi, the Neo-Assyrian Empire, the Viking Age, and others.  They would probably be stripped of the core combat mechanics and published on the Wargame Vault.  

·         Friends and Foes
This would be a linear campaign wargame detailing the Dakota War of 1862 with several historical scenarios.  This particular campaign is close to my heart as it occurred locally to me.  The mechanics would be small unit vs small unit with various skill levels based on the type of units.  Activation would be similar to Dux Bellorum where different unit types would determine action sequence.  I imagine this would be a WargamesVault only release as well since the subject and conflict are very specific. 


Those of you who have been following the Blog and Blood and Spectacles Publishing for a while will see that some of my previous concepts have fallen back into the Concept folder again and no longer on the list for development.  One that I regret the most is Skies of Fire, but as you also know…. Things change.  Sometime things jump the Queue because I am excited about them in the moment and have the time to pump them out.    

So, once again Thank you for your support whether it be financial, mental, or spiritual.  Without you, there would be no Blood and Spectacles Publishing.  After all, to be a Wargame Designer you need two things; Wargames and people to play them.  Thanks for playing!   

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