Monday, August 27, 2018

Blood Bowl: Match Report- Khemri vs. Chaos- Exhibition Play

The Forever Jackals was a Khemri team I made-up from Warhammer Fantasy Battle Skeleton box set a few years back.  It uses extensive green stuff and a liberal use of bitz to get them ready for the astro-granite.  I even completely sculpted a model or two.  Blood Bowl purists will note that the team still uses the square bases of WHFB instead of being converted to round bases.  What can I say, I am cheap!  I bitz bashed a Skaven team in a similar manner as well. 

You can see the scale difference between the old teams.  The new ones are much bigger, and make even the tomb guardians seem tiny in comparison.  Oh well.  I am still going to use those old-scratch built teams!  This might even be the Khemri's second or third time on the pitch!
* * * * *

Lord Summervale: We at Cabalvision IV are happy to bring you the latest updates from around the Blood Bowl circuit.  Welcome back as we take a closer look at pre-season play in the Deep North League- Southern Regional Conference. 

Our coverage will start with a hard-hitting contest between the Chaos Goat Herders vs. the Khemri Forever Jackals. 

Mad Johan: Hard-hitting is right Summervale.  At times both teams had 4 or more players in the dug-outs!

Lord Summervale: Khemri is led by their team captain the mummy Pharoah Far-Tu-Komen, and has an impressive frontline of two other mummies and two bltiz-ra!  However, someone has to carry the ball, so the thrower Anoobis rounds out their positionals. 

Meanwhile, the Chaos Goat Herders didn't even bother to give us their line-up.  They said something about "Blood for the Blood God" when our reporters tried to get the details.  According to one witness, our Cabalvision IV grot was lucky to get out of the locker room alive!

Mad Johan: Well, you can bet those crazies from the Chaos Wastes will be coming to smash some face.  Plus, I am sure their team will try too. 

Lord Summervale: You are quite the Blood Bowl mind Johan, as that is exactly what they did.  The initial kick-off went to the Chaos team, and one of their beastmen runners picked it up.

Mad Johan: The Goat Herders showed an amazing amount of discipline and made a cage pretty early.  They then methodically marched down the field smashing skeletons as they went. 

Lord Summervale: Well, Pharoah Far-Tu-Komen and his gang got their share of hits in too.  I am pretty sure those Chaos Warriors are not use to getting manhandled like that! 

Mad Johan: Yeah, there will be plenty of big hits on the highlight reels from this game! 

Lord Summervale: The Chaos Goat Herders managed to pound the ball down field for the score.  However, the cost to both teams had been pretty high. 

Mad Johan: In the closing moments of the first period, Anoobis the Khemri thrower embarrassed himself pretty good.  He couldn't even manage to pick-up the ball much less engineer a drive.  He would have been pretty red in the face.... but you know....

Lord Summervale: Indeed.  In the second half, the Forever Jackals received and Anoobis managed to pick-up the ball early. 

Mad Johan: This time, it was the Khemri's turn to bring the cage!

Lord Summervale: It worked pretty well, and they managed to get past mid-field when a sneaky beastman managed to slip behind and hammer old Anoobis. 

Mad Johan: Alas Anoobis, I knew him well!

Lord Summervale: There was a huge scrum for the ball.  I am surprised no one got ejected with the business that was going on in that pile-up! 

Mad Johan: It's pre-season for the refs too.  That or they were afraid of all those blood-crazed Chaos fans? 

Lord Summervale: Somehow, a beastman came out of the scrum with the ball. and made a beeline for his end zone. 

Mad Johan: I wonder how many demonic pacts it took for that to happen?

Lord Summervale: At the very end of the second half, the Chaos Goat Herderz managed to score a second time.  They went on to win 2-0 over the Khemri Forever Jackals. 

Mad Johan: More importantly, both teams had two players in the casualty box at the end of the game.  I thought that Skulsmash Reever vs Rock-N-Roller game was brutal.  It doesn't hold a candle to this one!     

Lord Summervale: It makes me look forward to the regular season!  The League champion might be the only team with enough players left to field a team! 

Tune in next time, as regular Season Coverage of the Deep North League kicks-off and as always remember to drink the blood of your enemies responsibly!  See you next time here at Cabalvision IV. 
* * * * *

Now that my family and I have given just about all the teams a try once, I figure it is about time to get the family league going.  Good-bye Exhibition play and hello League play.  However, I wouldn't mind getting one more team, either Elven Union or Dark Elves before starting the league, so we will see what happens. 

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