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Random: 2017 in Review

Another year bites the dust!  It feels like only yesterday when I started this blog and started adding content. Lo and behold it has been over a year!  This seems like a good time to review the 2017 Goals and see how it all turned out. 

Typically, I make these goal lists to help guide me through what I want to accomplish in a year.  They are not hard and fast rules, but more of a guideline.  Some years I do better at completing them than others, but I shoot for a 50% completion rate.   In addition, I break them into categories to help me organize my thought sand efforts. 


1.       Buy all new Osprey Wargaming Series- 100% Succes
I am on track with this goal!  The last one released in 2017 was Gaslands.  I even managed to review it.  Next year, there are at least two new ones to be published on their site, and I expect I will be picking those up too.  I really enjoy the Wargaming Series as it is a low cost way to be exposed to a lot of different rules, genres, periods, and wargaming ideas.  I like spending money to support their efforts at diversity.  I also bought Mad Dogs with Guns and some Frostgrave supplements this year, but they are not technically part of this goal. 

2.       Pick-up Blood Bowl- 100% Complete
I grabbed the box set and the Death Zone season 1 book.  I have even played a few games!  For a long time, this was the only game I managed to play and keep me in the hobby.  However, I never had my own turf or templates.  I have now remedied that situation.  I am set to play for ages to come.  The scale change has made me interested in getting some of the new teams, but it is low on my priority list at the moment and I can still use some of my old teams.

3.       Pick-up one of the following: Blucher, Chain of Command, Martian Empires, or This is Not a Test- 0% complete
There was zero progress here.  I found a local distributor that had Martian Empires for a decent price, but never got around to ordering it.  I think I decided to pick-up Blucher next for my Non-Osprey rules purchase.  The fact that I can play with cards instead of minis appeals to me, plus I always wanted a Napoleonic game to play and Blucher seems pretty cool.  However, “Real Life” has gotten in the way of making more purchases than I have so far. 

4.       Buy Enough Gangsters for Turf War- 10% Complete
I picked up a couple models when I ordered Pulp Alley that I liked the look of.  So far, my gangs consist of 1 Femme Fatale and 1 Enforcer with Tommy Gun.  I looked at a boxed set at my FLGS, but was not impressed with the sculpts.  I also thought about picking up some of the Blue Moon 15mm to save costs, but I am not sure if I can do 15-18mm scale gangsters justice for a skirmish game. 

5.       Pick-up Classic Greek for Men of Bronze- 100% Complete
I managed to buy a lot of Victrix Limited Greeks.  I should have enough for a Spartan, Corinthian, and Macedonian army with some left overs.  I am super excited for these guys and sent them to my painter right away.  I didn’t even open the package for them.  I need them for some photos for when Osprey publishes Men of Bronze. But I am also excited to play the game with actual miniatures and not just paper templates. 

Painting and Modeling:

1.       Paint my Inquisitor 28mm Warband- 0% Complete
There has been no progress on this despite the fact that I wanted to use these guys to play some Pulp Alley or even a modified Strange Aeons this year.  Instead, they have sat on my shelf looking forlorn at me.  I didn’t even base coat them!   

2.       Complete my All Quiet on the Martian Front Mobile Artillery and Mark IV tank- 20% Complete
Some progress.  I did manage to put the mobile artillery together and put them on the painting desk.  I was looking forward to having these guys join my armored column for the Minnesota Militia forces, but I just haven’t been able to build up the stamina to base and paint them. 

3.       Assemble the Destroids for Robotech RPG Tactics-0% Complete
I really can’t bring myself to put more work into this game than Palladium can.  I wanted to use the Destroids in Jugs or Rampant Stars but I have had little time to paint and would rather put that time towards games I might actually play. 

4.       Paint my Warlord airship for AeronauticaImperialis- 100% Complete
I managed to get this done, and the last of my Varingyr aircraft.  I haven’t played all year, but Aeronautica Imperialis is one of those games I keep going back to.  Sure Forgeworld and Games Workshop have long ago abandoned it, but I haven’t.  Thankfully, I do not think unsupported games are dead games.  Plus, there are many “Not Epic” manufacturers making compatible aircraft for it now. 

5.       Paint up enough gangsters of Turf War- 5% Complete
It is hard to paint them if I never bought them!  However, I did get my version of the Pulp Alley Red Queen painted up.  It is a simple but effective model.  I also created a couple of gang rosters to build/paint to.  That is some slow progress.

Rules Writing:

6.       Complete the rules for Turf War- 100% Complete
I went into the year needing to write some scenarios.  I was facing severe creative block on the subject.  So, I did what you do when you have a creative block and stopped avoiding it and just started writing stuff.  It did the trick and soon I had the scenarios I needed done.  The rules are ready to go.

7.       Complete Men of Bronze and publish on Wargames Vault- 100% Complete
Well, technically they are not going to go up on the Wargames Vault.  Instead, they will be published by Osprey in late 2019.  I think that is an upgrade!  That is a different route all together.  The only thing they need to be published now is 30 digital images of Greek Hoplite miniatures, choosing some artwork, and final edits.  Then, it is off to the Wargames Series for them!

8.       Edit and Clean-up the Rules for The Games:Blood and Spectacle for the Wargame’s Vault- 100% Complete
This is complete and the rules are up for purchase.  As of this writing, they have been available since April.  I have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction and interest in the game.  Naturally, I am a fan and looking forward to playing it more.  I want to make a few play aids for it and add them to the rulebooks.


1.       Blood Bowl- 100% Complete
In addition to the exhibition game I posted about, I have played a few other times with my gaming buddies and family. 

2.       All Quiet on the Martian Front- 100% Complete
Another one completed.  I managed to continue the Minnesota River Valley Campaign

3.       One of my Osprey Games- 100% Complete
I have played Horizon Wars and Poseidon’s Warriors x2.

4.       One other TBD System- 100% Complete
I have managed to play all sorts of games this year.  2017 was a good year for actually playing games!  Way better than the last few years.  I hope I can keep up that pace for 2018!
Aquanautica Imperialis

Castles in the Sky

Total CARnage

Men of Bronze


Rampant Stars

American Civil Paw

Rampant Stars
The Games: Blood and Spectacle

Rampant Stars

Horizon Wars

5.       Keep on Blogging- 100% Complete
I managed to keep up a steady pace despite some setbacks.  The Great Photobucket Debacle gave me pause, but I pressed on.  Not everything has been restored, but enough has been updated to keep me going.  However, in 2018, I think the content will slow down as I do not have 3 years of backlogged games to re-post about.

6.       Set-up a Message Board- 100% Complete
I have set one up for Blood and Spectacles Publishing, but no one uses it.  I suppose for 2018 I will need to get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  An old man like me can not keep up with all of this Social Media. 

Overall, 2017 was a pretty good wargaming year!  I completed 14 out of 19 goals, and made progress at least on 3 others.  Plus, there were a few projects I completed that were not on my goal lists.  I have had much worse years.  Plus, my list of actually played games is relatively impressive this year.  Once again, it was Painting and Modelling that held me back.  Hopefully I can keep up the moment in 2018 as I continue to push myself to accomplish hobby goals despite Real Life challenges getting in my way.      

Over the next couple days I will start drafting my Resolutions for next year.  Stay tuned.   

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  1. Eric, you are prolific in your game designs and apparently prolific in playing game designs. Amazing. Looks good. =)