Thursday, October 26, 2017

Random: Necromunda Pictures

This post is brought to you by two major events.  The first is found photos from my Photobucket Bail-out project.  The second is the supposed re-release of necromunda in the end of November. 

When necromunda was first released, my group of teenage misfits jumped on it right away.  We all had okay sized 40K armies, but this looked really cool and different.  I do not know how we initially got the boxset, but we did.  From there, players were picking up gangs left and right.  Some of us even had multiple gangs.  It was not uncommon for us to play multiple games in a single night with multiple gangs engaged.   

I had Cawdor as a main gang, and Eschers as a back-up.  However, it wasn't long until we had all the gangs, and multiples of some.  We even had Outlander gangs.  We diligently recorded all of our battles into an ugly blue covered notebook affectionately called in our best Space Hulk Vidoe Game voice; the Archive Record Viewer.  That was where we reviewed who had done what in a scenario, what gangers leveled up with what, and who earned what loot from the Trading Post.  It also had a list of which players ran what gangs and who were rivals of who. 

Looking back, it was this "campaign" or linked series of battles with results that carried over from one game to the next; that sealed my love of wargaming.  I still play Necromunda occassionally and look forward to the reboot.  However, I do not look forward to getting new gangers that are bigger than my old ones.  The same thing happened to me in Blood Bowl and it still makes me a bit sad. 

I have used my old Necromunda gangs for all sorts of games including Rampant Stars, Inquisitor, Da Deff Island Skirmish, Tomorrow's War, and other fun games.     

Enough rambling.  Here are some pictures of Necromunda games I found in my old Photobucket account:

I hope you enjoyed these found photos.  As you can see I have Goliaths, Orlocks, Escher, Cawdor, but I also have some Redemptionists and Scavvies too.  I also have some Demonblade Ratskin proxies too.   

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