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Aeronautica Imperialis: Battle Report- Assault on Launch Site: Blak Perch

This was a stand alone battle played in 2012 using custom aircraft and scratchbuilt models.


Assault on Launch Site Blak Perch
6x4 Table

Special Rules: Terrain is height 1, with chaos mound being height 2 and arch height 5. The walls of the launch area are height 1. 

Cabal of the World Walkers
Locust= 10 pts- Pilot: Gre'Val
Locust= 10 pts- Pilot: Tamor
Locust= 10 pts- Pilot: Vind
Hydra= 12 pts

1 Hell Razor+Ace+Load 1= 29 pts- Pilot: Blakroe The Aspirant
1 Hell Razor+Load 1= 24 pts- Pilot: Ve'grath

Da Skrapperz
1 Buzz'Ard+Jump Troops= 22 pts- Pilot: Bloobeard
1 Warkoptas= 8 pts- Pilot: Gobruk
1 Warkoptas= 8 pts- Pilot: Mo'Klaw
Ork Fighta+Load 1= 16 pts- Pilot: Dakkablitz
Ork Fighta= 14 pts- Pilot: Skumbo
Ork Fighta= 14 pts- Pilot: Badgob
Ork Fighta Bomma= 14 pts- Pilot: Klawgutz

The Locusts are deployed as if launching from the landing pits of the Blak Perch. They are at min speed and altitude 2, the lowest altitude needed to clear the pits.

Scramble, Scramble, Scramble!

The Orks come in on the opposite side. Their Buzz'Ard anchors the center with the Warkoptas to the left, and a Fighta-bomma riding herd above them. The fightas deploy to the right, with the rokit fighta in the lead. 

Here They Come!

Turn 1
Initiative= Orks

The Ork aircraft press forward to try and get to the base as fast as possible. The fightas begin to pull ahead and move in front of the transports. Meanwhile, the Fighta-bomma stays to provide top cover for the Buzz'Ard and Warkoptas. 

The Locusts desperately try to gain altitude to try and intercept the oncoming greenskins. They begin to vector towards the warkoptas. 


Turn 2
Initiative= Chaos

Reserves: The Hell Razors are not available

The fightas and the Locusts set themselves up for a furball in the center as the Chaos planes vector back into the center of the board. The fighta-bomma also moves up to join the party. Meanwhile, the Warkoptas try to move to go behind the Locusts, while the Buzz'Ard breaks away the opposite direction. 

Locust 3 fires at Fighta 2, but misses. The Fighta-bomma fires its quad big shootas at Locust 2, but also misses. Fighta 2 returns fire on Locust 3 but misses. A whole lot of fire and noise, but not a lot of results. 

Turn 3:
Initiative: Orks

Flying in a tight formation, the Locusts close in on the unarmed side of the Buzz’Ard carrying the bulk of the Ork assault force. Meanwhile the Warkoptas race along the opposite edge. The Ork defenders try to get behind the Locusts, but fail to get the angle. 

The orks do not have any shots.

First, the Hydra on the ground takes aim at the incoming transport. The shots find their mark and damage the craft. Locust 2 and 3 open fire on the Buzz'Ard at close range. Heavy Bolter rounds rip through the Buzz'Ard. Locust 2 gets credit for the kill as the Ork transport explodes spectacularly; killing everyone on board. 

Transport Down!

Turn 4
Initiative= Orks
Reserves: The Hell Razors enter play

The Warkoptas set up for their attack runs, but the Hell Razors are moving to intercept. Ork Fighta 1 and 2 move to intercept the Hell Razors, but will they get there in time? Meanwhile, the Locusts turn back towards the base. 

Fast Movers Inbound

Fighta 2 opens fire on Blakroe the Aspirant in Hell Razor 4, and hits him. In exchange, Blakroe takes aim at one of the Warkoptas and destroys it with a burst from his Auto-cannons. 
Scratch One Kopta!

Hell Razor 5 takes a snap shot at Ork Fighta 2, but misses. 

The fighter-bomber uses its ball turret and fires on Locust 3, but misses. The hydra targets the Figtha-Bomma, and auto-cannon rounds rip through the plane’s fuselage, but don't down it. Black smoke billows from the Ork craft. 

Locust 3 is just in range to fire a Burst at Fighta 3, and does so. All his shots miss the target as the Ork Fighta jinks around wildly. 

Turn 5
Initiative= Chaos

The last Warkopta attempts to close in on the Chaos base. However, the Locusts and Hell Razor 5 attempt to stop him. However, it looks like he may have split the gap in the Locusts, who are unable to slow enough to get good shots. Meanwhile, the remaining Ork aircraft try to provide cover, with some success. 
No Shot, I reapeat; No Shot!

Hell Razor 5 goes weapons hot and fires on the Warkopta. Several auto-cannons shells stitch the side, sending Ork hanger-ons tumbling ground ward, but it isn't enough to damage the Kopta. Curses! Those Ork bodies must have absorbed the incoming fire. 

The Ork Fighta-Bomma blasts Locust 2 from the sky, but the Chaos pilot safely ejects as his aircraft gently inclines towards the ground, where it meets an explosive end. 

Blakroe in Hell Razor 4 opens fire on Ork fighta 3 at close range, but fails to cause any damage. 

Ork Fighta 3 is able to get a bead on Locust 3. The shoota shells slowly tear the craft apart, but the pilot ejects in time. The Locust slowly and methodically disintegrates as the Big Shoota rounds eat it up.

The Hydra attempts to punish Fighta 3, but its shots miss; tracers arcing uselessly skyward.
They Came At Us From Behind!

Turn 6
Initiative= Orks

The Warkopta moves over the drop zone. Meanwhile, the The Aspirant gets a bead on him, but at the cost of getting in front of the smoking Fighta-Bomma. Locust 1 moves to cover him. The other Orks are out of position. 

The Ork Fighta-Bomma unloads on Hell Razor 4 piloted by Blakroe the Aspirant. Big shoota fire reaches out but fails to cause damage as the Ace pilot jinks his craft expertly. However, the chaos Ace is less successful as a rokit slams into his all ready damaged fighter. With a scream of rage, the champion ejects successfully, as his rare aircraft plummets down into the earth below.

The Aspirant is Downed! 

However, Locust 1 is in position on the Fighta-bomma, and opens fire at close range. The Ork pilot ejects just in time as his fighta-bomma's internal bomb bay is hit and detonates. Revenge for the Cabal of the World Walkers! 


The Warkopta unloads its Jump troops from alt 1. They all land in the Chaos airstrip successfully, and begin attacking anything that moves. 

Turn 7= Chaos Disengagement
Initiative= Orks

All aircraft scramble away.

The Hydra takes some parting shots at Fighta 2, but misses. 

Narrow Ork victory, with the successful troop landings making the difference! Man that was close! 

Here are some of my post game thoughts. The game was originally planned for the Investigation of Bin Mazar, but the Holidays made it difficult for me and my regular opponent to connect for gaming. By design, this game used a lot of custom aircraft from the Airspace Aircraft Compilation. It seems only fair to talk about how they did. 

The Locusts did surprisingly well flying close together and using barrages of Heavy Bolter fire. They aren’t as maneuverable as the Hellblade, but they are still more than a match for an Ork Fighta. However, they are very vulnerable, and one mistake maneuvering them can lead to them getting blown away pretty easily. 

The Hell Razors were pretty fun. I liked them better than the Hellfang. Perhaps it was the scenario, and how they were used. Overall, they had a lot of firepower at Medium range with auto-cannons and Missiles. However, the fighting in this game got tight, and they clearly suffered at that range band with restricted shooting options. Too bad I let my Ace get shot down. D’oh! Their goes his reputation. 

Ork Buzz’Ard didn’t get to do much this game. However, I like that the sides have a clear vulnerability instead of possessing all around shooting power. I feel it gives the plane a more tactical style of play. I’m sure my opponent disagrees right about now, and would prefer the firepower of a Bomma. 

The Warkoptas were a bit of an X-factor. They flew low and slow, making them more challenging to take down than I expected. I guess slow and steady won the race this time. Overall, a nice cheap option. 

Sadly, I lost the battle due to my focus on killing the Ork transports. This kept getting in the way of my pilots sense of self-preservation. At least they all managed to eject this time, and no one crashed into a mountain. 

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