Monday, September 21, 2020

On The Painting Desk- Finish It!

This year, I had some big painting projects to complete.  First, I wanted to complete my Men of Bronze armies, and second I wanted to finish off my Heirs of Empire 6mm armies.  I managed to complete both of these tasks earlier in the year.  However, that wasn't the end of my "Pile of Shame".  In fact, I still had a handful of Copplestone Casting Gangsters, some Gangster buildings, Fantasy miniatures, and some All Quiet on the Martin Front Scorpion Drones to finish off. 

Thankfully, I am having a pretty productive year on the painting front.  I have painted up to 66 models or bases this year.  Let's take a look at some of the Models I painted to finish off my Pile of Shame....

Here is about where I was with my Gangster models:

Here is about where I was with the buildings: 

And these were some assorted minis in my Pile of Shame to paint:

I managed to paint a lot of gangsters this year!  I look forward to taking a lot of "action shots" of these models to help flesh out the photos in my Turf War rules.  I want the rules updated with new pictures so that I can get it on the Wargame Vault.  I plan on having that done by the end of the year.

Two gangster gals....
A boss, his girl, and a hitman....
Those were the last few gangsters I had left, the rest have shown up previously on the blog in On the Painting Desk posts.  So, you can see I was also working on some buildings in the background, and those turned out like this.....

The start of my town.... Los Mundos
The 4ground models for the Chicago Way come pre-painted and go together really good.  They might be just a tad more detailed and complex than I really needed (or enjoyed) putting together, but they do look the part when done!  All the little posters and leaflets look amazing on the finished models.  

Here is a sample of what some of the pictures in the Turf War  will end up looking like.  This was just a quick test with no lighting set up.

So, then I turned my attention to the Scorpion Drones.  I painted these with some remorse.  They are the last models I have to paint for All Quiet on the Martin FrontI do not expect any replacements anytime soon, even though the game was purchased by a new company they are redesigning the line.  It makes me a bit sad as I loved the old Martians and American models.  I am sure you will see more of these guys when I start playtesting my post-Martian Apoc skirmish game. 

Scorpion Drones
I was getting to the end of my "Pile of Shame" and was afraid if I painted them all I would die.  You know the old saying about a gamer who paints all his models, right?  So, I took an evening to make and paint up some Ork Submersibles for Aquanautica Imperialis: Battle for the Depths so next time I play I would not need to use paper templatesThese guys used all paints and materials from Big Box Retailers, so they were ultra cheap to make.

Finally, I had two last miscellaneous Fantasy models to paint.  They were both from Reaper, one was Bones and the other was Dark Haven metals.  The old Bones sucks to paint, but the new Bones Black is much better.  Of course, Reaper's metal is always good!

These ladies will probably feature in local D7D campaign (If COVID ever ends), my Frostgrave wizard's warband, or Rampant Swords.  However, these were the last of my unpainted models.... EEK!

Thankfully, some new ones came in the mail!  Plus, I have a whole Early Republican army on the way...

Wow.  That was close.....

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