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The Games: Blood and Spectalce- Battle Report- Munera in Subhartha

Edit: The Photos for this report were swallowed by Photobucket and are not currently retrievable.  I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Many of the gladiator troupes in Subhartha moved on after the city wide Games. However, after the showing of House Quintillius and the House of Lupti Minoris they were retained by an up-an-coming local noble. Their father had recently passed, and Munera (Funeral Games) was needed to celebrate the man’s achievements in life. The fact that they would support the young noble’s political ambitions was simply a happy side effect.

Since these games were a Munera, the grieving family rented out a small arena on the edge of the city. The location was suitably close to the cemetery to provide for a quick post-munera processional and internment. With the details planned, bulletins were sent out into Subhartha, and the local people gathered on the appointed day to celebrate and bear witness.

Event 1: Single Combat
The crowd came prepared for bloodshed, and started the day off violent!
Weather is normal

House Quintillius
- Haram the Barber a Desserter Arbelas

House of Lupti Minoris
- Plano the slave `Retarius

The crowd gathered to commemorate the death of one of their betters is raucous and violent. They chant for blood and are eager to see death. They stamp their feet and chant for it. The Gladiators of both houses exchange nervous glances with each other. They can sense that the crowd is hungry for merciless bloodshed.

The young editor makes a short speech about the valor of his late father, but cuts it short as he is drowned out by the howl of the crowd. He quickly pivots and announces the first match and the crowd roars in approval!

Turn 1
Haram quickly tries to close the distance, while Plano attempts to maneuver to avoid a charge.

Turn 2
Haram continues across the arena, but Plano avoids him and moves to one of the nearby pillars. 

Turn 3
The two continue to maneuver around, trying to get into position. 

Turn 4
More maneuver, as each Gladiator jockeys for a first strike. Haram runs up to get the drop on Plano, but he turns and backpedals away. The Retarius throws his net and manages to entangle the other Gladiator. Haram fails to remove the Net in the End phase. 

Turn 5
Posted Image

Plano sees his chance, grips his Trident with both hands, and charges in. His opponent is Entangled, so has half CP to defend. Plano puts 2 CP in, and adds 1 for charging. Haram defends with his 2 entangles CP. Plano fails to strike home, and Haram uses the Retarius’ momentum to try and knock him down with a striking Success. Haram is successful and Plano falls down. 

In the End Phase, Plano tries to get up and fails. Haram tears the net off and tosses it aside with a snarl. 

Turn 6
Plano scrambles away two inches and gets back to his feet. He holds onto his Trident, and readies himself. 

This time, Haram charges into the Retarius. Haram uses 3 CP and adds +1 for charging. Plano defends with all 3 CP. There is a push, and no one gains the advantage.

Turn 7
Haram keeps up the pressure and again attacks with 3 CP, but holds 1 for reserves. Plano defends with 2 this time. Another Push. 

Plano decides to stay close and counter-attacks with his Trident at 1 CP, and Haram defends with 1. The swing goes wide, and Haram again tries to knock down the Retarius, but Plano quickly regains his footing. 

Turn 8
Haram attacks again with his swinging blade. 3 CP vs. 2 CP again. This time, Plano puts his shoulder into it and the Arbelas blade pings loudly off his shoulder guard! The crowd gasps in excitement. 

This time, Plano disengages and puts some space between himself and the Arbelas. He darts across the arena. 

Turn 9
However, Haram is not thwarted, he manages to nimbly turn and charge down the scampering gladiator. 3CP+1 to charging vs. 3 cp. The Trident thankfully allows a 360 degree combat arc or Plano would have no parries or Striking Success options. 

Oh no, Plano whiffs and gets 0 successes to Haram’s 3! This could be the end! Plano is reduced to 0 Pain and Downed! 

Posted Image

Plano raises the 2 fingers of the Missio and throws himself at the Mercy of the violent crowd. There are none of the normal modifiers, and the Retarius must roll 10+on a 2d6. Gulp. The dice roll result is….

Haram raises his dagger and ceremonially dispatches the downed Plano. Victory for Quintillius and a rough start for House Lupti Minoris.

Event 2- Tertiarri
Plano’s blood streaks the sand as his lifeless corpse is pulled from the arena on great metal hooks. His fellows of the House of Lupti Minoris give him a final salute. They then turn their attention back to the days work with a simmering anger.

The crowd has retaken their seats and seems to be less crazed now. The editor again rises and this time his speech is politely applauded as he wraps up the eulogy. He then announces the next match and the crowd cheers heartily. 

The crowds bloodlust was satiated, and they return to a normal mood. 
The sun has reached its peak, and a bright glare fills the arena. 

House Quintillius
- Primus- Juggartha- Desserter Murmillo
- Marcomanni- Barbarian Gaulus

House of Lupti Minoris
- Primus- Everus Mannus-Slave Provacteur
- Ordinarri- Slave Secutor

Turn 1
The two opponents rush forward. Juggartha’s limp slows him down considerably. 

Turn 2
Juggartha limps forward. 

Everus Mannus charges straight in to attack, to deprive the fearsome Murmillo of his berserker charge. He puts in 3 +1 for charging and holds two back for parries and defense. Juggartha puts in 4 CP to defend and saves 2 for parries. He uses them but an attack still strikes home from Everus Mannus. 

Posted Image

Turn 3
Juggartha attacks with three and holds onto 3. Everus defends with three as well, and holds 2 to defend. Everus tries to do some fancy sword work to disarm Juggartha of his Gladius, but the Nubian keeps his grip firmly in place. 

Everus attacks back, and after a parry Juggartha knocks back his opponent 2 inches, and does not follow-up. He is gambling he will win initiative and be able to charge in using Berserker Charge for extra dice and put an end to this upstart. 

Turn 4
Juggartha wins initiative, and charges back in and attacks with Berzerker fury. He is putting 8 dice of CP into the attack against Everus, who will defend with 4, and hold back 1 for parries. Juggartha gets 2 successes, and Everus 1. The Provocateur attempts to parry a success away, but instead a Striking Success is rolled. Juggartha converts it to 2 hits. 

Everus manages to get his manica up and blocks the two hits with his armor. 

Everus has nothing to fight back with as he used all his CP.

Turn 5
Juggartha is back to using 4 CP to attack and holding 2 to defend. Everus defends with 2 and holds 3 to counter and parry. Juggartha is having no luck with the dice and gets 0 successes. 

Everus gets two striking Successes to 1 success from the Murmillo. One hit slips past Juggartha’s armor reducing him to 0 Pain. Everus again tries to disarm the Gladiator. However, Juggartha has a vice like grip on his Gladius. 

Turn 6
Juggartha switches dice and goes with a 3 CP attack and holds 3, while Everus goes with 2 defense and holds 3. The new dice roll better, but not good enough. Nothing gets through Everus Mannus’ defenses. However, Everus fails to get a counter-attack through and the two beat feverishly at each other’s shields. The crowd is excited by the banging and swinging, but ultimately they are futile gestures. 

Turn 7
This time, Juggartha manages 2 more hits. After a parry attempt from Everus. 1 hit is absorbed by his breastplate, but the other gouges a bleeding wound in Everus’ thigh. The Murmillo swats away the counter-attack and again pushes his rival away from him with a push back. 

Posted Image

Turn 8
Juggartha charge back in with his 8 dice and holds onto 2 for defense. Everus decides to defend with 4, and holds only 1 back. Everus uses a parry to force Juggartha to re-roll a 6, but things still look bad for the Provocateur. 5(!) Hits get through and force him to take armor tests and Juggartha uses a Striking success to get Past His Guard.

Everus rolls and manages to defend against 3 of the 5 with his manica and greave, but he is reduced to Pain 0, and Knocked Down and Dazed by the hit. 

In his turn, Everus Mannus manages to get up, but he is still Dazed. 

Turn 9
Everus manages to go first, but does not shake off his Dazed state. He prepares to defend himself. Juggartha, no longer needing to hold back for defense puts all 6 CP into his attack. Everus defends with all 5 CP. 

Juggartha again manages to go Past His Guard, and lands 3 blows on his opponent. This is enough to send Everus Mannus reeling and put him Out-of-the-Fight. The crowd grants Mercy to Everus for his efforts, however he is still potentially seriously injured. 

Turn 10
Ordinarri enters the arena. The crowd goes wild since Juggartha and Ordinarri are old rivals. Juggartha passes a fatigue test and jogs towards his opponent. 

Ordinarri charges across and meets his fellow Nubian head-to-head! He puts 6 CP into the attack, and Juggartha puts in 4 and holds 2 to parry. Juggartha uses both parries to re-roll successes, however it is not enough. 1 Striking Success gets through, and Ordinarri decides to use them as 2 hits. 

Posted Image

Juggartha fails to block either hit. Instead, the Nubian is Downed. Juggartha just squeaks past the Mercy roll.

Lupti Minoris is declared the winner by the Editor! 

Event 3- Tertiarri
The sun rises high in the sky and beats down into the arena, causing metal to shine and glare and forcing the spectators to shield their eyes with their hands to see the action. They grumble and complain, but are eager to see the rest of the days Games. So far the spectacle had been excellent, and they were interested in seeing more.

This time, the deceased man’s wife gave a eulogy, which the crowd tolerated in the rising heat. They understood this was a Munera, so politely listened. Only scattered murmuring betrayed their interest in the next event. At the end of her eulogy, the editor announced the final match of the day.

It was greeted warmly.

The crowd remains normal and the weather is still sunny and bright. 

House Quintillius
- Primus- Longinus- Desserter Hoplomacchus
- Priapus- Barbarian Retarius

House of Lupti Minoris
- Primus- Minoris- Slave Murmillo
- Mediocrates- Slave Samnite

Turn 1
Minoris charges forward and Longinus obliges him by doing the same. 

Turn 2
Longinus steps forward and throws his spear at Minoris using 2 CP. Minoris wants to charge in his turn so uses 2 to defend and holds onto 3. Minoris bats the spear away. He then charges in and Longinus draws his Gladius to meet him. 

Posted Image

Longinus parries with his shield saving a Striking Success, but Minoris still gets 1 potential hit. However, the hit slides of the Hoplomacchus’ shoulder guard. 

Turn 3
Longinus attacks with 2 and holds onto 3, while Minoris does the same on the defense. Minoris uses a parry to nullify a striking success. He attacks back with 2 and Longinus defends with 3. A push and no one gains the upper hand. 

Turn 4
This time, Longinus attacks with 3 and holds 2, while Minoris defends with 2 and holds 3. Neither side manages to do much and the sound of metal on metal rings across the arena as the two Gladiators battle away at each other, equally matched. 

Turn 5
Longinus fails to find a mark again. However, this time, Minoris strikes home! He strikes twice and attempts to Knock Down his foe. 

Longinus is reduced to 0 Pain, Knocked Down, and wounded. In his turn, he raises the two fingers of the Missio. However, the crowd is not amused, and Longinus is killed in the sands of the arena.

Posted Image 

Turn 6
Minoris dashes across the arena towards his new foe. However, Priapus steps to the side to avoid a charge. He tosses his net at the Murmillo. However, the throw misses the target. Priapus is heard to curse the bright sun. 

Turn 7
The Retarius nimbly runs past the Murmillo who slowly turns to give chase. 

Posted Image

Turn 8
The Retarius rushes across the arena with the Murmillo in pursuit. This causes the crowd to laugh at the scene. 

Turn 9
Priapus opens the distance and turns to face his foe. Minoris only plods after him. 

Posted Image

Turn 10
Priapus throws his trident and Minoris easily avoids it. Priapus then turns and runs for Longinus spear in the sands. Minoris runs after him, but can not reach the Retarius. 

Turn 11
Minoris fights off a fatigue test. 

The Retarius picks up the spear and scampers away. Minoris places himself in the center of the arena and roars out a challenge to the fleet footed gladiator.

Turn 12
Minoris again avoids Fatigue. 

Priapus turns and charges back into the Murmillo to accept his challenge. 

He puts 2 CP +1 for charging into the attack and holds 2 to defend. Minoris defends with 2 and holds 3. After a skillful parry with his shield, the Retarius’ attack fails. 

Minoris counters, but the wily Retarius pushes him back and knocks him down. 

In the end phase, Minoris rises to his feet. 

Turn 13
Minoris fails his Fatigue test and is reduced 1 CP. 

Priapus runs forward and regains his Trident. Minoris simply turns to face him. Np fatigue next turn from that. 

Turn 14
Priapus throws the Hoplomacchus spear at Minoris. The Murmillo again ducks it as it passes by. 

Minoris stands his ground to catch his breath. 

Turn 15
Priapus charges in again on the tired Murmillo. He again uses 2 CP +1 for charging and holds 2 to defend. Minoris defends with 2 and holds 2 for defense. This time, the Murmillo is ready and uses his shield to try and knock the Retarius down. However, the barbarian is too quick and avoids the sweep. 

Minoris counters and manages to draw blood! The Barbarian is reduce to 1 Pain. 

Turn 16
Minoris again feels the effects of fatigue and can barely hold his weapons upright. However, he uses a last reserve of energy to strike first.

He puts in 2 to attack and holds 1 to defend. Priapus defends with 2 and holds 2. Minoris manages to knock past the Barbarians defenses with brute force and physically smash the Retarius to the ground. He is reduced to 0 Pain and wounded. 

Posted Image

With that, the Retarius raises the two fingers of the Missio. The crowd approves of the entertainment provided by Priapus and grant him mercy. 

House Lupti Minoris win the event, and with that the Games! 

House of Lupti Minoris is the victor of the Games!


House Quintillius- Longinus the Hopplomacchus
House of Lupti Minoris- Plano the Retarius 

Serious Injury
Everus Mannus ends up dead from his injuries in the Arena! (Man! I just painted that guy too!)

No underdog bonus as the difference is less than 50 rating

House Quintillius
Haram- + 7 XP = +1 CP
Marcomanni- +1 XP
Juggartha- +6 XP
Priapus- +1 XP

House of Lupti Minoris
Ordinarri- +7 XP = +1 I
Minoris- +12 XP = +1 CP
Mediocrates- +1 XP

House Quintillius earned 30
House of Lupti Monoris earned 60

New Recruits
House Qunitillius hired a Barbarian Secutor
House of Lupti Minoris hired a slave Dimachareus and a Slave Thraex

Troupe Ratings
House Quintillus- Rating of 688
House of Lupti Minoris- Rating of 750

Looks like Quintillus is the underdogs now!


Feel free to download and try The Games: Blood and Spectacle here.

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