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Aeronautica Imperialis: Battle Report- Air Raid on Skulltop

This battle took place as part of the Blood and Irongard campaign in 2013.  It uses custom aircraft and rules from the campaign that can be found in my Aeronautica Imperialis review here.


Magos Vandros had analyzed the data from the recon flights. Using this data and sophisticated techno-babble he was able to pinpoint the likely location of several Ork ground bases that threatened the airspace around the Red Robe Mines. He decided to clear them out prior to moving back into the old Imperial outpost at the Red Robes Minehead.

In coordination with General Krygar, Capt. Magryg, and Sergeant Two-Feathers; the Magos devised a series of air operations intended to draw the Orks out and away from their bases. This operation would be spearheaded by Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial Navy forces in order to sell the threat. Meanwhile, Space Marine and House Hurtzui mercenaries would try to bypass the air defenses and attack the Ork bases directly.

For the most part, the plan worked as intended. However, the wily Boss Iron Head was suspicious of such a blatant show of force, and his low cunning recognized it as a trap. He held his flyboyz back, despite their protests. When the attack on the bases materialized, he was ready to spring a trap of his own. 

Air Raid on Skulltop
Warzone: Red Robe Mines

House Hurtzui Wardogs
1 Lightning “Strike”- Flight Officer Dylon Trazor
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Lightning “Strike”- Flight Officer Gray Roshinko
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Skyhammer- Flight Officer Magdalena Huff
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Skyhammer- Flight Officer Mykel Madsyn
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Sentry- Flight Officer Koree Paltine
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Sentry- Flight Officer Yancy Mallory
+Additional Weapon Load

Total= 98 points

Da Skrapperz
Fighta- Boss Ironhead- Ace
+Additional Weapon Load
+Rokit Boosta

Fighta- Dakkablitz

Fighta- Skumbo

Fighta-Bomma- Toofgrabba
+Additional Weapon Load

Heavy Flak Kannon

2 Flak Wagons

Total= 101 Points

Skulltop has two buildings with 2 hits each and a radio tower with 2 hits. The Landing Pad itself will have 4 hits. 

Since I won the Recon mission, it made sense that I would be the attacker in this mission. The Wardogs were tasked with destroying an Ork Fighta base; designated Skulltop. 

Skulltop would be placed on a ridge, that we decided to make altitude 2. The ridge was placed 12 inches in from each board edge, and the buildings placed on top of it towards the south side. A group of radiating cliffs and bluffs surrounded Skulltop as well. These were Alt 1 and 2 as appropriate. The Orks also placed their Ground Defenses in the area of the base, with the Flak wagons along the most likely route of attack and the Heavy Flak Kanon on the ridge with the base.

The Ork interceptors were coming in on the board edge closest to Skulltop. To the South were Dakkablitz and Skumbo at mid alt and speed. To the North was Boss Ironhead and Toofgrabba. 

The Wardogs came in on the opposite side. The Sentry and Skyhammers lined up along a direct route towards the target. The Lightning Strikes set-up on the far North. All were moving fast and at mid-alt. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Imperials

The Imperials moved forward towards the base on relatively straight approaches. The Skyhammers fell in behind Sentry 2. Meanwhile, the Lightning Strikes stayed on the far Northern side. 

The Orks angled in towards the center of the board as they raced over Skulltop.

No one had the range. 

Turn 2
Initiative: Imperials

The two sides raced towards each other on a collision course. The Fightas squaring off against the Sentry, while Boss Ironhead ended up heading straight for the Strikes. Meanwhile, the Skyhammers scooted towards the South to try and bypass the ensuing furball and the ground defenses. 

Sentry 2 opened fire at long range on Fighta 1, but his shots and skystrike went wide. 

Boss Ironhead opened up on Strike 1, and peppered the plain with shells. However, it failed to cause any serious damage. However, a return burst of Lascannon fire grazed past the Bosses Fighta and caused it to blow smoke. The Boss vowed to have a few words with his oiler Grotz when he got home. 

Sentry 1 tried to strafe the Flakwagon, bit missed. 

Fighta 1 and 2 were out of range of their Big Shootas, so they shouted at the enemy in dismay! The Flakwagon also returned fire on Sentry 1 but only managed to fill the sky with tracers. 

The Fighta-Bomma decides to launch his dual Grot Bombs.

Turn 3
Initiative: Imperial 

The Strikes on the North make their turn in towards Skulltop, and activate their targeting computers. Meanwhile, the Orks scramble around to try and get in position to attack the ground attack craft, but seem to flub most of their angles. Only Boss Ironhead seems to get a bead on Sentry 2. 

The Imperials have no shots. 

The Grot and Runtherd minding the Eavy Flak Kannon see the Strikes bearing down on Skulltop and spring into action. The grots crank the heavy gun into position, and with glee the untherd yanked the lanyard to fire. 

Oh dear! Lightning Strike 2 suddenly explodes as the shell impacts directly into the aircraft. Flight Officer Gray Roshinko is instantly killed in the blast! 

The forward Flakwagon fires on the remaining Strike. Shells bracket the plane as it screams towards its target. However, none seem to do more than chip the paint. 

Boss Ironhead fires on Sentry 2, but his shells fail to find their mark. 

Turn 4
Initiative: Imperial

The Strike and the Skyhammers move towards the target area. Skyhammer 1 fails to dive low enough for a strafing run, but the Strike and Skyhammer 2 are lined up to fire. 

Meanwhile, Fighta 1 vectors in on the Skyhammers, and Boss Ironhead targets the trailing Sentry 2 escort. 

Skyhammer 2 opens fire on the landing pad, and its rockets and Auto-cannons tear into the rugged surface causing three damage points, 1 short of destroying it outright. 

The second Flakwagon fires on the incoming Strike, but fails to find its mark despite sending up a curtain of fire.

Strike 1 lets loose with its Hellstrike missiles and turns the nearest building into a pile of rubble! 

The Eavy Flak Kannon tries to retaliate on the Strike, but misses. 

Fighta 1 peppers Skyhammer 1 with firepower, but most of it is either deflected or sinks harmlessly into the durable airframes hull. 4 hits and no damage! 

Sentry 2 fires on the Grot Bomb 2, but fails to down the small craft.

The forward Flakwagon manages to hit Skyhammer 2, and the PDF aircraft begins to blow smoke. 

Boss Ironhead grinned savagely and opened fire on Sentry 2. This time, the Orks close range firepower was too much and the small interceptor was sent plummeting towards the ground below trailing fire. However, FO Mallory managed to bail-out in time. 

Turn 5
Initiative: Imperial

The Skyhammers buzz close over the base, but can't slow down enough to fire on it again. However they seem to have picked up a tail or two as Fighta 1 and the Fighta-bomma move into their six. 

The remaining strike buzzes the base and spirals back to give it another peppering. However, a Grot Bomb and Boss Ironhead move to intercept him. 

Sentry 1 goes in low over the ridge and moves to strafe the Eavy Flak Kannon. 

Strike 1 fires his last Hellstrikes, but fails to hit the landing pad due to his quick manuevering and snap fire as Ork aircraft breathe down his throat. 

Fighta 1 sprays down the smoking Skyhammer 2, and the aircraft simply disintegrates from the fire. However, the pilot FO Madsyn manages to eject over enemy territory.

Sentry 2 strafes the Eavy Flak Kannon and kills the Runtherd and several of his gunnerz. However, the gun is still operational after taking 1 hit. The Kannon returns fire but misses by a mile or two. 

Boss Ironhead eviscerates Strike 1 at close range with his Big Shootas. The Flight Officer Dylon Trazor rides the flaming bird into amongst the Ork base, scattering flaming wreckage across the landing pad. 

The Flakwagon near Skulltop fires at the retreating Skyhammer, and sprays it with bullets. A few find their mark and the plane begins to leak fluids. 

The two Grot Bombs run out of fuel and drop from the sky the way bricks tend to drop. 

Turn 6- Disengagement
Initiative: Orks

Tailing Fire: Ork Fighta 1 opens up while tailing the damaged Skyhammer, however the altitude difference keeps most of the lead flying by over the Skyhammer's canopy. 

Both the remaining Wardog planes manage to disengage off the short table edge. 


Ouch, that was a turkey shoot! I earned 50 VP for ground targets, 12 for thwarting the Grot Bombs attempts to hit me, 6 points for a damages Eavy Flak Kannon, and 12 for damaging Boss Ironhead for a grand total of 80 VP. Da Skrapperz earned 40 for the Lightning Strikes, 14 for a Skyhammer, and 14 for a Sentry for a grand total of 68 VP. 

I can't believe I won that game! It didn't feel like a win at all. Weird.

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