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Aeronautica Imperialis: Battle Report- Raid on Platform Delta-9 Zulu

This was part of the Fued of the Red Clouds campaign and was initially played in 2012.  Some aircraft and rules were custom to the campaign.  All models are scratch built.  


Raid on Platform Delta-9-Zulu 
Warzone: 3- Station Alpha

Kor' Kau'ui Sa'cea- Graceful Hunters
Ix-02 Interceptor – Pilot: R'ian- Ace: Going Ballistic 
--Additional Weapon Load, Escape Pod

Barracuda- Pilot: Sh'ue

Tiger Shark – Pilot: H'dao
--Seeker Missiles, Target Lock, Stabilization System

Barracuda 1- Pilot: O'shan
--Weapon Load 1

Total--101 pts

Cabal of the World Walkers
Hellblade- Pilot: Rae'Ven
Hellblade- Pilot: Blak'Vind
Hellblade- Pilot: Vul'tourg

Hellfang- Pilot: Klaug

Hellspike- Pilot: H'wok
Hellspike- Pilot: T'llon

Blitzen AA Gun 
Hydra Platform


We decided to place an aerial platform to be the target. It was 12 inches in from the short table edge, and 24 from the side. On the platform was a radar tower (2 hits), and two buildings (4 hits each), a large landing pad (4 hits), and a control tower (3hits) and the chaos ground defenses. The aerial platform was randomly rolled to be at 3.

The Tau took the opposite board edge, and were divided into two groups. The first group was the “Killing Blow” composed of Elegant 1, the Ace and her Barracuda wing man. They were placed at relatively high altitude. The second group was the “Patient Hunters” composed of the Tiger Shark and ground attack Barracuda. They were also coming in at high altitude. They were moving at max speed. 

The Killing Blow

The Patient Hunters

Meanwhile, the Chaos defenders came roaring in from the opposite board edge, closest to the platform. The Hellbades formed a tight phalanx, followed by the Hellfang. They were at high altitude and max speed. They were coming in to the left of the platform, ready to sweep across. The Hellspikes came in at half speed, but were vectoring straight at the platform, to sweep over it. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Chaos

For the most part, the two sides moved towards each other. The Hellspikes staying near the platform and the Hellblades and Hellfang covering the far left. The “Killing Blow” with the Ace moved towards the scattering Hellblades. The “Patient Hunters” also closed towards the target area. 


Turn 2:
Initiative: Chaos

Everyone seems to head for the center of the board, except Hellblade 1 and the Tiger Shark who cruise along opposite board edges. The Ground Attack Barracuda is lined up to go head-to-head with the pair of Hellspikes, but Hellblade 3 is also angling in to attack. 

Meanwhile, the Killing Blow try to get the angle on Hellblade 3, but Hellblade 2 and the Hellfang move to intercept them. Things look like they are about to get ugly!

Things about to get ugly

Hellblade 3 opens fire on the Ground Attack barracuda, at the extreme end of his optimal range. Several rounds find their mark, and the aircraft begins to blow smoke. 

Barracuda 2 locks onto Hellblade 3, and lights him up with a pair of smart missiles. Hellblade 3 is incinerated in the blast, along with the pilot. The same craft's drone cannons target Hellblade 2, and several lucky shots blast through the cockpit and kill the pilot of Hellblade 2! Dang, what is happening! 

Hellspike 1 takes aim at the oncoming smoking Barracuda, and let's loose with a las-cannon shot. The beam arcs out lazily, and slices the wing right off of the Ground Attack Barracuda. As the craft plummets into the lower atmosphere to be crushed, the Air caste pilot fails to eject. Vengeance!

The Hellfang targets Elegant 1, and opens fire at optimal range. A storm of auto-cannon shells slam into the Ix-02 Interceptor, and thin trails of fluid and smoke begin to billow from the plane. However, it continues to fly on. The interceptor returns the favor by hitting the Hellfang with a drone pod seeker missile, sending shrapnel cutting through the aircraft's delicate avionics. However, it isn't enough to bring it down. 

Things got ugly!

Turn 3
Initiative: Chaos

The Tigershark dropped down for a strafing run and moved towards the target area. Meanwhile, the Hellspikes used wingman tactics to get Barricuda 2 between them, and the Hellfang moved into tailing position on Elegant 1. 

The Hellfang again took a shot at the Interceptor, but this time he was a bit too close. However, the spray of shells manages to find a weak spot, and blast the engines apart. The Interceptor's escape pod ejects, and the R'ian the Tau ace lives to fight another day as her aircraft gracefully arcs down into the Red Clouds below. 

The drone cannons of Barracuda 2 spray Hellspike 2, but the pilot weathers the storm of shots and presses his attack. 

The gun crew of the Blitzen swing into action and fire on the oncoming TigerShark. However, in their haste they fail to bring the target in line before firing. The shells explode harmlessly above the oncoming bomber. In return, the Tigershark's Target Lock homes in on the Blitzen and fires. The seeker missile locks on and strikes a bullseye. The extra damage sends the gun up in a sheet of flames and exploding ordinance. 

Hellspike 2 returned fire with his lascannon on Barracuda 2, but fails to find his mark.

Turn 4: Disengagement Turn- All ready! That was fast!
Initiative: Chaos

Barracuda 2 tries to disengage off the board with a Power Dive, but fails to make it. He is pursued by Hellpsike 2. Meanwhile, Hellspike 1 breaks off and barely stays on the board. 

The Tigershark slows down and moves right over the Aerial Platform, ready to rain down death before disengaging. Hellblade 1 and the Hellfang pursue it, but only the Hellfang will get a shot.
The Hellfang opens fire, but fails to damage the TigerShark. In return, the Tiger Shark's drone cannons pepper the Hellfang, but fail to cause any real damage. The Tiger Shark engages its Target Lock on its Ion cannon and opens fire on the aerial platforms buildings. It heavily damages the nearest barracks buildng (Reducing it to 1 Damage left) in the barrage. The Hydra platform returns fire, but fails to hit the target. 

Finally, the Hellspike takes a parting shot at Barracuda 2. He takes careful aim, and pulls the trigger. The cockpit monitor began beeping that the battery pack was dry. However, the beam arced through the sky and bored straight through the engine of the fleeing Barracuda. The Tau pilot ejected, as his plane went into a flat spin and tumbled down. The final kill of the game.

Wow, that was close and went down to the wire. If Hellspike 2 hadn't got incredibly lucky with hitting and damaging, then the game would have gone to the Tau. However, the Cabal of the World Walkers finally won the day! Their first campaign win! 

After Barracuda 2 took down two Hellblades and their pilots I started to get a bit nervous. However, The Hellspikes did one heckuva job and took down two of the attacking craft. The Hellfang did pretty well too, and effectively neutralized the Tau Ace early in the game. 

Like the Supply Drop, the bomber got through, but the supporting elements suffered for it. Both of us are going to have to think about exactly how to play these kinds of missions more effectively as the attacker going forward. 

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