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Aeronautica Imperialis- Battle Report: After Action Report

This battle took place as part of the Curse of the White Wyrm campaign in 2014.  It uses custom aircraft and rules from the campaign that can be found in my Aeronautica Imperialis review here.


The Dark Eldar are looking to capture some Tyranid specimens to bring back to Cormorragh as arena gladiators. However, to do that they first need to locate some of the creatures. A flight of Razorwings was sent to St. Abelgard's island to locate pockets of the beasts. Once discovered, the Dark Eldar can send a raiding party to capture them on the ground.

As the Razorwings approach St. Abelgard Island, they are met by a small swarm of Tyranid air creatures trying to interdict them. Pleasure ensues. 

After Action Report
Warzone: 1- St. Abelgard's Island

Swarm of the White Wyrm
2 Hags
10 points each

2 Virago with Synapse Link
19 Points each

Total= 58 points

Cabal of the Broken Blade
Razorwing 1- 
+ Detection Gear
30 Points 

Razorwing 2- Hasdrubel
+Drainleech Missiles
30 Points

Total= 60 Points

Per the rules, we set-up 6 targets for the Razorwings to try and Recon. They were scattered on the island shore on my board edge at least 8 inches from any edge. The Razorwings came in on the opposite board edge at Alt 5 and mid-speed. 

I deployed the Virago in the center at full speed and mid-altitude. The Hags were on either flank moving slow and at low altitude. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Dark Eldar

All sides move forward. The Dark Eldar head towards the target on the pennisula. The Virago's side sweep away from the Razorwings to avoid going head-to-head. The Hags move forward. 

No shooting as everyone is too far away.

Turn 2:
Initiative: Dark Eldar

The Razorwings move into range of the first target after power diving towards the hard deck. It shouldn't but their speed catches me off guard. Virago 1 side sweeps as he his out of position. Virago 2 tries to turn in as does Hag 2. Hag 1 gains altitude and moves towards the Dark Eldar. 

Razorwing 1 tries to use his detection gear on the first target and fails. He also chooses not to take a long range shot with his Dark lance at Hag 1 due to the altitude difference. I guess The DE aren't too scared of Hags. 

No one else has the proper attack angle. 

Turn 3:
Initiative: Dark Eldar

Razorwing 1 turned towards another target area to Recon. Hag 1 tried to gain altitude as Razorwing 2 spiraled around and got a firing arc on him. Virago 1 tried to chase down Razorwing 1 but failed to get a good vector. Virago 2 was too high to engage Razorwing 2. 

I failed to take any photos this turn. Sorry.

A precision blast from Razorwing 2's Dark Lance cut Hag 1 completely in half. Razorwing 1 failed to recon the target. 

Turn 4:

Razorwing 1 banked sharply and dropped altitude as they approached another Recon target. Virago 1 swung in behind them. Razorwing 2 was on a mission to show just how useless Hags are and casually flew into firing position on Hag 2. Virago 2 banked towards his board edge but was out of position. 

Razorwing 1 failed to get an image of the target area. 

Virago 1 peppered Razorwing 1 with Devourer beetles, and what looked like a clean hit was only an illusion thanks to Razorwing 1's Shadow Field. 

A drainleech missile hit from Razorwing 2 caused Hag 2 to drop to the jungle below and crash. Only a bloody smear remained. That amused my wife very much. 

Turn 5:
Initiative: Dark Eldar

Tailing Fire: Virago 2 opens up on Razorwing 1, but fails to cause any damage. Instead, she smears the Razorwing's paint with spattered bug juice.

This time, Razorwing 1's turn does not give them a new Recon target. Razorwing 2 also cuts across to try to cover Razorwing 1 as Virago 1 mistimes her turn and loses her tail on the Dark Eldar. Virago 2 cuts in and tries to line up a shot on Razorwing 2. 

Virago 2 takes a mid-range Devourer shot at Razorwing 2 but misses. 

Razorwing 2 fires on Virago 1. The Dark Lance sears the Virago's flesh, but the creature continues to fly despite the wound. 

Turn 6:
Initiative: Tyranid 

Things don't look good for the Virago as the Dark Eldar have gotten them wedged in between the two plans firing arcs. A mistimed spiral and failure to gain altitude by Virago1 could be its undoing. 

Razorwing 1 forgets about the target area and instead unloads on Virago 1. However, all of her shots miss. 

Virago 2 takes a desperate shot at Razorwing 1, but misses as well. 

Razorwing 2 fires his splinter cannons at Virago 2, but misses. 

Lot's of shooting and missing. 

Turn 7:
Initiative: Dark Eldar

Tailing Fire: Razorwing 1 uses it on Virago 1, but her shots go wide. 

Razorwing 2 spirals to set-up a kill zone as Razorwing 1 powers towards a target. Hoever, Virago 1 is right there to meet the Dark Eldar. Virago 2 tries to circle in and support the attack but can't get the angle.

Razorwing 2 uses the last of his ammo to try and blast Virago 1 away from his wingman. However the proximity to the other Dark Eldar craft protects the beast. 

The Virago attacks Razorwing 1 from above, but the altitude difference is enough to keep the slashing claws away from the fighter. 

Razorwing 1successfully snaps a recon scan of one of the Target zones.

Turn 8:
Initiative: Dark Eldar

Razorwing 2 makes a Hig-G turn and blasts off the board edge. He is out of Ammo and disengaging. 

Razorwing 1 makes another pass at a Target area. Virago 1 misjudges the Razorwings maneuver and ends up out of position. Virago 2 is in a better place, but possibly too far away, 

Razorwing 1 fails to scan the target area. Virago 2 fires at mid-range and misses the Dark Eldar. 

Turn 9:
Initiative: Tyranid

With her victory well in hand, Razorwing 1 pulls away and rockets off over St. Abelgard's Island. The slower Virago can only watch her go. 

Well, that was a bit of a turkey shoot. The Dark Eldar wracked up 39VP to my... 0. I had a couple chances but they just didn't break my way. Virago's with Synapse Link are okay to get in position but Devourers kind of suck at damaging stuff. Talons and claws are their best attack, which isn't a surprise. They are Tyranids. 

The only thing that kept me in the game so long was the fact that my wife couldn't seem to snap a recon scan of any of the target areas. Once she did, she was satisfied she would win and took off. We were both amused when the Drainleech Missile actually worked as intended on a Hag. Tee Hee. 

Another Dark Eldar win over the Tyranids.

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