Monday, June 19, 2017

Aeronautica Imperialis- Battle Report: Hunt for the White Wyrm

This battle took place as part of the Curse of the White Wyrm campaign in 2014.  It uses custom aircraft and rules from the campaign that can be found in my Aeronautica Imperialis review here.


Tau forces have begun to try and perform aerial scans of the planet in order to locate salvageable parts of the White Wyrm. To accomplish this Tigersharks have been outfitted with sophisticated sensor arrays.

Just such a craft and its escorts from The Graceful Hunters were on a routine patrol near the coast of St. Thaddayus Island. They were set upon by a roving intercept squadron from the Cabal of the World Walkers. 

Flight of the Vigilant
Warzone: St. Thaddayus Island

Cabal of the World Walkers
1 Hell Blade- Styl'Byk
12 points

1 Hell Blade- Ga'Ven
12 Points

1 Hell Blade- E'gal 
12 Points

Hell Blade- D'rkroe
12 Points

Total= 48 points

The Graceful Hunters
Barracuda- H'deo
18 points

Barracuda- Se'rah
18 Points 

Tigershark- G'en
Detection Gear
20 Points

Total= 56 Points


My wife wasn't happy with our last battle and wanted a rematch. This time she wanted to fly one of her big birds, and have me to try and shoot it down. I was happy to oblige. 

The Flight of the Vigilant mission the attacker tries to fly their bomber off the opposite board edge to win the scenario. 

The Tau came on together as a group at Max speed and Alt 7 towards the center of the board. The Tigershark was in the center, flanked by both Barracuda. The Hell Blades came in on the opposite board corners in pairs. They were at speed 8 and Alt 3 and 5 on the East and 7 and 9 on the West. I wanted to cover the board as best I could. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Chaos

Both sides raced forward towards contact. The Tigershark and Barracuda 2 turned to the East while Barracuda 1 side slipped towards the west. The Hell Blades did not change altitude or speed and angled towards the center of the board. 


Turn 2:
Initiative: Tau

Barracuda 1 moves up the center of the board to act as bait, and Hellblade 3 goes for it. They are going head-to-head. Barracuda 2 and the Tigershark shrewdly stay to the Eastern side of the board. Hellblade 1 and 2 move to intercept, but don't have the right altitude to engage the Tigershark. Hellblade 4 mistimes his turn in and is out of position.... for now. 

Barracuda 2 opens fire on Hellblade 2 who is the closet to closing in on the Tigershark. His aim is true and Hellblade 2 is vaporized and the pilot incinerated in the blast. 

Seeing his Cabal brother go down, Hell Blade 3 viffs and fires a strafing burst on Barracuda 1. Shells tear into the Tau machine and cause it to blow smoke. The Tau pilot returns fire and vaporizes the petulant Hellblade in a storm of Ion and Smart Missiles. The pilot's ashes are scattered across the ocean of Arbos. 

Turn 3:- Disengagement Turn
Initiative: Chaos

Hell Blade 1 has had enough and shoots away from the furball. Hell Blade 4 tries to anticipate and get behind the Tigershark, but instead ends up in the sights of Barracuda 2. The Tigershark easily eludes him with a Power Dive away from his position. 

Barracuda 2 opens fire on Hellblade 4, but his shots go wide of the mark. 

With that, the Chaos forces peel off and bug out. The Tigershark is free to continue its mission. 

Well, lesson learned. Don't try to take Hellblades head-to-head against Barracudas again. I forget how fragile they can be sometimes. This time I got a bit cocky, and paid a heavy price. No need to add up the points again. The Tau won easily.

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