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Battle Report: Restless Stars- Operation: Hemlock


Restless Stars is my unit-vs-unit generic sci-fi skirmish game.  Today, my Skumgrod and I are using it to fight a battle in our ongoing and open ended Operation: Hemlock campaign.  This campaign takes place on a homebrew campaign setting in the Warhammer 40K universe circa 5th edition of so.  Despite it taking place in the Warhammer 40K universe, we are using all sorts of games to play-out the campaign.  

Big Boss Nobsplitta peaked out the window of the Mek Shed he was holed up in.  Explosions rocked the area, and the sound of jet engines filled the sky.  Smoke filled the air and made seeing difficult, but he knew the Oomies were coming.  He licked his lips in anticipation of the fight. 

The boyz had landed on this pile of rock and dirt a while ago.  At first, it had been all fun and laughs as they zoomed around on their buggies and Truks just krumpin' all the Oomies they could lay their hands on.  They got all the way to the gates of a big Oomie camp full of slaves for the takin'.  Then, the serious fightin' got started.  Since then, the Oomiez had been the ones having all the laughs.  

Now, he and his fellow Nobz and boyz had been pushed all the way back to the edge of the Big Bloo.  The tin kanz they used to get across from Skarbashz island were no where to be seen.  The only way back there was to swim, and Nobsplitta and his boyz never bothered to learn how.  They had intended to make take over this pile and lord of the Oomie slavez.  It had been a good plan, but Skarbash had failed to deliver on his end of the deal.  Never trust a Morker.  

The Oomiez had hit them with tanks, artillery, bombs, and whatever else they could find.  Most of the ladz had managed to survive holed up in their bunkerz and hutz.  Well, enough had anyway.  The Oomiez had rolled up in their trakz, and now they had to go the rest of the way sloggin'.  This was going to be Nobsplittaz chance to get in some good laughs now.  He and his boyz were still plannin' on rulin' this place, but it might take a bit longer and some 'arder fightin' than he first thought. 

However, there was no place left to fall back to.  It was now or never to show dem Oomiez who was boss of these shakz, and why not now?  

Across the gloom, movement caught his eye.  He squinted and leaned into the peakhole.  Yup, movement across the rubble all right.  Oomiez.  Time for some fun.  He smiled to himself for the carnage ahead. 


For this battle, we changed it up a bit and decided to go more infantry heavy! 

Taskforce: Sword

PDF Command Squad
- Regular Infantry
- Squad Support Weapons     
- Small Size
- Leader

PDF Infantry Squads
- Regular Infantry

Militia Refugees
- Irregular Infantry

Panther's Claws Space Marines
- Elite Infantry
- Armored
- Rapid Fire

Scout Cars x 3
- Regular Mounted
- Squad Support Weapons
- Fast

Ork Defenders

Ork Nobz Squad
- Regular Infantry
- Armored
- Leader
- Combat Weapons

Big Bangerz Mob
- Irregular Infantry
- Armor Piercing
- Rapid Fire

Stomperz X 2
- Irregular Infantry

Basherz x 2
- Irregular Infantry
- Fierce
- Combat Weapons

Killa Kanz x2
- Irregular Infantry
- Armored
- Squad Support Weapons

Dakka Dakka 
- Irregular Infantry
- Rapid Fire

In the center of the board is a Adaconite spire.  The continued war effort of the Orks on Baron's Rest depends on maintaining access to the Adaconite here.  It is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, with the Adaconite leading deep beneath the ground.  With this resource, the Orks can continue to build weapons of war and keep their tenacious hold on Baron's Rest.  The force that is touching the Adaconite at the end of the game wins.

In addition, the battlefield is covered in the dense smoke and fog of battle.  LOS is restricted per the rules for this complication. 

The terrain is set-up with a scattering of scrap, walls, and buildings.  Both sides set-up 6 inches in from their edge.  

The Imperial forces from their left to right are 1 Scout car, PDF Troops, Command Squad, Militia, PDF Troops, Panther's Claws, 2 Scout Cars.

The Orks on the other side from their own left to right are, Dakka Dakka boyz, Stomperz. Killa Kan, Basherz,  Big Bangerz, Nobz Mob, Stomperz, Killa Kan, and Basherz.  

You can see the Adaconite spire in the center of the board. 

Maneuver Phase: 
Both sides tentatively move up in the smoke, dust, and fog that hangs thickly across the Mek Shedz.  Both sides are hampered by command and control issues.  The Imperial Refugee Militia refuses to move during the opening of the battle.  As the Killer Kanz seem to have trouble on the Ork side. 

The Imperial right flank has some success as the Space Marines and Scout Car manage to eliminate a bold, forward operating mob of Orks with shootas, sending their last scrambling back to safety.  However, the Big Boss starts making his way to the objective under the cover of the Big Bangerz guns.

The Scout car on the Imperial left scoots forward aggressively, but can not see the Killer Kan he his heading straight towards due to the fog.  In addition, the Ork boyz with shootaz on the Ork right have a good firing position on the objective.  

The Imperial Command Squad boldly leads the way and gets to the Adaconite spire first, bravely urging his troops forward.  The Killa Kan on the Ork left sees one of the Scout cars and opens fire, cauing 3 hits.  The Ork Big Boss also manages to get to the Adaconite Spire, but on the opposite side as the Imperial officers.  The Big Boss is followed by a horde of Basher boyz.  

The Ork right flank is hampered by command issues and the fog, failing to do much against the Imperial troops moving in. 

Battle Phase: 
The Panther's Claws open fire on the Ork Big Boss on the Objective and whiddle his forces down.  The Scout Car on the Imperial left manages to see and hit the Killa Kan for serious damage.  In return, the Ork Boss comes around the objective and lights up the scout car for some damage.  The Killa Kan also charges it, but in a fierce close range firefight, the Killa Kan is destroyed when the commander of the Scout Car manages to hit it with a Krak grenade up close.  

On the Ork left, the remaining Killa Kan manages to destroy another Scout Car with accurate fire from it's weaponry.

The remnants of an Ork Basher squad breaks from the objective and attacks an Imperial PDF infantry unit.  The fighting is close and upfront, with 3 Orks taking out 5 PDF troopers.  Firing from the last Killa Kan on the Ork left fails to damage the last Scout Car, while the last Basherz unit surges forward. 

End Phase:
The Last Scout Car devastates the Ork assault on the Imperial right, sending the few Basher survivors fleeing.  The Panther's Claws break cover and try to make for the objective, but they are under the (unreliable) guns of the Big Bangerz.  The Imperial Command Squad at the Objective is reinforced as the Militia finally move up and take positions to defend the Adaconite spire.

The Killa Kan forces the Scout Car on the Ork left to withdraw after damaging it.  On the other side, the Stomperz open fire on the other scout car, but barely scratch it.  The Big Bangerz start chittering excitedly about the enemy Space Marines in front of them and in the open, but fail to fire!  

The Panther's Claws get into position at the base of the Adaconite Spire, but they are exposed.  They trust in their armor.  Imperial PDF troopers on the left fire on the Ork Stomperz, and kill a couple.  

The Ork Killa Kan comes around the corner, and fires into the Space Marines with its big gun and tears the squad up.  In addition, fire from the Ork Dakka Dakka boys put paid to the Space Marines and render them combat non-effective.  The Ork Stomperz also return fire on the PDF troopers and take out a few.  

Finally, the Ork Boss turns the corner and attacks the Imperial Militia up close and personal.  He loses his Painboy, but in exchange he kills three Oomiez and sends them running for safety.  That leaves him and the Imperial Commander holding the Adaconite spire. 

The battle for the Adaconite Spire is a draw! 

The squeal of jet engines roars over the battlefield, and both sides have to hastily jump for cover.  Cluster munitions rain down on the field of battle, but when the smoke clears the Adaconite is still standing in No Man's Land between the battling forces.  Neither side was able to successfully take control of the vital resource.   

With heavy fighting in the ruins of the Ork Settlement, Commander Brusilov orders the troopers of Taskforce: Sword back.  He orders the PDF to fall back and encircle the shanty town.  He then calls forward his artillery to begin bombarding the city, and to flatten it.  PDF Heavy Bombers from North Ammoriss proper also join the bombardment, as do local strike fighters.  

The last bastion of the Ork on Baron's Rest was slowly being pounded into a crater. 

Well, the second time I have had a big Restless Stars battle that ended up inconclusive.  Next time, I think we will give Xenos Rampant a go.  Perhaps we can get a more decisive result with those.  I also  printed up a 6mm Imperial force for a big climactic battle, BUT I have been having some issues with the Ork side.  Therefore, the big field battle has been delayed.  I will keep you posted on how that progresses. 

Until next time! 

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