Monday, April 11, 2022

On The Painting Desk- It was a Dark Time


Welcome back to the Painting Desk.  

Last time we were at the Painting Deck, I was primarily building and painting up Korean War aircraft for White Star/Red Star.  Those are all done now.  I have enough aircraft for the Communists and the USAF.  I had a good time painting up the Tumbling Dice 1/600 aircraft so if I manage to finish off my other goals this year, maybe I will add on with some British Commonwealth or USN/USMC birds as well to complete my collection.  They are affordable and easy enough to paint.  

However, that will be posts for another day.  Today we will focus on the Dark Age Irish.  These are from Wargame Atlantic's Dark Age Irish range.  I used my traditional bases of metal 1 inch washers.  They went together easy, even if I felt like some of the sprue connection points were in hard to reach places.  

This army is the sample Line of Battle from my soon to be Wargame Vault released set of rules; Fury of the Northman.  This army is 60 miniatures; 20 warriors, 20 skirmishers, and 20 slingers.  The Dark Age Irish are a lighter, more mobile, and more ranged force than their Viking foes will be.  I am interested in seeing how they fare against each other.  However, before I can do that we will need to paint them up.

The first thing I tackled was the Irish Wolfhounds.  They painted up really quick, so I also started working on the Skirmishers that went with them.  This is a big change to how I approached the Vikings.  

This time I was painting by unit type rather than bulk painting the entire force.  I undercoat them all white using cheap acrylic paints, then I switched to my Armypainter paints and went to work.  I used the following: 

1. Barbarian Flesh as the primary flesh tone
2. I used a selection of Desert Yellow, Daemonic Yellow, Mummy Robes, Leather Brown, Fur Brown, Monster Brown, Leather Brown, Skeleton Bone, and Ash Grey as the primary colors.  Maybe the leader or wealthier units may have some Ultramarine Blue, Jungle Green, Matte White, or Pure Red for their tunics.
3. Weapons use Oak Brown and Skeleton Bone for hafts and Gunmetal for blades
3. Hair colors are typically Daemonic Yellow, Sunburst Orange, Fur brown, Monster Brown, and Dark Stone
4. Then I use Daemonic Yellow, various Metallics, and contrasting Browns for details like belts, buckles, sheathes, etc.  
5. Then, I typically give them a strong tone wash depending on the end result I want

I will base them with Territorial Brown from big box acrylic paints with a spattering of lichen.  I typically do that at the end of the process.  Normally, this will be where I put on the shields, but I think these skirmishers will not have them.  

I used the same basic process as I proceeded onto the next units of the army; slingers.  Now, I only had ten slinger arms and I needed two units of 10!  That could be an issue.  However, the Wargame Atlantic sprue also made use of models throwing rocks. I sprinkled these guys into the unit, and it really helps give them that "non-professional" look to them.  That gave me enough models for the two units.  

Preparing them and painting them went pretty much the same as the skirmishers.  I made use of the same color palette too.  Since they don't have shields, slingers and skirmishers go together relatively quickly compared to warrior units.  Here is what they ended up looking like.  

These units without shields can go pretty fast.  Once I have the army all painted up, I will base them.  For now, they get bare washers.  

In addition to getting started on my Dark Age Irish, I also painted a Fantasy miniature!  We had a new player join our D&D circle.  They bought a miniature for their character, but had no idea how to paint it.  I stepped in a painted it for them to help out, as they do not need to learn how to paint for one model!  This is a Reaper metal model that the player had purchased from somewhere..... 

So, that's where we are at on the Dark Age Irish.  At this rate, it won't take long to finish off the whole army.  I hope I can keep up the pace!

Check out the Blood and Spectacles Wargame Vault page to find Fury of the Northman    

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