Monday, November 12, 2018

On the Painting Desk: Nano-Metal Figs Superheroes

A player of war games should never let things like lack of miniatures get in the way of gaming. I am not averse to using paper templates, proxies, and toys in order to get a game in. I think some genres are especially suited to this approach. I have made it no secret that I think the Super-hero genre is ripe for using toys, especially in 2018 when super-heroes are all the rage. There are plenty of low-cost toys out there that can be used with minimal repainting. These can be used with games like the Batman/DC Miniature games, the defunct Marvel Miniature games, Super System, and more.

One thing I like about the Super-hero genre of wargames is the ability to do some light Role-play as you play. You can have your heroes or villains spout one liners, act heroically, or perform despicable deeds. It is all part of the fun! The fact that you can start into them so cheaply is just a bonus to me.

To this end, I have been working my small collection of Nano-Metal figures. I bought 3 5 packs for about $15 at a local large retailer. That averages out to about a $1 per figure. I then give them the barest of re-paints and a wash. Just like that, my own Super-heroes are made at about the 32-36mm scale. Conveniently, about the scale may skirmish war games are going. When you look at my efforts it will probably be very easy to tell who was who originally.

I have two main groups. The first is the Union of Semi-Professional Heroes and the second is the villainous Black Hearts. I will be using these guys with the SuperSystem 4th Edition rules. I have used these rules a couple oftimes, and enjoyed them.

The Union is composed of amateur, free-lance super-heroes who are not aligned to any government, corporation, or organization. However, each member has dedicated themselves to helping uphold peace, justice, and the law. The Union was founded by The Riverine after he split ways with United States government over his role during the Vietnam War. The Union has been an active organization since 1968. Typically, a the more senior members act as role-models and mentors for younger heroes to help them learn to live as a Super-hero in the modern world. Each member pays monthly dues and agrees to help their fellow members. One of the main benefits is their group health plans, liability coverage, and retirement packages. Afterall, unless you are artificially kept young by an ageless, mystical artifact like the Riverine, you want to retire eventually.

Here you can see the latest roster of the Union.

From front to back, left to right is Mr. Amazing, The Riverine, and Red Streak. The next row left to right is The Duelist, Rampart, and Safeguard. The back row from left to right is The Shark, Oni, Hotness, and Kata.

Mr. Amazing- Mr. Stupendous Archetype
The Riverine- The Shield Slinger Archetype
Red Streak- Speed Demon Archetype
Duelist- Terrible, Swift Sword Archetype
Rampart- Immovable Object Archetype
Safeguard- The Guardian Archetype
Shark- He Just Won't Stay Down Archetype
Oni- Unstoppable Force Archetype
Hotness- Death from Above Archetype
Kata- Lucky Striker Archetype

The Black Hearts are a mercenary bunch of powered individuals. Each has their own nefarious goals and objectives, but they are united in a common understanding that they can not stand alone against heroic groups like the Union. There best chances is to band together in their own evil, yet enlightened self-interests. The individual members of the Black Guards often dislike or even despise each other but they are willing to work together for mutual gain and profit. Many of the Black Hearts members simply want to get paid, while others have more far reaching and grander schemes. However, unlike the Union; the Black Hearts are not afraid to get their hands dirty and cause collateral damage for their cause. Of course, their cause is determined by the highest bidder.

In the front row, left to right is the Nihilist, Black-out, Troll. The second row is Sock Puppet, Metal Head, Brainstorm, and Vampyre. The last row from left to right is Buzzard, Titan, and Cayman.

Nihilist- Empath Archetype
Black-out- Machine Gun puncher Archetype
Troll- Fate's Gunner Archetype
Sock Puppet- Dominator Archetype
Metal Head- Immovable Object Archetype
Brainstorm- Brain Burner Archetype
Vampyre- He Just Won't Stay Down Archetype
Buzzard- Death from Above Archetype
Titan- Mr. Stupendous Archetype
Cayman- Unstoppable Force Archetype

Each character has there own back simple back story, origin, and motivations. However, I will introduce those more in any future battle reports I use these guys in, like I introduced Safeguard and Buzzard in the Smuggler's Run!battle report.

You can look forward to seeing these guys as we finish off 2018 and move in 2019.

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