Monday, May 28, 2018

On the Painting Desk- Men of Bronze

I have sent all of the final documents and photographs to Osprey Games for the publishing of Men of Bronze to move forward.  I will keep you folks in the loop as it progresses.  In the meantime, I thought I would share a few photos of the three armies I am building for future battle reports and demos of the game.

All models are from the Victrix range for Greeks or Macedonians.  They are assembled and painted by my friend Nick.  They are from my personal collection and (poorly) photographed by me. 

The first army is a classic Spartan army.  When complete it will have:

2 Elite Hoplite Units to act as the Spartiates
1 Drilled Hoplite Unit to act as Perikoi
2 Psiloi as armed Helots

Spartiates and Psiloi
The second army is from the city-state of Corinth, the second largest naval power in Greece.  After Athens lost the Peloponnesian War to Sparta the Spartans established a hegemony across Greece.  After some time, the Spartan yoke began to chafe and an alliance of Corinth, Argos, Athens, and Thebes rose up and challenged Sparta with Persian backing.  This is known as the Corinthian War. 

The Corinthian Army is anothe rclassic city-state army.  When complete it will have:

2 Drilled Hoplites from Corinth
1 Militia Hoplites from local allies
1 Archer unit
1 Peltast mercenary unit recruited in Thrace
1 Psiloi unit of local light infantry

Corinthian Hoplites in Phalanx

Greece would eventually fall to squabbling between City-states after Thebes replaced Sparta as the dominant City-state in Greece.  However, to the North in Macedon a new power was rising.  King Phillip the Second of Macedon was reforming and building an army of his own.  He made various reforms to the formations and style of his forces bent on capturing Greece and beyond.  However, his southern neighbors paid him little heed until it was too late. 
The Macedonian Army represents Phillip's forces as they move towards the Battle of Chaeronea.  It will have the following:

2 Macedonina Phalanx units
1 Drilled Hoplites from Thessaly
1 Cavalry squadron of Macedonians
1 Unit of Psiloi light troops

Macedonian Phalanx

So far, completed I have the following:

1 Spartan Hoplite unit
1 Corinthian Hoplites
1 Macedonian Phalanx 
1 Peltast unit
1 Psiloi unit
1 Archer unit

Archers and Psiloi in Loose Formation
There is still plenty of painting to do, but with my photos done and submitted for now, I can relax abit.  I won't need these for battle reports and Demos until Mid to Late 2019 now.  Osprey has long lead and production times since they are part of a much larger publishing company.  However, these three armies will stand ready to take the field before then.  

These three armies, cost me ~$250 from Victrix.  They will form the basis of my Men of Bronze armies.  However, I will also be using them in Broken Legions as the Argonaut Faction and Of Gods and Mortals as the basis of a Greek force.  I will only need to add a God and a Hero or two.  Plus, they can double up for a variety of other ancient games.  Who knows, maybe I can even get a game of Warhammer Ancient Battles or Hail Caesar in with these guys?   

No matter what, I am sure you will see more of these guys on this blog in the future.  

Spartans hold the Gates against the Corinthians


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