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Battle Report: Aeronautica Imperialis- Wall Breaker on Tokokai 5

Clanguard from the Irongard Expedition Fleet had successfully landed and established  forward operating bases on the surface of Tokaki 5.  From there, they prepared to assault the Ork Strongholds that sat amid the ruins of the Tokaki Clan’s mine heads.  In order to enter the mines and search for remanat so the Tokokai Clan, the Clanguard would need to push the Orks out of their settlements. 

To make matters more difficult, most of the Ork settlements were protected by crude earthen walls.  Varingyr are masters of mining and underground combat, but they lacked the numbers and equipment for a full blown siege.  Azoki Helmsward wanted this to be a quick operation to identify if Tokokai 5 was worth a full war effort of her Clan.  She was unable to bombard the walls from orbit as the wall was too close to the Tokokai Clan’s mineheads, and could unduly damage material and structures necessary for their resurgence.    

Therefore, Azoki turned once again to her mighty Warlord Airships to lead the way.  They would use their bomb loads and powerful Bombardment Cannons to blast through the Ork Curtain Wall.  However, the walls were laced with AA batteries and weaponry.  In addition, feral Ork aircraft patrolled the skies and would quickly move to intercept her Warlords.  Therefore, each airship was accompanied by an escort of fighters and strike fighters to suppress enemy aircraft and AA. 

Once the wall was breached, her ground forces could storm forward and push the Orks out of the Tokokai Clans holdings.  Once cleared, the search for her allied Clans members could begin in earnest.

Varingyr Clanguard
1 Warlord Super-Heavy Airship
-          Weapon Loads- Bombs
2 Iron Eagles
-          Additional Weapon Load- Mag-cannons
2 Strike Eagles
-          Additional Weapon Load- Rockets/Mag-cannons

Feral Ork Defenders
1 Tractor Cannon
1 Eavy Flak Cannon
2 Flak Wagons
3 Fightas
-          Additional Weapons- Rokits
1 Fighta-Bomma
1 Grot Buzza

This is the Wallbreaker scenario from the Airspace Compilation.  In this mission a wall is set-up 10 inches in from the board edge and runs long edge to long edge.   Each section has 4 hits.    

The Orks have set-up their ground defenses across the line, anchored by the fearsome tractor Kannon and Eavy Flak Kannon.  The Ork aircraft are set-up in reserves as they rush to defend the wall from attack.   

The Varingyr have set-up with the Iron Eagles and Strike Eagles in a single package at the center of the board and mid-altitude and full speed.  The Warloard is deployed out to the board edge, looking to sweep in and use its broadside Bombardment Cannons on the Wall.      

Turn 1:
Initiative: Varingyr

 The Iron Eagles and Strike Eagles raced in at altitude 2  and full speed straight at the wall.  Their mission was to take-out the dreaded Traktor Kannon before the Warlord got close.  That diabolical Ork weapon could take down the Warlord in 1-shot since it effected altitude and not hits.  The Warlord had plenty of hits, but no speed. 

The Ork fighters stayed in reserve since it was turn 1.


Turn 2:
Initiative: Orks

A Grot Buzza moves into the area and proceeds towards the oncoming Varingyr craft.  Meanwhile, the Iron Eagle and Strike Eagles move to line up on the Traktor Kannon.  There is no subtlety in their approach.  The Warlord moves to come in behind them. 


Turn 3:
Initiative: Orks

No new Ork aircraft enter the board.  However, the Grot Krews are whipped to their gun pits by Ork Runtherdz.  The Grot Buzza rolls away from the oncoming enemy, hoping to loop back in and avoid their head-to-head firepower. 

The Varingyr press ahead, ready to enter the Flak Zone.  The smaller craft split into two strike packages with a Strike and Iron Eagle respectively.  The Warlord truddles up behind  and points towards the enemy walls. 


Turn 4:
Initiative: Orks

The Buzza look slike he has avoided going head-to-head. 

The Varingyr are going straight down the throat of the Ork Defenders.  They are starting to wish they had spent more on Ground Defenses and less on aircraft that haven’t showed up yet!

The Ork Traktor Kannon took aim and fired on the Lead Strike Eagle.  With a blue-white beam, the stench of ozone, and hellacious Wumzzap! It connected on the lead Varingyr craft.  With glee the Gretchin Krew jammed the downward lever, and the Varingyr craft was whipped down into the ground and destroyed!  That was the power of the Traktor Kannon! 

The Varingyr’s second Strike Eagle opened fire on the Ork gun.  Despite a fusillade of fire, the Gretchin Krew stood by their weapon and readied it to fire again!  

The Eavy Flak Kannon also fired, but missed!

Turn 5:
Initiative: Orks

The Buzza tried to turn back into the fight, but was far out of position.  Meanwhile, Iron Eagle 1 peeled off and turned to chase the Grot down.  Another Ork Fighta showed up and sped in over the wall to disrupt the Varingyr attack, but the enemy aircraft swooped out of his field of fire and closed in on the Flak gun to the side of the wall.  The Warlord followed themto avoid the Traktor Kannon  and prepped the Barrage Cannons.    

The Flak Gun saw the incoming Strike Eagle and opened fire.  The shells raced up and pattered ont eh Varingyr craft causing it to blow smoke!  Despite the barrage, the Strike Eagle returns fire with its last rockets and blasts the gun emplacement apart!  The point of attack on the wall is now clear. 

The Eavy Flak Kannon fires on the huge Warlord, but misses.  The Traktor Kannon fires on Iron Eagle 2, but misses.

The Warlord chooses to hold off on firing as it closes the distance. 

Turn 6:
Initiative: Orks   

Two more Ork fightas show up and race straight at the Warlord, who slowly moves towards the target.   Fighta 3 also tries to swing in on the big ship. 

Buzza tries to circle back, but Iron Eagle 1 gets on his tail.  Iron Eagle 2 just flashes beneath the approaching Orks, and Strike Eagle 1 turns into the, and goes beneath them.

The Warlord looks like it is in position to destroy the wall. 

Fighta 1 and 2 are too close for Rokits.  The two fighta’s pilots try for sustained bursts but fail.  In addition, their close range shooting does not scratch the paint on the Warlord.  The Eavy Flak Kannon also fails t stop the big ship. 

Iron Eagle 1 fires on the Buzza, but fails to bring it down.  The Warlord unloads its Barrage Cannon at close range and simply decimates that section of the wall.  The Wall has been penetrated, and the Varingyr have won the battle. 

Turn 7- Disengagement Turn
Initiative: Orks

Tailing Fire: Iron Eagle 1 misses the Buzza. 

For the most part, the Orks and Varingyr are happy to disengage without further conflict.

The Eavy Flak Kannon hits the Warlord for 1 point of damage.  As it departs, the Warlord drops her bombs on a section of the wall, but fail to destroy it. 

Hmmm, the Super-Heavy bomber had no problems getting through and destroying the wall.  The only set back was the traktor Kannon taking out a Strike Eagle.  I knew that thing would be trouble.  I wanted to get in a position where the Barrage Cannons could really pound the wall, but the failure to destroy the Traktor Kannon forced me to go out wider than I wanted. 

Looking at the Scenario, the enemy aircraft should not be in reserve as by the time they show up, it is all over but the crying.  The Defender should really stock up on more ground defenses but that might not even be enough to stop a Harbinger or similarly sized enemy craft.  This scenario would be more interesting against a swarm of strike fighters and smaller bombers instead. 

Victory for the Varingyr leads them to….

…. Pitched battle scenario.  I will need to use Strike Eagles here as well.  Perhaps I will use the same board set-up as well to represent the Varingyr trying to force the wall?    

The Vox crackled to life....

"Target Breached.  Retunring to Base."

The War Council let out a cheer aboard Azuki's Helmward's flagship.  They relayed the report back down to the Clanguard on Tokokai 5's surface.  Almost immediately, Varingyr armored forces began to roll out towards the Ork positions.  Iron Eagle and other aircraft dusted off to support the attack. 

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