Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Random: What's On The Table?

We have all faced it, the inevitable and unwinnable conflict.  It is a classic match-up like the immovable object vs. the unstoppable force, Space Marines vs. Space Orks, or Target vs. Wal-mart.  That is the inevitable conflict between Real Life and Hobby Life. 

I have run smack dab into this conflict recently.  Between my schedule, my families schedule, my opponent’s schedules etc. there has been very little time to game.  However, I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some of the items that are still on the table!  These are games that are all set-up and ready to be played but I haven’t had the time to actually play with anyone yet!   

First up is this….

Another battle in the continuing Castles in the Sky Balkan Uprising Campaign

This time, the Balkan League is patrolling the Aegean for Turkish troop ships when the run afoul of an Ottoman League patrol.  This will feature the French Fleet assets supported by the Greek Armored Cruiser vs. an Austro-Hungarian squadron. 

You probably recognize my infamous paper templates and Aeronautica Imperialis bases. 

 Next up is this….

This is the first scenario in the Tomorrow’s War rulebook called Lost and Found.  You then see for yourself how accurate my review was.  Some people feel that this scenario is unbalanced.  We will have to see what happens.    

An Imperial Tie Striker was lost on routine air patrol on the forest planet of Tabletooine.  The Imperial pilot escaped and is evading rebel troopers in a nearby outbuilding.  Imperial Stormtroopers from a nearby garrison have been sent in to locate and rescue him and recover the Tie’s recorder device. 

The miniatures are old Star Wars Micro Machine toys that are probably 10mm scale or so?  The terrain is my trusty green mat, lichen, and electrician’s box that have served me well for so many games.    

Finally, I managed to get my Blood Bowl teams assembled (but not painted) and I taught my daughter how to play.  We might see a few of our game reports once I figure out how to write a good Blood Bowl battle report. 

I hope to have these battles done and updated soon.  In addition, I have mulling over some new purchases to review.  I am torn.  There are two genres three major genres that I have never really given much thought or effort to; Nappies, WWII, and Wild West.  However, lately I have been wanting to dabble my feet in them.  Maybe I will pick something up to review soon.  


These have both really been tempting me.  The Wild West will have to wait, but I think I have a copy of Legends of the Old West banging around here somewhere! 

Lastly, I have an upcoming review of Pulp Alley rules.  I have been reading through them and there are a lot of interesting ideas and concepts to comment on. 

Then, I also have some of the Frostgrave supplements to comment on. 

So I have a few reviews locked and loaded for the next few weeks.  I just hope stupid real life doesn’t ruin my plans! 

Final Thoughts
Like many of us, Real Life has been getting in the way of my important wargame projects.  However, I still have some projects to be posting soon.  In addition, I have archival content that I will use to bolster the slow times for me with things like, AeronauticaImperialis, The Games: Blood andSpectacles, and Da Deff Island Skirmish, and other things from my days of yore.    

Stay Tuned!   

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