Monday, December 11, 2023

On the Painting Table: For the Glory of Ra- More Egyptians for Kadesh


Faithful readers, you know I have been working on a 6mm project for the Battle of Kadesh for sometime now.  This means I have been grinding out work on an Egyptian army first.  I have completed the following: 

  • 4 Bases of Skirmishers with Bows
  • 4 Bases of Auxiliary Infantry with Bows
  • 2 Bases of Levy Infantry with Bows
However, that still leaves a whole lot of bases left to paint.  I have started tackling the largest single unit of the force, the Archers.  There are 6 total units.  Each unit has 12 strips of 4 archers and two command strips also with 4 figures.  That means each unit will have 56 figures per base.  That's a lot of batch painting.  

Progress was very slow on these units.  Painting any single 6mm figure is pretty simple.  Undercoat black, use Bronzed Flesh for skin tone, add white on the skirt, and skeleton bone for the bow/quiver, brown on the base.  Easy.  However, batch painting all of of them..... not easy or fun.  

I actually decided to paint them by unit to break things up a bit.  I batched the undercoating, then skin tones.  Once I painted the flesh on 2 units worth I went back to unit #1 and painted the other colors.  Then, I flesh undercoated unit #3 and then went back to finishing off Unit #2.  I did this routine over a few week ends until they were all complete.  

From there, I went onto the basing.  I used the same method of gap filler spackle that I have been using.  The command elements were a bit more complicated because I had to "cut" them off the strips so I could arrange them to face the correct way.  However, it was nothing complicated.  The biggest danger was one of them flying off into space, but a closed hand around the piece solved this little issue. 

After letting the bases fully dry, I moved onto one of my least favorite parts.  I painted all the bases using a Territorial Brown dry brushed with a Khaki color.  Then, I used a Green wash to add some foliage look.  The last step was to re-edge the bases with pure black.  This helps the whole unit stand out a bit on the table and look finished.  

6 Units down.  That left 5 bases of Egyptian Infantry including a base of Sherden Guards, and 3 bases of chariots to call this army done.  The bulk units were now complete.  The race to finishing off the Egyptian army before the end of the year was on!  

Below you can see the 12 bases the army is right now.  This is a mix of Auxiliary infantry with bows, Levy infantry with bows, archers, and bow armed skirmishers.  You can see that firepower was a big part of this army.      

Until next time.  I hope I have the whole army done! 

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