Monday, January 9, 2023

Castles in the Sky - Random Photo Dump and Resources


This thread is just a picture dump for some of the fleets for Castles in the Sky.  My local game group has really expanded their fleets, which have allowed us a lot of great games.  Many of them I have not been personally part of, or was too busy to really document all that was happening.  Therefore, I decided to put up this post to dump some of these photos into!  I will try to elaborate when I can, but sometimes I even I have no idea what is really happening.  

This one is a German Fleet, but the interesting thing is that they printed it all up on MDF/chip board.  They then glues it all together to give it a 3D element.  It is pretty cool, and I was really impressed.  They got measurements from somewhere, and really went to town on the designs! Thanks to the technology, they have a huge fleet for the Germans. 

This one is a Brigade Model.  Pretty sure it was one of their older American ship sculpts and the painted intentionally tried to paint it like the Great White Fleet.  You can see a destroyer to the left in the shot, and a cruiser to the right.  

Here is a French fleet from Brigade Models in a big battle royale between the French, British, Americans, and Germans.  We were using a blue dice for altitude, pink for speed, and black for command dice.  After this battle, we decided to convert much of this book keeping to off-table cards.  

Here we see some close action between the German and American fleets, somewhere in South America?  A German Destroyer accidentally (or was it intentional) crashed into the American cruiser and got totally smashed aside for the trouble.  The heavy fire exchanged between the two sides was spectacular!    

Some British ships from Brigade Models that were painted by Lone Wolf Painting in Rexburg, Idaho.  These guys were taking part in the Book Launch party.  A nice hefty battleship, a cruiser, and an escort.  Nice little St. George's flags from Brigade as well.  At this battle, we were tracking most of the key stats on a white board that all players could see.  

Here is a British Escort and scouting flotilla, with some light cruisers, destroyers, and Battle Cruisers to lead the way!  These and the British above were painted by Misha Hansen of Lone Wolf Painting in Idaho.  You can find his Instagram at #lone_wolf_painting.  He does commission work too.  

The Republic of France takes on an Italian fleet.  The French are Brigade Models, while the Italians are older Dystopian Wars flyers.  I think they were from the FSA range, but the name is escaping me at the moment.  We were tracking our speed and altitude on off-board sheets.  


A Brigade British Battleship takes on an Austro-Hungarian battleship using Spartan's Dystopian Wars range.  I think we were using my white board to track ship details in this one.  Since this has two flying stands, we were using the "mid-point" of the ship for measurements.    

Finally, the British engage further with an Austro-Hungarian fleet somewhere in the Balkans.  The British are again from Brigade Models, while the Dual Monarchy forces are from Spartan's older Prussian line of airships for Dystopian Wars.  I think the smaller Spartan airships were called a Pfecht or something like that?  

A cool shirt my wife made for me to wear!  It is nice when our hobbies intersect beyond the table top sometimes!  

So, there is some Castles in the Sky pictures that were not necessarily linked to any particular battle reports.  However, I wanted to make sure they got shared with you.  It is always great to see some other great looking fleets out there.  

To sign off, I want to provide access to a couple last resources that maybe useful to you in your games: 

Quick Reference Sheet

Ship Templates

Record Sheets

The Tokens, Templates, and Sheets were made by Robert Kurcina from the Delta Vector Google Group.  Thanks to his help, Castles in the Sky was made possible in the first place!

These resources should help you out with your games as you go forward.  Good hunting!  Let me know if you have any questions.  

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