Thursday, August 17, 2017

Random: JUGS: A Game of BIg, Stompy Robots- Old Photos

With the death of Photobucket, I have been going through old photos.  I found a few old images from games of JUGS: A Game of Big Stompy Robots.  I think these were when I was doing some initial playtesting of the rules.  However, that was a long time ago, and I may have been trying out the rules for Classic Battletech from the 50th Anniversary boxset.  I honestly do not remember.

It was playing Classic Battletech that initially made me want to look at creating my own mecha game int eh first place.  I wanted to avoid some of the low-tech aspects of Battletech.  Plus, I was not a fan of modifier stacking and wanted a success based model.  Finally, I wanted an excuse to buy a Reaper Dictator model..... which I never did! Life is funny that way.

Since I have no idea what I was doing with this pictures it is not a battle report, but more of a picture dump.  I think these are circa 2010 or 2011?  Anyway....

I think that was the end of that battle.  It was a 1-on-1 between a Whitworth and an Enforcer.  The Whitworth won the battle and forced the Enforcer to withdraw.

Below I added a Hunchback and an Assassin.

I have no idea what the outcome was with this one.  However, it looks like the Assassin and the Hunchback got pasted.  However, no one was kocked over, so no one was taken out of action.  

Like I said, I have no idea if this was Classic Battletech or Jugs: A Game of Big Stompy Robots.  Either way, I hope you enjoyed this "lost" pictures from my archived Photobucket.  

Monday, August 14, 2017

Aeronautica Imperialis- Battle Report: Make Your Escape!

This battle took place as part of the Cleansing of Grx Silex campaign in 2015.  It uses custom aircraft, factions and rules from the campaign that can be found in my Aeronautica Imperialis review here.


Galahand Geld did not fully trust his ally Kel-Menoth the Bitter, and found it necessary to bring in some of his own muscle. For this purpose, he contracted with the Varingyr mercenaries of Hideo Ironbound. His Frjal, or mercenary brotherhood, had a reputation for professionalism and results.

However, Kel-Menoth was suspicious of the Geld's motives for bringing in more mercenaries into Grex Silex, and he himself wanted to minimize any rivals to his power. Therefore, Kel-Menoth preferred to arrange for the Varingyr Mercenaries to do most of the dirty work in the system.

To this end, a flight of Varingyr Spy Eagles were dispatched into Silex Minor to find and locate Asteroid Bases and attempt to discern their allegiances. These recon craft were to approach the bases, take picts of them, and return to the Shallows for debrief. However, many cases they ran into trouble as enemy fighters and ground defenses would try to drive them off. 

Make Your Escape Scenario

Warzone 4: Silex Minoris

Ironbound Frjal

1 Spy Eagle

2 Iron Eagles-
With additional weapon load- Mag Cannons

Total= 45 Points

The Graceful Hunters

3 Barracuda Fighters

Total= 54 Points

For this mission, we used no scenery, just a flat board to represent the space between some of the asteroids in Grex Silex. This was a new Scenario I just came up with.... 

The Spy Eagle was placed 20 inches in from the short board edge, going full speed and Alt 5. The Barracuda were placed on the board edge behind the Spy Eagle and in hot pursuit. They were at full speed and altitude 4 and 2 at 6. We decided that the pursuers could not deploy at the same altitude as the fleeing Spy Eagle. On the opposite short board edge were the Iron Eagles rushing to help the Spy Eagle escape.

If the Spy Eagle escapes from the opposite short board edge, the Varingyr win. If it is destroyed the Tau win. The Varingyr are all ready trying to disengage, so they can not attempt to disengage due to losses. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Varingyr

The Iron Eagles race to close the distance and help their brother. The Barracuda close in. Barracuda 2 power dives to cut-off a potential escape while the other two race forward. The Spy Eagle tries to side slip away.

Barracuda 1 takes a long range potshot at the escaping Spy Eagle but misses. 

Turn 2
Initiative: Varingyr

Barracuda 2 stays low and his instincts pay off as the Spy Eagle dives for the hard deck. However, its attempt is lackluster. However, his comrades get between him and the pursuing Barracudas. The Tau are more than willing to go head-to-head, confident in their superior firepower. 

Iron Eagle 2 fires on Barricuda 1, but fails to cause any serious damage. 
Barracuda 3 is at long range on Iron Eagle 1 and fires with his Ion cannon. The blast dissipates off the Iron Eagle's armor.
Barracuda 1 opens fire on Iron Eagle two, and a Smart Missile strike clean and causes the gyro-copter to blow smoke. 

Turn 2
Initiative: Tau

The Barracuda stay spread and covering the board. The Iron Eagles spiral around a give chase, but the Tau aircraft are in hot pursuit of their prey. The Spy Eagle tries to get tricky and does a Wing Over, but unfortunately, it puts him in the middle of an array of drone cannon attacks. Yikes! 

Barracuda 2 viffs and sprays at the Spy eagle, but the altitude difference and snap shot keeps anything from sticking. The Spy Eagle returns the favor but the Mag shells bounce harmlessly off the Tau fighter. 

The Drone Cannons from Barracuda 1 spray at the Spy Eagle but miss. Iron Eagle two fires on Barracuda 2 but also fails to damage the Tau craft. 

Barracuda 3's drone guns fire on Iron eagle 2 but fail to find their mark. 

Turn 3
Initiative: Varingyr

The Spy Eagles maneuvers barely caused the experienced Tau pilots to blink. They managed to out fly and out maneuver their Varingyr counterparts and get the drop on the “rescuing” Iron Eagles! 

The Varingyr have no shots! 
Barracuda 3 opens up on Iron Eagle 1 and smart missile manages to explode near his hull and cause him to blow smoke, but not down him. 

A smart missile from barracuda 2 detonates Iron Eagle 2, and this time it is a fatal hit. However, the Varingyr pilot manages to punch-out in time! 

Turn 4
Initiative: Varingyr

The Spy Eagle scoots past Barracuda 2, who whizzes by a slows down enough to maybe get a Burst Cannon shot in passing. However, Iron Eagle 1 spirals and puts the Tau craft in his sights. 

Barracuda 2 and 3 maneuver to get back in the fray, and chase down the Spy Eagle next turn. 

Iron Eagle one sprays down Barracuda 2 with 6 dice, but only one hit that fails to scratch the paint. 

The last of Barracuda 2's burst cannons shells fly wide of the mark and the Spy Eagle flies on.

Turn 5
Initiative: Varingyr

The Spy Eagle Power Dives and guns his engines for Eldar controlled space, he drops way down low to the edge of Grex Silex's asteroid disc atmosphere. Barracuda 2 gives chase, but can't match the dive and is left too high. In addition, Iron Eagle 1 swings in behind the Tau fighter and into a tailing position. Barracuda 2 and 3 move to try and stop the Iron Eagle with close range Burst Cannon shots. 

The Iron Eagle opens fire again, but can't get any of his shots to stick on Barracuda 2. 

Barracuda 1 and 3's Burst Cannons open fire on the Iron Eagle. Barracuda 1's manage to hit something vital and the Varingyr aircraft starts to blow smoke. 

Turn 6-Disengagement Turn 
Initiative: Tau

Tailing Fire: This time, the mag Cannons on Iron Eagle 1 strike true, and Barracuda 2 begins to smoke from internal electrical fires. However, Iron Eagle 1 is now out of ammo. 

It looks like nothing can stop the Spy eagle from escaping now, and the Spy Eagle races into Eldar controlled space with the Barracudas in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, the Tau fighters have to disengage due to low fuel and ammo and the Varingyr recon craft escapes with the vital data. 

Eldar win in Warzone 4

The Varingyr win thanks to mission objectives! However, it doesn't feel like a win when you lost a plane and the other was damaged to no losses on the enemy side. However, I will take it! 

Some thoughts on the Varingyr aircraft. Even with the additional Mag-Cannons weapon load and they still suck at damaging anything. Maybe next time I will try the Fusion Lances? In addition, they have somewhat low ammo, so you want to make the shots count. Speed and maneuver wise they were a good match for the Tau Barracuda. I wonder how they would fare against the really fast and dodgy Chaos or Eldar forces? 

Overall, it was good fun!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Castles in the Sky: Balkan Uprising- Raid on the Radio Tower

The Ottoman League has decided to put their naval forces towards securing and reinforcing Thasos in order to threaten the flanks of the advancing Balkan land forces.  Admiral Al Reis is eager to try and relieve pressure on the ground troops in Europe while more Turkish reinforcements cross the Dardanelles to relieve them. In the meantime, Admiral Ivanov of the Balkan League wishes to continue their aggressive push to the Dardanelles and achieve a key objective in the war effort. 

Both commanders of the fleets choose Offensive for their Strategy.  The scenario will be a Raid, and the Ottoman League rolls the d6 to determine scenario as the attacker.  The Ottoman League (since they are leading the campaign) rolls up a Bombardment scenario. 

In a bombardment scenario, each side fields up to 25 armor points. 

Ottoman League

Ottoman Empire:
Sultan Mehmed II- Fatih                                               Captain: Seyid Al Reis                     Command: 3- Flagship
Class: Sultan Osman-I Evvel                         Category: Battleship                       Armor: 9
Experience: 5

Trakya                                                   Captain:  Piri Pasha                                          Command: 2
Class: Midilli                                        Category: Light Cruiser                                  Armor: 7
Experience: 7

Austro-Hungarian Empire:
Sankt Georg                                       Captain: Rudulf Horthy                                  Command: 4
Class: Kaiserin                                    Category: Armored Cruiser                          Armor: 8

24 Armor Points

Balkan League

Russian Empire:
Imperator Pyotr                                               Captain: Pavel Ivanov                     Command: 1- Flagship
Class: Imperatrista Mariya            Category: Battleship                       Armor: 8

Brennus                                               Captain: Theo Aube                        Command: 4
Class: Charles Martel                      Category: Heavy Cruiser                               Armor: 8
Experience: 4

Georgios Averoff                             Captain:  Sofoklis Dousmanis                    Command: 3
Class: Vettor Pisani                          Category: Armored Cruiser                          Armor: 8
Experience: 5

Ground Target:
Armor 7- Free

24 Armor Points

The attacking Balkan Ground Forces had managed to over-run a radio tower formerly used by the Turkish Navy.  It was behind enemy lines and would be difficult to assault using conventional means.  The Balkan League Admiral Ivanov was using the tower to broadcast signals to help co-ordinate his fleet in support of the ground troops.  The Ottoman Admiral Al Reis decided to launch a daring raid to try and destroy the radio tower and its broadcasting bunker.  The radio’s destruction would hamper the Balkan League fleet’s ability to press the attack on the Dardanelles and respond to the Ottoman advance in the Aegean. 

The Ottoman admiral thought the raid was so important that he decided to personally lead the attack with his Flagship along with his only bomb equipped warships.  Once the raid was detected by the Balkan land forces, the only Balkan League forces in a position to respond were the newly repaired Brennus and Georgios Averoff and Admiral Ivanov’s flagship.       

The board is covered by clouds at an altitude level of 4.  To represent this, cloud banks have been added to the board.  However, the whole board is covered at altitude 4.  The Pyotr is the Balkan League Flagship with the Sultan Mehmed- II Fatih as the Ottoman flagship. 

The game is played on a 4 by 4 table.  The Ottoman fleet has 6 turns to destroy the installation.  It is located 13inches in from the Balkan board edge on the West side.  It has an armor of 7.  The Ottoman forces come in from the East at maximum speed and mid-altitude.  They are making use of the clouds to cover their approach.  The Russian flagship is relatively low and looking to cover the radio tower while the two other Balkan League ships try to cross the T on the attacking Ottoman’s. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Ottoman

The Sankt Georg and the Trakya turn to the north instead of heading straight to the target.  They are wary of the approaching Balkan force.  The Battleship steams forward. 

The Pyotr steams towards the radio station, while the Brennus and Georgios Averoff move in on an oblique approach. 

No one has the range. 

Turn 2:
Initiative:  Ottoman’s have two successes to the Balkan 1.  They choose to go first. 

The Ottman’s continue their advance.  This time the bombers slowdown, looking to time their approach after the enemy heavies have passed the target area.  The Battleship turns in towards the enemy heavies. 

The Balkan forces move forward with the two Balkan heavies converging near the target.  The Greek armored cruiser cuts behind them to protect the radio tower. 

The enemy ships are at maximum range, but the cloud cover has limited visibility to short range.  This is going to be a knife fight.

Turn 3:
Initiative:  No successes, so the Ottoman’s elect to have the Balkans go first. 

The Ottoman bomb equipped cruisers try to stay away from the Russian battleship and French Heavy Cruiser as they move in front of the target area.  The Russian battleship is hovering below the cloud line as a threat.  Meanwhile the Greek ship covers the rear.  The Sultan Mehmed Il-Fatih drops below the cloud bank to 3 to challenge the Russian admiral to a duel. 

The Pyotr was ready for the Ottoman battleship to show itself, and unloads an effective broadside the lands 5 bursts!  However, none manage to burst the armored belt of the Turkish vessel.  The return fire is enough to inflict one true hit on the Russian ship! 

No other ships have the range due to the cloud cover. 

Apply Damage- The Pyotr loses 1 armor from the Ottoman fire. 

All bursts are cleared.

Turn 4:
Initiative: Ottoman’s 2, and Balkans 1.  Ottoman’s choose to go second again. 

The Pyotr signals the Brennus to drop from the clouds and engage the Ottoman Battleship.  Meanwhile, it moves up back into the clouds to try and hunt down the bombers.  The Greek cruiser drops to three and waits for the bombers to emerge out of the cloud bank low. 

The Sankt Georg and the Trakya both move out of the cloud bank, risking the guns of the Georgios Averoff instead of the Pyotr.  Meanwhile, Admiral Seyid Al-Reis commits to a dangerous plan and orders his ship to crash dive below the cloud banks.  He drops to altitude one rapidly and prepares to bombard the enemy radio station with his guns. That was unexpected!

The Broadside of the waiting Greek ship manages to land two bursts on the Austrian Armored Cruiser, but no damage.  The Brennus manages a stern shot on the Mehmed Il-Fatih, and lands a burst. 

The Ottoman’s return fire on the Greek ship lands 5 bursts, with no damage.  In addition, the Ottoman Battleship’s attack on the Radio Tower fails to hit anything vital.  However, the crew does head for the bombardment shelters. 

Burst Removal: Both sides manage to remove all bursts on the board with some solid rolling. 

Turn 5:
Initiative: Both score 1, and this time the Ottoman’s choose to go first since they have a higher Command rating. 

The Ottoman bomber ships race for the target area, but fall short.  The Ottoman Battleship begins to circle the radio tower at low altitude. 

The Greek Armored Cruiser slows and prepares her broadsides for another salvo.  The Pyotr comes from the cloud bank, and targets the Sankt Georg.  The Brennus tries to come about, but turns towards the north and a potential broadside shot at the Ottoman cruisers. 

The Trakya fires her weapons at the nearby Georgios Averoff, and causes 3 bursts. 

The Sankt Georg opens fire with her stern guns on the Pyotr and inflicts a burst and 1 hit!  Her bow and port guns fire on the Brennus and causes 3 bursts.  Finally, her air torpedoes race into the target and cause 3 hits! 

The Ottoman flagship opens fire on the radio tower, and causes another two hits and 3 bursts.  The radio tower is taking a beating this turn. 

The Balkan forces strike back!  The Georgios Averoff fires a broadside on the little Trakya and gives her fours bursts and 1 hit. 

The Pyotr gives the Sankt Georg a broadside and causes 3 bursts and 1 hit.  The Brennus also fires ont eh Sankt Georg and causes two more bursts. 

Damage- The Pyotr loses its bow Heavy battery to fire- Ouch!.  The Sankt Georg and trakya both lose an armor point.
Bursts- The Ottoman’s take one off the Sankt Georg, and the Balkans take all three off the Brennus.

Turn 6- Final Turn
Initiative: The Balkan forces score 1, and that is enough to win.  They choose to go first.

The Pyotr, Brennus, and Georgios Averoff begin the form a half-circle around the Austrian Sankt Georg, who is slowed to a crawl by the bursts around her.  Meanwhile, the Trakya has anough steam to power to the target area and prepare to drop her bomb load.  The Mehmed il-Fatih positions itself for another bombardment broadside against the weakened target. 

The Brennus locks-on to the Sankt Georg determined to make the armored cruiser suffer!  Wow, when the smoke clears, the  Sankt Georg had 15 strikes and was easily reduced to 0 armor.  WOW!

The Pyotr managed to put 3 more bursts on the Trakya.  The Georgios Averoff hit the Sankt Georg for one more hit.

In her death throes, the Sankt Georg fired a full broadside on the Georgios Averoff for 1 hit, and 1 burst.  The Trakya was too shaken by burts and was unable to drop her bomb load, but still manages to fire her stern guns on the Greek cruiser causing two more good hits!   

The Ottoman flagship fires its broadside at the heavily damaged radio tower.  It is enough to turn the Radio Tower into a pit of death and destruction.  It is no longer usable by the Balkan troops. 

Damage- On the Last hit from the Georgios Averoff, the Sankt Georg exploded, killing all hands!  The blast also snags the Trakya, causing 2 more bursts but no damage.

Georgios Averoff- Loses 3 armor, bringing her to 5. 

The Radio Station is destroyed. 

The Ottoman League wins, but at a heavy cost.  The Balkan Radio Tower is destroyed, but the Sankt Georg was destroyed by the Brennus in the operation.  

The Mehmed Il-Fatih signaled for the remaining ships to take cover in the cloud bank and withdraw back to the Aegean.  There had been no sign of survivors from the Sankt Georg and her smoldering wreckage covered the countryside.  In addition, a billowing column of black smoke rose from the sight of the radio tower. 

With the loss of the Radio Tower, Balkan air and ground forces began to have trouble coordinating their maneuvers.  Soon, the Turks were able to isolate Balkan units and destroy them or force them to surrender.  The Balkan Leagues drive towards the Dardanelles was halted…. for the moment. 

Well, that worked sort of like I planned.  I hoped the bombers would draw the main force, but I intended to use the Battleship to drop in low and bombard the station to wreckage.  It worked, thanks to an amazing air torpedo barrage from the Sankt Georg. 

The cruisers with the bombers paid a heavier toll than I expected, however the Brennus rolled remarkably good and pasted the Sankt Georg.  He barely even needed Command to re-roll misses because the dice didn’t really miss.  It was an epic hammering.  It barely felt like a win after the Austrian ship exploded in the last moments of the game.  Oh well.  Now I know how the Balkan League feels.  At least it wasn’t my command ship. 

The Ottoman League wins the raid by destroying the bombardment target.  However, they lost 10 armor to 5 armor.  This leaves the campaign at 4 points to 1 in the Ottoman’s favor.  They are 1 decisive battle away from victory. 

The Trakya manages to repair its lost armor point with crew. 

Pyotr- The crew gets the Heavy Battery in the bow working again.  However, it takes a strategic Asset to repair the rest of the damage. 
Georgios Averoff- The crew repairs 1 armor, and strategic assets to cover the rest. 

The Ottoman’s bank their Assets for 11 value to 2 by the Balkan forces.  No one loses a Strategic asset, and the Balkans have 3 while the Ottoman’s have 4. 

Mehmed Il-Fatih- +7 (12)
Trakya- +3 (10)

Pyotr- +3 (4)
Brennus- +10 (14)
Georgios Averoff-  +3 (8)

Mehmed Il-Fetih earns the Disciplined Crew advance
Brennus earns the Blow Smoke experience advance

The Balkan League advance has finally been halted thanks to the arrival of new Turkish troops from Asia.  In addition, coordination between the rival Balkan allies has begun to breakdown and petty squabbling has started.  Admiral Ivanov’s grand plan to storm the Dardanelles seems to have been stalled. 

Meanwhile, the Ottoman High Commands move on Thasos was a success.  Now from their new positions they can pressure the Balkan invaders on multiple fronts.  Their next goal is to try an push back the multi-pronged Balkan attack back in Greek territory.  

Monday, August 7, 2017

Aeronautica Imperialis: Battle Report- Ground Assault on the Hovels

This battle took place as part of a stand-alone mini-camapign in 2015.  It uses custom aircraft and rules that can be found in my Aeronautica Imperialis review here.

After the success of the Bombing Runs on their intended targets, Mistress Merciveaux was confident that the ranks of the Ork ground forces had been thinned. Thus, her third attack wave commenced. It was time for a ground assault. The assault would be a low-orbit Drop using Icon Dropships to deliver her best troops. Her more expendable mutants and foot soldiers would descend in Vandal transports. These would be accompanied by fighter escorts for protection. Hopefully, the dual prongs of the attack would keep the Ork defenders at bay. 

Battle of the Hovels- Part 3- Ground Assault

Cabal of the World Walkers

1 Icon Dropship- Represented by my Tormentor
15 Points

3 Vandal Transports
15 points

1 Hell Driver Command Ship
+Additional weapon load
30 points

2 Hell Blades
24 points

84 points

Da' Skrapperz

2 Flakwagons 
16 Points

2 Grot Bomb Launchaz
10 Points

3 Fighta
42 points

3 Grot Buzza
24 points

1 Dakka Jet
+Ace- Going Ballistic 
19 Points

Total= 111 Points 

This was a continuation of the Battle of the Hovels. Therefore, we kept the Hovels and Ground Defenses set-up as the last game. The Temples are invulnerable for this mission. The goal is to land as many troops as possible in the Hovels. Each troop unit successfully landed will provide a +1 modifier to determine if Mistress Merciveaux's forces have successfully retrieved the artifact. At the end of the game, roll a d6 and add the number of troops successfully landed. If the result is 7 or better than the warp artifacts have been recovered by the ground troops. 

Chaos forces had the Vandals and fighters coming in from high altitude towards the weak side of the Ork Defenses. The Icon was coming in on the opposite side. The Grot Buzzaz and a fighta were opposite the Icon, and the Dakkajet and the other fighta were opposite the main attack. They were at mid-speed and range. The seemed to plan on intercepting the Chaos forces in the middle altitude bands. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Chaos

The Chaos forces all power dived from high orbit towards the target area. The Hell Driver and Hell Blade 1 move to escort the Icon, while Hell Blade 2 and the Vandals go the opposite way. The Orks moved forward to meet them all at mid-altitudes. 

None- No one was even close to being in range. 

Turn 2:
Initiative: Orks

The Icon keeps moving to get over the target area, but is going to go head-to-head with a swarm of Grot Buzzers. The Hell driver and the Hell Blade come in from the flank, but Fighta 3 does the same. There is going to be a lot of shooting soon. 

The Vandals dive towards the side, but it isn't enough as the Ork fightas move in for the kill. The Ace uses his Ace abilities to swing around behind the Vandals, but he is far too high! 

Fighta 3 opens up on the Icon, just out of short range. However, his Big Shootas find their mark and reduce the dropship by 1 hit, only 2 left! 

The Hell Driver opens fire with his Auto-cannons, and takes Grot Buzza 2 down with a puff of smoke. 

Grot Buzza 3 and the Icon trade shots, but fail to hit anything. However, Grot Buzza 1 fires his little blastas right through the windshield of the Icon, killing the command crew and sendign the Dropship tumbling from the sky in an uncontrolled spin. Drop troopers are thrown roughly from the ship just before it crashes into the dessert sands below. However, there are few survivors. Scratch 1 transport!

Hell Blade 2 gets the drop on Fighta 3, and causes him to start to blow smoke from a barrage of auto-cannons shots. Not enough to drop the ork craft. 

Fighta 1 misses his Vandal target, but Fighta 2's aim is true. He splashes his target with a burt of Big Shoota fire. Another transport goes down. 

Turn 3:
Initiative: Orks

The Chaos fighters move to the edge of the Hovels and try to get in a position to support the approaching Vandals. Only Hell Blade 2 is in a good position, as a bit of a traffic jam occurs. Meanwhile, the Vandals keep dropping to the hard deck and heading out wide. It is unclear if they will be able to circle back to the Hovels to land. 

Manwhile, the Ork Fightas and Grot Buzzaz converge on where the drop ships are, but they are a bit too high to get good shots. 

Both Grot Bombz launch from their ground stations. 

Hell Blade 2 takes a pop-shot at Grot Buzza 3 and blasts the little plane from the sky. The Grot didn't even see it coming! 

The Ork Flakwagons fire on Hell Blade 1, but both miss. 
Turn 4:
Initiative: Orks

The Ork fightas were going pretty fast, so struggled to slow down and get the right angle on the slowing Vandals. Meanwhile, the Chaos fighters raced in to cover the approach. 

Fighta 1 was coming in low along the hard deck, and lined up on the trailing Vandal. His shots rip through the Chaos craft and cause it to slowly lose power. The pilot and some of the passengers manage to bail-out, but most are carried into the ground and killed in the ensuing fireball. Only 1 Vandal left! 

The Hell Driver snaps a psychic image of Fighta 3 (+1 VP), before firing its auto-cannons. The shots all fly wide of the mark. 

Grot Bomb 2 lines up on the last Vandal, and surges forward. However, he is only a Grot and completely misses his target! 

Hell Blade 1 opens fire on Fighta 1, trying to get revenge for the downed Vandal. He peppers the Ork craft and causes him to start to blow smoke. Not enough for a clean kill. 

The Ace in the Dakkajets opens fire on the Vandal and manages to spark some shells off the transport plane's hull, but can't find the weak spot. The height difference probably kept the Chaos plane alive! 

Turn 5:
Initiative: Chaos

The Vandal come sin low over the Hovels, and the troops get ready to disembark, except they are still too high to land. The Ork Ace, Fighta 1, and a Grot Bomb all converge on him. 

Meanwhile, the Chaos fightas are out of position to protect the lonely transport. Things do not look good. 

The Hell Driver takes a pop-shot at Grot Buzza 1, but fails to cause any real damage. 

The Ace in the Dakkajet opens fire first. Despite the spray of bullets, nothing sticks tot eh transport, and it flies on. 

Hell Blade 1 fires on the same Grot Buzza who is trailing the battle,and takes him down. The little guy goes down with his Buzza.

The damaged Fighta 1 opens fire at close range on the Vandal, but he too misses most of his shots! It is no time to get cocky, as Grot Bomb 1 tries to collide with the Vandal, but misses his chance! 17 shots, 2 hits, and no damage! Now is it time to get cocky? 

No, because a measurement finds that one of the Flakwagons can take a shot at the Vandal too! Two hits! The damage roll comes up and.... nothing! Okay, NOWcan I get cocky? My opponent informs me not to get cocky until he lands successfully. Duly noted! 

Turn 6:
Initiative: Chaos

The Chaos fighters swoop back in over the Hovels. The Orks try to get around in front of the Vandal, but the transport surprisingly does a half loop. It manages to reduce its speed, but it is still too high.

Grot Bomb 1 is on a collision course! 

Hell Blade 1 sees the danger to the transport and fires with his auto-cannons. He blows the little Grot Bomb right out of the sky with some fancy shooting!

The Ork Ace fires on the Hell driver, but barely even causes it to jink. 

An Ork Flakwagon fires a burst of tracers into the air at the Vandal, and the bullets shoot straight through the crafts weak superstructure and cause no serious damage. 

Grot Bomb 2 falls from the sky! The Ork pilots laugh. 

Turn 7:
Initiative: Orks

The Vandal side slips and drops to altitude 1. Next turn it should be able to land, but will it hit the Hovels? 
The Ork Ace and Fighta 3 try to bracket the Chaos craft, but don;t seem to get the angle. Meanwhile, the Chaos fighters move to cover the landing. 

Fighta 1 opens fire on Hell Blade 1 at close range, and sinks 4 shots into the target. However, the Chaos plane miraculously survives the barrage and flies on. A number of big shoota holes decorating its hull. 

Hell Blade 1 was too busy soiling himself, and missed his shots at the Ork Ace. 

A Flakwagon takes some pot shots at the Hell Driver, but misses. Good thing they have unlimited ammo! The other Flakwagon opens up on the Vandal again, and this times its luck runs out. The tracers damage the engine, and the pilot manages to bail-out just before the transport crashes in amongst the Hovels. 

With that, the last transport goes down in flames, and it is time to disengage! 

Turn 8: Disengagement Turn
Initiative: Chaos 

Hell Blade 1 and 2 go after Fighta 2 and 1 while they attempt to break off. Fighta 1 is happy to oblige and goes head-to-head with Hell Blade 2.

The other craft break-off and head for home. 

Hell Blade 2 opens fire on the smoking Fighta 1, and blows him from the sky. The pilot goes down with his bird. 

However, the Flakwagon the downed the Vandal gets revenge, and takes out Hell Blade 2. The Chaos pilot managed to eject before his plane disintegrated around him. 

Hell Blade 1 managed to damage Fighta 2 as they passed. However, it wasn't enough to down the plane. The nearby Flak wagon opened fire, but despite the heavy barrage of shells, none struck home on the chaos plane.

With that, the game ended as everyone disengaged. 

Ork win, since it wasn't much of a ground assault. Chaos boots never even touched the ground. 

I would love to tell you how the Icon Dropship performed, but it was smoked so fast I can't! Over all, a fun game, even though it was looking pretty grim by the end of Turn 2 for the Chaos forces. Chances are even if my lone Vandal did manage to land, it wouldn't have been enough troops to storm the Hovels. The failure of the ground attack craft to suppress the Ork air defenses ended up costing us two aircraft this game. 

Now Mistress Merciveaux is going to have to try and take the ruins in a more traditional type of battle. First step, get boots planetside, and then slog across the wasteland the hard way!