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Aeronautica Imperialis: Battle Report- Combat Re-supply on Skulltop

This battle took place as part of the Blood and Irongard campaign in 2013.  It uses custom aircraft and rules from the campaign that can be found in my Aeronautica Imperialis review here.


Magos Vandros and his staffs attention quickly turned to offensive operations elsewhere. However, Baron Von Warchilde and his Wardogs were still responsible for suppressing the Ork threat at Skulltop. After reviewing the after action reports, the Baron was not satisfied that the Ork installation out of the battle. The mercenary commander was sure that the Ork would not back down there. That was contrary to their obstinate nature. He took his concerns to Captain Magryg, who assented to give the Baron operational control over the area. This was a double edged sword, for loss of control would hold financial and political repercussions for the Baron.

Trusting in his instincts, the Wardogs began a low-level surveillance of activity in the vicinity of Skulltop. As expected, the Orks did not simply withdraw. They began to rebuild so they could stage counter-attacks on the Red Robes Minehead from the base. The Baron set-up a rapid response force of interceptors led by Flight Officer Koree paltine. The rapid response force was designated “Mauler” and tasked with cutting-off any attempt to resupply Skulltop by the Irongard Orks.

It was only a matter of days before Boss Ironhead and the Skrapperz tried to resupply the Ork base. The Wardogs Marauder Vigilant's detected the Ork squadron as it approached the Airbase. “Mauler” scrabbled to intercept, and the two forces collided near Skulltop itself. 

Combat Resupply Drop at Skulltop
Warzone: Red Robe Mines

House Hurtzui Wardogs- “Mauler”
1 Sentry Interceptor- Flight Officer Koree Paltine
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Sentry- Flight Officer Maximyllyon Styff
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Sentry- Flight Officer Yancy Mallory
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Sentry- Flight Officer Asclepious Joneth
+Additional Weapon Load

1 Lightning Recon- Flight Officer Jorden Klien

Total= 74 points

Da Skrapperz
Fighta- Badgob
+Additional Weapon Load- Bombs

Fighta- Snikwing
+Additional Weapon Load- Bombs

Fighta-Bomma- Toofgrabba
+Additional Weapon Load- Bombs

Heavy Flak Kannon

1 Flak Wagon

Total= 72 Points

Skulltop has two buildings with 2 hits each and a radio tower with 2 hits. The Landing Pad itself will have 1 hit. However, that probably won't come into play for this game. The Orks need to drop their bombs within 4 inches of any part of the base. 

For this battle, we moved Skulltop to the Imperial side of the board. Otherwise, it was set-up exactly the same as last time. Even the Flak wagon on the Ridge and the Eavy Flak Kannon by Skulltop stayed where they were. The ridge Skulltop was on we again considered Altitude 2, with the scattering rocks 1-2 according to height, and the mountain on the Ork side was Altitude 3. 

The Wardogs came in on the East side, screaming in over Skulltop. That meant they would come under flak fire right away unless they did something to silence the gunz. The Sentrys came in high and to the North side, trying to avoid the Flak as much as they could. The Lightning Recon came on heading towards the Eavy Flak Kannon, hoping ot snap a few photos and maybe destroy it. 

The Orks started on the West side. Each aircraft was loaded down with resupply drop canisters. With the supplies held in those cannisters, the Ork boyz on the ground could rebuild the airbase, and use it to stage attacks on the Red Robes Minehead again. However, the task would not be easy as the Oomie crates had them outnumbered almost 2 to 1. The Orks decided to stick together, at mid-speed and high altitude. This would give them the ability to drop down and speed. 

With that, the game was ready to get under way. 

Turn 1:
Initiative: Imperials

The Lightning Recon moves straight down the throat of the Eavy Fak Kannon. Meanwhile, the Sentry fighters skirt the north edge of the board, and begin the angle back in towards the center. 

For their part, the Orks spread out to try and bypass the Imperial defenders. 

Scopes in the Recon opens fire on the Flak Kannon. The Auto-cannon shells dig intot eh surrounding earthworks and ping harmlessly off the gun's glacis. The Pict-captor also fails to get a good pict of the emplacement. 

The Ork Flakwagon lurking near the landing pad sends up a curtain of lead, but fails to find the Lightning Recon. 

The new Runtherd commanding the gun krew of the Flak Kannon ignores the Recon bearing down on him, and pivots the gun to fire at the inbound Sentry fighters. One of the shells explodes perilously close to Sentry 3, but the shrapnel miraculously misses the aircraft. 

Turn 2
Initiative: Orks

The Sentry fighters continued their turns to intercept the incoming Ork planes. The Orks straightened out, and powered towards the target area. The Recon circled back for another pass at the Eavy Flak Kannon. 

This time, the Flak Kannon fired on the Recon buzzing its position, but missed. The Lightning returned fire with its full weapon array. A dizzying array of firepower arcs out from the fighter, but its barrage misses the target. 

Turn 3
Initiative: Orks

The Recon again circles around for another pass on the Flak Kannon. Fighta 2 moves to skirt the south ridge line, and stays clear of any Imperial entanglements. Meanwhile, the Ork Fighta-bomma and Fighta 1 turn into the oncoming Wardogs. 

FO Paltine sees the opportunity and swoops in on Fighta 1, ready to unload at close range. However, FO Joneth in Sentry 4 panics and throttles back, rising up and putting himself in a head-to-head encounter with the Ork Fighta-Bomma. 

Toofgrabba grins behind the controls of his Fighta-Bomma and opens fire on Sentry 4. A spray of bullets flay the air, but the small interceptor manages to cut through them without getting hit. The altitude difference probably saving the mercenary pilots life. 

FO Paltine in Sentry 1 opens fire with his Auto-cannon on Fighta 1. However, the angle wasn't exactly right, and the Fighta jinks out of the way. 

The Flak Wagon gets a glimpse of the Recon Lightning as it spirals back at the Flak Kannon, and opens fire. Again, it fails to find its mark. 

Scopes piloting the Recon fires his auto-cannon as he strafes the Kannon. Again, the heavy emplacement absorbs most of the shells. 

The Flak Kannon booms out an explosive round towards Sentry 4. One of the shells explodes in front of the Sentry's engines and sends shrapnel into the engine. It causes a secondary explosion in the main fuselage, and FO Joneth ejects just in time as his aircraft disintegrates beneath him. First blood to the Orks. 

Turn 4
Initiative: Imperial

Toofgrabba turned his Fighta-bomma and raced for the airbase. However, Sentry 2 and 1 moved to try and chase him down. 

Fighta 2 continued along the southern ridgeline, and Sentry 3 angled after him. 

Meanwhile, Fighta 1 lost his tail with a wing over, but was out of position for much else. Same with the Lightning Recon as it flew away from Skulltop towards Ork territory. 

Sentry 2 let's loose with his auto-cannon and Skystrike missile, but the altitude difference let's Toofgrabba keep on flying. Since the Sentry was below the Foghta-bomma, the rear turret could not fire back. 

The Heavy Flak Kannon fired on Sentry 2, and a shell burst close to the little plane. It sent shrapnel scything through the airframe, but the durable little craft shrugged off the damage and kept up the pursuit. 

Sentry 1 piloted by FO Paltine took a long range Skystrike missile shot at the Fighta-bomma. From his cockpit, it looked like a clean hit, but the Ork aircraft had managed to viff away at the last moment and avoid damage.

FO Mallory in Sentry 3 was eager for some payback after being shot down in the previous mission. Her auto-cannon roared and a skystrike missile let fly after Fighta 2, but they all flew wide of the mark. 

A lot of sound and fury this turn. 

Turn 5 
Tailing Fire: Sentry 2 again tried to down the Fighta-Bomma, but failed to find the mark. 

Initiative: Imperial

The ork Fighta-Bomma dives and races over Skulltop, and then across the ridge to the other side! I hope he didn't go to fast over the dropzone. 

Meanwhile, the Merceanry fighters swarm in around the landing pad. Sentry 3 cuts across and past Fighta 2 as the Ork pilots makes a rolling high G-turn to barely get above the target area. Fighta 1 roars in over the ridge, and sees a target rich environment. In addition, the Ork Ground Defenses prepare themselves for the melee above them. 

Yup, the Fighta-Bomma overshot the target zone. That's good for me! 

The Lightning Recon has the best angle on Fighta 2 and opens up at mid-range. His Auto-cannon and las-cannon shots go wide, and he fails to get a good pict-capture! Fail. Fighta 2 drops his supplyy cannisters and one lands on target! 

Sentry 3 fires on the Fighta-bomma, but her shots go high over the target due to the altitude difference. The fighta-bommas return shots from its turret also go wide. A long range desperation shot from Sentry 1 also flies wide of the Fighta-bomma. 

Fighta 1 manages a sneaky side shot on Sentry1, most of the shots go wide. Those that do hit are absorbed by the craft's durable airframe. 

The Flakwagon by the landing pad again sprays the sky but this time finds Sentry 3. The plane's wings are clipped. FO Mallory manages to eject in time, but the plane crashes against the rocky ridge line and explodes. 

The Heavy Flak Kannon lets fly with another shell, and this time Sentry 1 is caught in the blast. The aircraft is badly damaged, and starts to fall in a flat spin. FO Paltine fails to eject and the plane comes to a skidding crash on the Ork landing pad. His comrades can only assume he is killed or captured by the Orks below. 

Ouch! It started so well too with the Fighta-Bomma missing the target area.

Turn 6- Disengagement
Initiative: Imperial

Fighta 1 dashes over the target zone to unload his supply canisters. AS he flies past, the Lightning Recon does a wing over but is out of position to intercept Fighta 1 or the returning Fighta-bomma. The fighta-bomma fails to get over the target area again. 

Sentry 2 just rolls away and tries to bug out. 

Imperials got nothing. Drat!

Fighta 1 drops his supply canisters. Two successful hits! More supplies to rebuild Skulltop! 

The Ork Ground Defenses fire on the Lightning Recon, but fail to cause any damage. 

We don't even need to count up the points for this one. Three aircraft lost to none, and 3 successful supply drops for the Orks. I got brutalized by my buddy this time. I guess those PDF Interceptors were no match for Ork Ground Defenses! I don't think the Ork planes shot anyone down this game!

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