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Aeronautica Imperialis: Battle Report- Bombing Raid on Excavation Point Charlie Tango

Note: This battle had originally been fought as part of the Investigation of Bin Mazar campaign a couple years back.


Bombing Raid on Excavation Point Charlie Tango
6x4 Table
Warzone 5- The Dead Sea

Cabal of the World Walkers
Tormentor w/ Weapon Load 1- Pilot: Hwe'vere
Hellblade 1- Pilot: Grave'n
Hellblade 2- Pilot: Ah'wek
Hellblade 3- Pilot: Vul'tourg

Kor'kau'ui Sa'Cea- 22nd Expeditionary Fighter Group
Sky Ray
Camp- 4 Hits- Free

Tau Barracuda 1 w/ Weapon Load 1
Barracuda 2
Barracuda 3

The Tormentor is lined up on target and at altitude 7 speed 5.  Hellblade 3 is the wingman at Alt 8 and speed 5 as well.  On the left is Hellblade 1 and 2 at Altitude 7 and 5, and speed 3.

The Tau base is in the center of the board about 18 inches from the edge, with the Skyray on an overlooking hill to the left.  The Hill is Alt 1.  The Barracuda are in reserve.  

Turn 1
Initiative= Chaos

Hellblade 1 and 2 Powerdive to drop closer to the hard deck and kick up to full speed.  Hellblade 1 angles towards the center of the board while Hellbalde 2 goes straight parallel to the edge.

The Tormentor lumbers straight ahead at max speed and alt 7.  Her escort, Hellblade 3 slows a bit and tucks in slightly behind and above on the left wing.  

Everyone is well out of range for any shooting.

Turn 2
Initiative= Chaos

No tau reserves enter play this turn.

Hellblade 1 and 2 continue to vector in on the Skyray.  Hellblade 1 drops to Alt 2 and Hellblade 2 drops to Alt 1 and move in at max speed.  Meanwhile, the Tormentor and escort plod forward.

Hellblade 1 and 2 are still out of range, and the Skyray goes active.  A pair of seeker missiles paint Hellbalde 2 and fire away, the first goes wide as the pilot jinks, but the seconds aim is true and blasts the Hellblade back to the warp.  The pilot, Ah'wek; is incinerated in the explosion.

Turn 3
Initiative= Tau

Tau reserves enter play.
Tau 1 lines up with the Tormentor at Alt 7 speed 6, while 2 and 3 start off to the left side at alt 7 and 8 and max speed.

Tau 1 went head-to-head with the Tormentor, which lumbered forward towards the Barracuda.  The pilot dropped 1 altitude, but it wouldn't be enough to stop the storm of incoming firepower.

Hellblade 1 badly overshot the Skyray, and left himself open to counter attack and without a shot.

Tau 2 angled in on the Tormentor, dropping to match the bomber's altitude, while his wingman stayed on the Hellblade escort.  However, the speed of Hellblade 3 put him in between the Bomber and Tau 1, and in a position to fire.

Tau 1 decided to get fancy with his shooting.  First, he unloaded all 4 seeker missiles at the Tormentor, while his other weapon's fired on Hellblade 3.  1 struck home.  Only later did we realize that Seeker missiles on a Barracuda were ground only.  Woops.  All his shots on Hellblade 3 missed.

Hellblade 3 returned fire in optimum range on Tau 1.  The shells peppered the Tau's fuselage, and caused it to start smoking, but it was still flying.

Tau 2 fired on the Tormentor with his Ion cannon, but failed to hit.  The Tormentor returned fire on Tau 1, but none of its shots struck home.

Tau three fired its Ion cannon at Hellblade 3 and missed.

Finally, the Sky ray fired at the Tormentor with a  pair of seeker missiles, but both missed.

Turn 4
Initiative= Tau

Tau 2 tries to cut back across over the river, but can't get the proper angle compared to the speed he was moving.  Hellblade three does a wing over to keep him in position to follow-up against Tau 1 and knock him down.

Tau 3 takes  slower turn than his compatriot and finds himself way out of position.  Hellblade 1 spirals back to try to finish off the Skyray.

The Tormentor flies over the target and drops altitude, but will it be slow enough and low enough, or will it be out of range?  Finally, Tau 1 slips into a tailing position on the Tormentor, but the range may limit his firepower.

Tailing Fire
Tau opens fire with Tailing fire on the Tormentor, but completely misses the target with Ion Cannon and Smart missiles.

Tau 1 tries again on the Tormentor.  The Ion cannon finds its mark this time.  However, it isn't enough to knock the bomber from the sky.

The bomb bay doors of the Tormentor drop open, and a curtain of bombs fall from below.  As if in slow motion they drop towards the Tau encampment below, before exploding with spectacular force.  The camp is obliterated in a blossoming tower of fire.  Heavy Bolter fire from the bomber at Tau 1 misses, as the gunners aim is knocked off by the bounce of the plane as it unloaded its cargo.

The Skyray fires its last seeker missiles at the oncoming Hellblade 1, but misses.

Hellblade 3 opens fire on Tau 1, his shells find their mark but fail to cause any further damage to the Tau craft.

Finally, Hellblade 1 opens fire on a strafing run towards the Skyray.  His auto-cannons leave a deadly trail up to the vehicle, and blast into it.  However, it isn't enough to destroy the target.

Turn 5- Disengagement
Initiative= Tau

Tau 3 power dives as he moves across the desert which takes him to Alt 2 as Hellblade 1 tries to dash away as fast as he can along the hard deck.  This brings the Hellblade into range of the drone cannons.

Meanwhile, Tau 1 and 2 try to maneuver back towards the Tormentor to finish it off.  However, the bomber actual banks towards her attackers and slips between them and to safety.

Finally, Hellblade 3 makes a hard turn and bugs out towards the table edge.

The burst cannons from Tau 3 track and fire on Hellblade 1.  A few lucky shots find their way to the craft, but none cause any serious damage.

The Tormentors rear and dorsal guns give Tau 2 a parting peppering, but fail to do anything more than nick the paint.

Chaos Victory!

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